218+ Catchy Halloween Trick or Treat Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Trick or treat is a saying that is often associated with magicians and wizards, mainly with the nasty and difficult-to-be-around wizards. While you cast the spell of spookiness on social media with amazing Halloween pictures, you need to have some great captions that go well with your pictures. Here are some captions that you can take inspiration from. 

Halloween Trick or Treat Captions for Instagram

Care for some coffin or tea? #trickortreat

You put that spell on me, didn’t you?

My ghoul friend’s a real witch.

Come in and sit for a spell. We have the best brew while you wait.

Tonight is Halloween eve; see what I have up my sleeve.

Wishing you a frightfully spooky Halloween. May you have tricks and treats galore.

Halloween has made that witch corny. #halloween

Queen of the damned is where all the candies get crammed.

Anything good to eat in your trick or treat?

Hello, queen of Halloween.

Let’s haunting for that poor soul.

Trick or treat is a dead man’s bluff.

Let’s have candy, let’s have cake. Then let’s get something sweet to take. #sweet

Hocus pocus, but treats aren’t bogus.

Whether trick or treat, only something sweet.

May you live to be more than an undead.

You can get to know Jack only after you have carved a pumpkin.

Welcome to the house of the living dead.

Witch, you better have my candy. #candy

This is the hour when we witch the night.

Let’s get those spirits up and out.

It’s all about the candy and treats.

It is the candy crush saga tonight.

Trick or treat, whatever you choose, will let all hell break loose.

Ready, get set, ghoul! #ghoul

Nothing to worry about. No one here will bite – much.

Are you sin-ghoul, witch?

Witch way is the candy, please?

I’m Ma Baker! Gimme all your candy.

This is that night of the year when you have to have fear. 

My ghoul’s been having a lot of spice and juice. #spice

Any zombie loves a girl with brains.

Stop witching about it, you handsome little devil.

Do you have it? Then haunt it.

May I have my mummy back now, please?

It is the queen witch lives here. And there’s a lot to fear. So enter with scare.

Trick or treat, you will always be witches.

Have you been having skelefun? #fun

I truly am a sucker for Halloween.

Witch witch is being witchful?

The best screams are made by a well-practiced team.

Sometimes I am scared of my love for Halloween. It began with a simple trick or treat.

I have everything that you can ask for.

Let’s give them pumpkin to talk about. #pumpkin

Let’s spook-up for something really batty.

Hallo-weenies, care for some spiders – chocolate spiders, I mean.

Salem isn’t the only place where witches live.

You are a witch, that’s for sure. Whether you are a good witch or a bad witch, that’s for you to decide.

Beware, black cat crossing.

Choose your poison. We creep only the best. #poison

Trick and treat are what make Halloween so magical.

Could we have more BOOs here, please?

I’m here for the BOOs and the treats. No tricks there.

Strictly for Halloween lovers only.

If you have a broom, ride it.

Hi boo, it’s time we went haunting.

And they don’t believe that werewolves are fur real. #fur

I am the witchiest on Halloween when I have to play tricks or give away treats.

Those scream queens need to bring their own broomsticks to the party.

Only lovers of tricks and treats H-allowed inside.

Come over; we are dying for a bite.

Be watchful of your feet for every trick or treat.

You are my worst bat-mare.

Let’s scare for everyone, big and small. #scare

That’s the queen of howl-oween.

Avoid walking, dead. Take the bus instead.

The more BOOs you get, the witchier you become.

We are here. Where’s the BOOs?

Hanging around with these witches.

Try to creep it as real as possible. #creepy

I am spooked onto you for life.

You are one cute son of a witch with your treats.

You spook so beautiful tonight.

Let us get it straight out of the coffin.

Funny Halloween Trick or Treat Captions

What a gourd-geous ghoul you are witch.

We are the blood sisters, not just witches. #sisters

Let’s open up that bag of boo-ties.

Come in for broom rides. They are all free. And you get chocolate cakes in return.

Life is so gourd on Halloween.

Let’s leave things at bat.

You are so witchy, you wicked witch.

I see that you really are my bloody type.

We have two little monsters of our own at home. #monsters

Ghosts and ghouls may wreck your souls, but their tricks and tricks never hurt you.

How many tricks do you have up your sleeves?

I really am bat to the bone; I will have you know that, ghoul.

You are so watchful with your bag of treats.

Well, it was truly loved at first bite.

Those are my little pumpkins.

Give me a hiss, you sweet witch. #witch

Coffin up a big haul.

Oh, that batty feeling I get on this night.

Do you have it? Then go and haunt it.

Let’s not play Twix on one another. 

Witches are welcomed with ghostly greetings.

Vampire really party at night. #vampire

Trick yourself, or treat yourself.

Come in and get free BOOs.

Candy treat, or creepy trick?

She brewed it herself. No potion there, though.

That mummy is my mummy. And that monster’s my daddy.

So much to do all night on Elm Street.

We are full of surprises and BOOs. #surprise

Cauldrons bubbling, something’s troubling; Halloween’s the night for fears to be doubling.

You are so gourd-geous.

It’s time for us to be-witch.

What a boo-tiful night for a spook-tacular Halloween.

I am going to Halloween central for those treats.

I am witch and famous.

You are just too BOO-tiful #boo

We dare you to enter. You will have to finish all that we have in store for you.

Ghouls just want to have some fun.

If you want to drive a stick, you need to enroll in the witch club for a license first.

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