51+ Victoria Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Victoria Day means the birthday celebration of Queen Victoria. In Canada, Victoria Day is declared a holiday. This day is celebrated in the respect of the queen of England. In Canada 24th May is celebrated as Victoria Day. Many other countries are also celebrated the day with great enthusiasm and with respect. They pay their gratitude to the Monarch of England.

Victoria Day Captions For Social Media

-Respect the Queen. Happy Victoria Day.

-Save the queen save Canada. #savequeen

-Thanks to the queen for her all support. #thanksqueen

-Queen is like our mother respect her. #respectqueen

-Make the day special and take oath on Queen Victoria.

-She never learns to defeat. Happy Victoria Day.

– May Queen Victoria is honored with a long and cheerful life. 

-We love our country and respect the queen. #lovecountry

-Queen is our pride. Happy Victoria Day.

-Queen Victoria is the symbol of our national unity. #nationalunity

-Take the oath and save the queen. #savethequeen

-We are proud of our queen. Happy Victoria Day.

-Celebrate the day in a great way. Happy Victoria Day.

-She is the symbol of our national peace.

-Pay tribute to Queen Victoria. #tribute

– Queen Victoria is a motivation for ladies since she addresses force, class, and regard. 

-Queen’s birthday means pride and legacy. #pride

-Feel proud of the great legacy. Happy Victoria Day to all

-Take inspiration from the life of Queen Victoria.

-Queen Victoria wins the heart of many citizens.

– May She lives long and continues to shower her significance on us all. 

-She always treats us as her children. Thanks to her. 

-We are grateful to our Queen. #greatful

-Feel proud for your national strength and respect Queen. #nationalstrength

-She is not just a Queen, she is like our source of strength.

-Learn the lesson from Queen and we will win.

-Be motive through the life span of Queen Victoria. #motivate

-Celebrate-Proud-Legacy. Happy Victoria Day.

-Queen Victoria lives in our heart.

-Being a Queen and won the heart of millions is not easy.

-She is something that inspires us. Long live the Queen. #longlivequeen

-Our majesty, our pride. Happy Victoria Day to all

-Live the queen’s life. Help people. 

-Respect Queen means to respect women. #respect

-Never forget her sacrifices for the people. Respect her. Happy Victoria Day.

-We are so lucky we have our Queen. #lucky

-We will be always with you my Majesty. 

– We are honored to observe Victoria Day which will consistently help us to remember Queen Victoria. 

-She has popularity among her people for her dedication to the people. Queen is great.

-Queen Victoria is our national icon.

-She rules like a true ruler.  #trueruler

-She is not just a ruler she is architecture of nationalism. #nationalism

-Queen Victoria always fought for her people. Happy Victoria Day.

-She never disrespects the pride of women being a lady. #neverdisrespect

-Sprit and pride mean Queen Victoria. Happy Victoria Day.

-We carry our national flag in the name of Queen Victoria.

-Carry the flag and raise the voice for our Queen. #carrytheflag

-Queen Victoria is the symbol of our cultural diversity. #symbol

-She never discriminates among her people. 

-She has a lioness heart. Happy Victoria Day.

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