100+ Catchy Prom Captions For All Social Media

Prom means so much to most of us, and memories of it always remain. Sharing your promenade pics and posts also means so much, especially since I want others to know how well it was celebrated.

Here is a list of carefully created captions for your prom celebration pics and posts to use across your social media accounts and get a lot more followers and likes.

Prom Instagram Captions

It’s only when I danced with you that I realized what a beautiful song it was. #prom

Happiness is always in style. #teenyears

I am always there for you. #besttimes

Feeling thankful for all the memories. #memories

Until a moment becomes a memory you may not its true value. #pricelessmoments

The Prom party never really hurt anyone. #special

Take the chance and keep dancing. #danceitaway

My favorite thing has always been making memories with you. #prompics

So many good memories here. #thosewerethedays

You are everything for me – the sun, the moon, and the stars. #prom

You can jive. You can dance. So you can also enjoy it. #teenyears

Loved the times you have been in my arms and we danced.

Why can’t we keep having this weekend again and again? #besttimes

At the prom waiting for someone to ask me to dance.

I never forgot the way we kept looking at each other.

Make those stares worthwhile. #teenyears

This has been the most magical night with you. #memories

The night we realized how much we mean to each other, and how much we will miss each other.

Nothing to repent for. #besttimes

Glam chose me that evening. I never chose it. #prompics

A dance floor with double the trouble. #prom

That’s not the last pic I will post tonight. #teenyears

You are my sugar and spice. And everything feels so lovely and nice.

Ever since prom night I never miss the opportunity to dance. #memories

No hiding it. This IS exactly how I woke up. #prom

Can heaven be any better than this? #teenyears

Make it worthwhile for every eye staring. #besttimes

Thinking of prom again. #memories

I know I will be okay even if I stumble if you are the one holding my hand.

We are with the prom squad. #prom

You will never get this night ever again. You would have grown up by the time you wished for it.

Think only after you have danced. #teenyears

Dinner and wine to keep that love at prom alive.

Dressing up never really ends. Definitely on prom evening.

Dancing queen for tonight at least. #pricelessmoments

Party to celebrate the end of something. It’s time to begin building something new. #danceitaway

The glam is too much for anyone else to bear. #prom

At least be the dancing queen, even if not the prom queen. #besttimes

I wish we never have to say goodbye. #teenyears

The adventure began that evening. And here we are after so many years. #prompics

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Memories of those events are simply priceless.

The night we partied the hardest. #pricelessmoments

Here’s a list of the things I love most – you! #memories

An evening we remember as our first party to growing up. #danceitaway

I’m young. What other excuses? #prom

Like what you do? Do what you like. #teenyears

A PROM IS a PROMISE. #besttimes

This promenade dance will be an event I will cherish forever.

It’s so much fun to have your favorite outfit on.

A dress can never be too big. #prom

It’s been fun, but I will miss you guys. #prom

Funny Prom Captions

Classy and sassy always. #besttimes

Only party tonight. #teenyears

Prom captions for friends on Instagram. #memories

It feels the best when you look up at him and see him staring at you anyway.

Elegance is something that never wanes. #prom

Switch on that prom mood. #teenyears

These are the people I will never forget. #pricelessmoments

Only when you dance in those high heels you know how strong you are.

High heels, a head held high, and a high standard to go with them. #besttimes

It is a new beginning. #prom

Pretending it’s only for the photo that we like each other. #teenyears

Be Cinderella. Ask only for the dress and a night to dance. The prince will be there.

Having the time of your life tonight is what matters. #prompics

Being you is the most beautiful thing. #pricelessmoments

Always be hopeful that you will be asked to dance.

Dance for yourself. Not for anyone else. #prom

After tonight I just cannot afford to lose you ever. #besttimes 

Dancing is a shortcut to staying happy. #danceitaway

One night to teach us that life is an enjoyable journey. #teenyears

Make each stare worthwhile when directed at you. #besttimes

When there is such a night, why have a day at all? #pricelessmoments

A perfect dress feels best when you feel life isn’t perfect. #memories

Adolescence is so much more than just prom and dresses. #prompics

The first night that made us feel alive. #teenyears

Wish this night lasts forever. #prom

Nothing ends here. Believe me!

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