100+ Catchy Selfie Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

A selfie is often described in an urban context as a picture that is taken all by oneself. Before 10’, people would often use the rear camera on their smartphone, and due to this, front cameras were introduced, giving rise to the selfie culture. Here are a few catchy and attractive captions for your million selfies.

Instagram Captions For Selfies

A selfie a day keeps the stress away. #selfie

Pamper yourself and your social media, and take a selfie. #clickclick

I have some important work but before that, let me take a selfie. #selfietime

Start with one selfie, don’t stop till a million. #loveselfies

All I have in my gallery are selfies. #fillingmygallery

Say yes to filters on the bad days. #filters

Who called it a selfie-and, not a self-portrait? #selfpotrait

Begin your day with a lively selfie. #lively

The sun is all the light that you need. #loveyourself

Mother nature does not need filters, I do. #takeasnap

Keep your social media profile active. #loveselfies

Noting beats a good old selfie. #selfietime

A bathroom is a selfie hotspot. #selfie

What even are groupfies? #groupfie

It’s always difficult to choose from a number of selfies despite all of them looking the same.

Don’t look for a background when clicking a selfie. #fillingmygallery

The top angle always works when nothing does. #clickclick

Just a selfie or a thousand emotions in a single frame. #filters

Single selfie, million memories. #loveselfies

You can never click just one selfie; you can’t stop once you start. #loveselfies

Selfies never go out of trend. #selfie

The first man to click a selfie was a pure genius. #selfietime

Just a selfie, nothing complex. #clickclick

The sooner you get rid of your camera shyness, the better. #selfpotrait

Start clicking. #clickclick

When clicking a selfie, don’t go looking for a background. #selfietime

Clicking a selfie is simple but not easy. #loveselfies

It all seems weird until you discover the right camera angle. #selfie

Facebook owes its fame to selfies and selfies alone. #loveselfies

Shine bright like a diamond.

Express yourself through the selfie. #fillingmygallery

Capture every moment your way. #selfietime

When you have nothing to do, take a selfie. #clickclick

Never a bad day for a selfie. #filters

A selfie sets you apart and makes you a part of the group at the same time.

U get better at selfies with time. #selfpotrait

The mirror selfies are always a treat for the eye. #selfie

Nothing boosts your confidence more than a sharp-looking selfie. #selfietime

Hair and confidence are always on point. #clickclick

The camera does not matter; your confidence does. #loveselfies

I wonder where the name “selfie” comes from. #loveselfies

Some things are better done yourself. #fillingmygallery

Capture every moment, every emotion, every memory. #filters

The shortest way to pamper yourself.

Happy in the moment. #clickclick

Me, looking at you, looking at me. #selfietime

Be yourself unapologetically.

Live life your way, with your rules. #loveselfies

Everyone is going to judge anyway; we might as well stop caring. #selfie

Make as crazy and weird faces as possible; it’s your space, after all. #loveselfies

Post whatever you like. #clickclick

Tag someone in a crazy and completely irrelevant selfie and say nothing. #selfietime

A selfie today, a few laughs tomorrow, memories to look back at forever. #fillingmygallery

Short Captions For Selfies

Start your day with a smile, and end with bringing one to someone’s face.

More than a million filters to try; start now and regret later. #clickclick

Life is like a box of chocolates; enjoy each one with time. #selfietime

Heart and eyes, all on you. #selfie

A smile to make your day, a selfie to make mine. #loveselfies

A selfie is a way to talk through a screen through a photo. #clickclick

Do more of what makes you happy; start with clicking a selfie. #selfie

Still can’t get behind the concept of bathroom selfies. #loveselfies

When you have nothing else to post but have to keep your profile going. #selfpotrait

All I have is selfies, all I click are selfies, and all I love are selfies. #selfietime

Self-proclaimed selfie expert, not bragging. #filters

Get colorful, get creative, and make it pop. #fillingmygallery

Get your selfie game on track. #selfie

Selfies are always on point; other things, not so much.

It is never a bad or good day for a selfie; click without reason. #clickclick

You are the model and the photographer at the same time. #loveselfies

My selfie, my mood, my rules, your views? #selfpotrait

The things we do for an inch of validation. #loveselfies

Growing one step at a time, every day of the week. #selfietime

Gradually becoming a selfie professional. #selfie

I don’t know how my day will go, but a selfie is constant. #filters

When life gives you lemons, click a selfie, and post it online. #clickclick

Do it for you, not for anyone else. #fillingmygallery

With a little bit of self-love, a tiny bit of confidence, and a tad bit of filters, the perfect selfie.

Keep looking until you find the best filter. #loveselfies

It’s not like you got up and got ready for nothing; click a selfie. #loveselfies

I and selfie are the perfect match. #clickclick

Lost in my own world, living in a dream. #selfie

Too real to be true, too realistic to realize. #selfietime

Perfection is a myth, a myth that a selfie lover believes in. #selfie

Just an ordinary selfie clicked by a unique individual. #clicked

I didn’t wake up like this, but I’ll pretend that I did anyways.

Felt cute, will not delete it later. #selfie

Happiness achieved. #loveselfies

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