150+ Catchy Christmas Captions For All Social Media

Christmas is that time of the year when everyone is in a holiday mood. Fun, frolic, laughter, and lots of get-togethers. Snapping away photos of all that and more and posting them on social media is a great way to share your thoughts and activities.

These carefully created captions will give that boost your Christmas pics need to make it big across all social media.

Christmas Instagram Captions

A hug is a free size that fits all. #tistheseason

What a jolly time it is. #WhiteChristmas

It is now that we belt out one carol after another. #Christmas

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree? #xmastree

HO! HO! Hope you have a swell time.

Spread the love now and always. #ChristmasHouse

May we all light up like the Christmas tree. #ChristmasTree

Things that make Christmas nice are love, care, sugar, and spice.

Just shop till you drop. That’s Christmas shopping.

Christmas brings smiles to everyone. #MerryLittleChristmas

Body, mind, and soul at home for Christmas. #xmastime

May this loveliest of seasons bring you many reasons for happiness and love. #MerryChristmas

Let the gentle spirit of love fill all hearts and lives.

The time when both the material and spiritual share the joy.

Happiness, peace, love, and joy are the four spirits of Christmas. #Xmas

May you be blessed with all that you wish for.

Wish for you: that every day be Christmas for you.

Enjoy, have fun, cheers. #christmasparty

Another Christmas anniversary. #christmas

May faith, hope, and love all be yours.

Gifts, blessings, and peace are what I wish for you.

May the Lord bless you with all his love. #keepcalmandparty

Let your spirits be renewed afresh this Christmas season. #tistheseason

May your life be as colorful as the lights at Christmas.

If you put Christmas in the air, you will have Christmas in your heart.

Let Christmas be in your heart and it will show in your Christmas tree.

That magical time of year called Christmas. #tistheseason

Mistletoe time is here. #mistletoe

Still believe in Santa. Always.

Hear the bells ringing? #bellsringing

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. #jinglebells

Jesus is behind this season.

Love all and let your heart feel the joy. #feelthejoy

A man was born who taught us to love. Let’s love and continue his legacy.

Hugging doesn’t hurt. It brings joy. #tistheseason

What a wonderful wonderland it has become. #ChristmasWonderland

So much snow, but so much warmth in the heart.

So much to decorate the Christmas tree.

Open your heart and let the love travel freely. #MerryAndBright

Continuing the Christmas feel well into the New Year.

Believe me Santa, I have been good.

Sincerely hope Santa brings you happiness wrapped up in joy and merriment.

Eat, drink, and jingle all the way. #IloveChristmas

Begun your Christmas shopping yet?

Without family and friends, Christmas isn’t Christmas at all.

Sincerely wishing you have a fantastic Christmas. #holidaywishes

May this holiday season shower you with the warmest love and greatest joy.

Love and peace. Joyful memories and hope. Friends and family. That’s what Christmas is all about. #ChristmasSpirit

May the magic, merriment, and cheer be all yours this Christmas. #xmastree

I only wish you are here for Christmas. #tistheseason

I have been good all year. Will Santa let us be together this Christmas? #SantaClaus

The season to spend with the ones we love.

Friends like you make Christmas so much more fun. #ChristmasSpirit

Pray that you see many more Merry Christmases.

Starlight, star bright, happiness all around. #xmastree

I am so alone if you guys aren’t around.

Cheer and joyful merriment be yours this Christmas.

May this Christmas bring you a happy and bright life.

Funny Christmas Captions

Every Christmas tree is perfect.

Christmas is the most magical in the eyes of every child.

Jingle bell time is the best of all times. #MerryXmas

Christmas shopping is so very exciting.

It is Christmas that brings us all closer to each other.

Sharing the warmth and joy of Christmas. #MerryChristmas

Time to be kinder than ever. #xmastree

The time to open your heart and let love move freely from every heart unto every other.

The best gift of all – love.

The joy of giving is now. #IloveChristmas

May you be surrounded by all your loved ones.

Time for all that fun and frolic. #MerryAllTheTime

It is that time of year when we laugh and make others laugh.

A hug is an auto-return gift one gives to another.

Time to be home with the family for Christmas.

Christmas for me is all about family. #MerryXmas

The wonder and happiness in a child’s eyes twinkle brighter than the stars. #xmastree 

Santa Claus, friends, gifts, and teddies. The belief alone is what makes Christmas so real.

End up under some mistletoe. #mistletoe

Joyous magic that never ends. #ChristmasLove

My hometown, my family. #Xmas

Spending all Christmas with my friends and family. #fambam

Without Christmas, the whole year would be so meaningless.

The first fall of snow ushers that feeling of Christmas. #snowfall

HO! HO! All the way. #santashere

My favorite time of the year is here. #favetime

Bring out the Christmas lights and Turkey.

Where are my presents? #presents

christmas pic captions

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