188+ Scary Halloween Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

While Halloween might resonate with scariness, it is often spent with a considerable amount of fun, and that is exactly something that makes Halloween a festival worth celebrating. Here are some scary Halloween captions that will amp up your social media posts and help you seem to be the scariest soul on this planet. Errr! Would you really want to be one? Hell Yeah (no puns intended XD)…… 

Scary Halloween Captions for Instagram

Spooky spiders are crawling all over you. Feel their furry legs when they are feeling your fear. #spiders

I am a zombie. Trust me. That’s the least I ask of you.

The only days I wake and the only nights I live are on Halloween.

Let’s get those BOO-by traps in place. They need to bag many bodies.

Time to be scared. Be extremely scared. That’s the fun of Halloween. #fun

Being scared is thrilling but scaring others is a lot more fun.

When you see all that’s unseen, remember that it is Halloween.

We have been waiting for you. Welcome to the house of scares.

I saw that jack-o-lantern smile back at me. He even said my name. #smile

I have Halloween within me every moment of the night.

There is just too much moaning and groaning on the night of Halloween.

Why can we not replace Valentine’s day with a second Halloween instead?

The midnight on Halloween sighs the loudest of sighs. #sigh

Fear and fright, spooks galore; there are the witches at your door.

Can you hear the darkness purring? It is speaking your name.

If pumpkins are glowing in the moonlight, there’s definitely magic in the night.

The mist has the strangest howl for a reply. And I never even said anything. #mist

I know I’ve got it. So now you haunt it. That would be a better option.

There are just too many shadows muttering in the corner there.

Your dog’s barking at nothing. Keep telling yourself that story.

I live on Elm Street, and my house number is 666. #home

I am here only for the BOOs. The rest can go to purgatory.

That’s not Batman. That’s the man-bat I was telling you about.

I truly am the ghost of the future past. I just realized that now.

I know that anyone wearing a mask cannot be friendly. #mask

That’s not me. I am here and only dressed up as a vampire.

Dad, it’s me under the bed. The one you are talking to on my bed is someone else.

See that broomstick doing the chores? And the ladle spinning in the cauldron? That’s your treat.

Trying bribing the witch. Suppose she takes chocolate, good. Otherwise, she is for real. #witch

I am the long-lost brother of the Addams family.

Wishing you all good luck on Halloween. You will need it.

Yes, all hell’s loose. And they have all come here.

They say seeing is believing. I believe it. I am not saying another word. See it for yourself. #believe

Let’s all go to that haunt we planned. It will be a fang-tastic outing in the graveyard.

If we were really brave, we would wear those costumes every freaking day, not just on Halloween.

Boo spoke about yourself here. That is the only way to be famous here.

The rise of the walking dead is when they wake in their graves. #graves

That mummy is my mummy. I am Damien. My dad’s the ambassador.

For that photo of my kitty looking like a vampire.

Scream your loudest, and you will be astonished how no one can hear you.

Want to get spooky? First, get spooked. That way, you will know the difference. #spooky

We are the scare factory here to make sure you are bewitched.

The queen of the damned has the loudest screams.

Imagine if it were Halloween every night. That would be one long, frightening experience, surely.

You are such a handsome little devil. Hope you grow up to be more. #devil

Stay spooky all night. And perhaps your whole life.

I can feel something wicked coming this way.

The moonlight tonight is so special. There is something haunting about it.

On Halloween, everything is so hallo-weird. Hallo-weened my name. #weird

This is the Wicked Witch Inn. You may enter freely but can never leave unless I say so.

Funny Scary Halloween Captions

Magic is all about wanting something and then letting yourself have it.

Come in for a bite. We have been dying to meet you.

Halloween is that night when you let your imagination fly freely. #imagination

Halloween is simply boo-tiful, wooo-nderful, fang-tastic, fa-boo-lous, and spooktacular.

The cold winds and dangers lurking all around. Then someone whispers, “Trick or Treat”.

Trick or treat. Just get me something to eat. Something really haunting.

If you don’t have an imagination, you cannot experience the thrill of horror. #horror

Got those shoes? Now go get yourself a matching hat and a broom.

This is the night when all things dark dance a dance of death.

Anyone who enters this cottage will become a part of my brew.

Witches, ghosts howl; ghouls, and spirits prowl. When the pumpkins gleam, we wish you a happy Halloween. #halloween

at the break of dawn, even the spirits go back to their graves.

Since it is Halloween, you are up for a great scare.

Skeletons are smiling; ghosts are cheering, witches are clapping, while pumpkins are leering.

May you have the scariest Halloween of all time. #scary

Autumn’s dancing with a trembling fear; you guessed right. Halloween’s here.

A fa-boo-lously fang-tastic howl-oween to you all.

Who says you need to see it to believe it? Now you know.

It’s that time of the year when you are reminded of the value of fear. #fear

Shivers, scares, thrill, and grin; wishing you a happy Halloween.

Howl-ween is the most spooktacular festival of all.

Feel the magic, feel the fright; let it cast a spell; it’s Halloween night.

While some people wait for Christmas, others are just born to thrive on Halloween. #halloween

When pumpkins smile and black cats grin, be damned sure that the spooks are in.

Let’s make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.

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