186+ Catchy Halloween Party Captions For Social Media

Halloween is incomplete if you do not have at least a house party to celebrate the festival. And if you do have a party, we’re sure that you are going to update your social media with your pictures to make everyone else jealous. Here are some captions to increase your reach!

Halloween Party Captions for Instagram

We are the Batstreet Boys who come to belt out hot and groovy numbers.

The cutest pumpkin in the party patch.

I am a sucker for a hot and wickedly cool Halloween party.

The chocolate at the party is what tempted this witch into coming.

You are my blood type. No wonder we share the same taste in drinks.

This isn’t a party. It’s all real. So go ahead and enjoy a great deal.

Some parties are just too bat. And we are all bat to the bone. So enjoy yourself with us.

Bone appetite. Ghouls are here to serve you.

I simply bat to the bone. So bring on all the BOOs you’ve got. #boo

Bat and BOOgie are what this sandman wants.

I was at the party, and someone told me stick.

Every item at the party was love at first bite.

The main food tonight is candy, candy, and simply more candy.

We are haunting for more candies at the party.

This party’s all batty. You get everything that you want.

Let’s pick a treat or tequila. Both are eerie-sistible.

Witch way to the BOOs, please? I am in search of Halloween spirits.

How about the vodka shots now? Then dance the dance of death. #howl

That which is pouring wine as if it were a river.

It’s an all-ghoul Halloween party, witches.

We are trying to creep this party as real as possible.

Let’s see you shake your BOOty. Then let’s go hunting for more.

Keep on drinking, you witches, lest a house drops on you.

I’m only here to hang out with the crew. Let’s get this party startled.

This party is all about the hocus pocus you can see after a drink too many.

Blood sisters always drink the same type of things.

Let’s get on with that spooky party we promised. #spooky

I am feeling bloody fine even after all that BOOs.

A witch is only as good as her ghoul friends.

This party was so cool it was a nightmare for the neighbors.

Most boneheads didn’t get the joke from the party last night.

Fangs for such a batty party, witch. We had a bloody good time.

This Halloween party is just so beautiful.

I always wear matching shoes with my black witch outfit.

I never imagined that Halloween parties could be so sweet.

Here’s a pic of the party for my fang club. #fang

I was bone to be wild at all Halloween parties.

That’s the outfit that I wear to every Halloween party.

Oh deer, and a holy cow have come all dressed up to the party.

Let’s all keep calm, drink a lot, and let all fly.

Everything at the party was so humerus. So much skeleton.

That’s a cool attitude you have throwing such a lovely Halloween party.

What a great candle-lit party you threw, witch. All the light was wicked.

Drink to your heart’s content, witches. All bugs and hisses for you.

That ghost has a lot of spirits. No wonder he is bewitched. #bewtched

This party is all about tricks and treats only.

Bite me, and let’s feel the love. That’s love at first bite.

Prick yourselves for the greatest Halloween party ever.

My horror scope said that today there would be a great big Halloween bash.

It’s all hocus pocus if there is no wine to focus on.

Stop dropping the beats, zombies. Keep everyone awake.

Halloween is all about wickedly good fun and frolic. #wickedlygood

We ghouls aren’t witches. We are looking for the right party.

Which witch do you witch to witch? You are so witchy?

Funny Halloween Party Captions

I am really bad at playing host at a Halloween party. #halloweenparty

Let’s have a great party where everyone can have a gourd time.

Come on in, and let’s have a bite. We have been waiting for a long, long time.

The party jokes are so good they will keep you laughing till you are coffin.

We are all dying to meet you. So why not make the party come alive?

This vampire is having a great time, but he is such a pain in the neck.

All the new blood is the life at the party. No wonder we oldies look for more juice.

Halloween party puns are so corny. Even children of the corn come here.

I have such a huge candy crush for your oozing lava cakes. #candy

Fangs for hosting such a fa-boo-loud party. We are having a bloody boo-ed time.

I bet the bat guy has gone to get his treats. May he find tricks as well.

Pump up the music, and let the pumpkins roll. Those cute little pumpkins need to ball.

All I need to do now is to find my broomstick or my batmobile.

Here’s witching you a happy Halloween. Enjoy the party.

I am feeling too witchy at this All Hallow’s Eve party.

Getting home before midnight is the most difficult thing to do. These parties last longer.

Pick your poison from all the potions. It’s a matter of life and death.

I have been ready for this Halloween party ever since last Halloween.

Let there be mirth. Let us all make merry. Where are the BOOs? Happy Halloween.

It’s a fancy dress party. Go as you like and come in all fright. #fright

Halloween parties are all about getting dressed up, only to get messed up again.

What a fantastic time we had at the party last night.

Come on in. Let’s eat, drink, and be scary. That’s the way to be merry.

This party is absolutely spooktacular. It is so bewitching.

Pour some red wine to run my broomstick. That should start it up.

Let’s all party this beautiful night. Let’s awaken the dead and the sleeping too.

I am only here for the BOOs. It’s what makes the party so wickedly good.

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