254+ Catchy Pumpkin captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

This is the perfect time to find the funny puns on the pumpkin that can exist. Be it Halloween or be it Thanksgiving, you can never rule out the importance of a pumpkin during these events. Here are a few captions on the thanksgiving pumpkin for your social media handles.

Pumpkin captions for Instagram

Time to go out for pumpkin picking.

Trick or treat? You decide on that.

Presenting to you the undisputed icon of the season. #thanksgiving

Give some credit to the pumpkin for adding spice to your life.

Adding to the festive season for an eternity.

Pumpkin puns will never go out of fashion.

Perfect pumpkin does exist.

Bring out your best designs.

The orange is pumped up for the season. #pumpkingreetings

Blood type: Pumpkin and Pies.

I am the pump-king of your life.

Oh my Gourd, it is the Thanksgiving season!

I see Gourd in you.

Pumpkin takes away all the pain.

Pumpkin patch and a perfect match.

Be well and round.

Just like the pumpkin, get plenty of sunshine.

Thinking big and growing rounder day by day. #pumpkinlesson

Keep the orange in you alive.

Keep calm and love the pumpkin.

Kith and kin around the big pumpkin. #thanksgiving

Through thick and thin, I have my round pumpkin.

This is the time to celebrate.

Spreading love and gratitude wherever I go.

Pumpkins, spice, and all things nice.

Did you ever meet a pumpkin that you did not like?

I am sending you pumpkin kisses and my best wishes. #bestwishes

Embrace the beauty of the fall.

Picture perfect pumpkin photo.

The Gourd will take care of you.

Every Thanksgiving, I fall for pumpkins, spices, and you.

Proud of you, pumpkin. #pumpkinpride

Round and full, spreading happiness and love.

Autumn leaves fall, and the pumpkin rolls back to town.

Obsessed with pumpkins and blessed with the best.

Pumpkin party, here we come!

Cuter than your pumpkin.

Let the orange flow.

Roll or raise, you choose.

Pumpkin pride and all things nice.

Withhold the real beauty.

Welcoming the start of the season. #thanksgiving

Oh my Gourd, it is Thanksgiving already.

Carving out some time for my friends.

This pumpkin will turn into a wonderful pie.

The reason I’m staying around is this big round pumpkin.

Some more pumpkin, please.

Pumpkin pies over foolish guys. #thepumpkinthought

Pumpkin party or nothing.

Just here for the pumpkin.

The feast mode is on.

Hit it up today!

Grateful for the pumpkin to make us full.

Stuffed with more pumpkin.

Stiff or lean, you need more pumpkin.

Some more pumpkin surprises are waiting for you.

Keep calm and keep gobbling up.

Feeling thankful for the little things in life. #gratitude

This is the time to rejoice.

With happiness and pumpkin, let us celebrate Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin lies can never be caught.

Let us celebrate unity and thoughtfulness.

There is so much to be thankful for.

I forget about my diet once in a while.

What about the leftovers, then?

Pumpkin pies and no more lies.

Grateful for the pumpkin on my table. #thanksgiving

What are your pumpkin recipes for this season?

Pumpkin is my priority of the day.

Happy pumpkin day to us!

May gourd be with us.

Time to celebrate new beginnings.

What a time to be alive.

Sorry but I have prior pumpkin appointments.

I love to live life the pumpkin way.

Believe in the wholesome pumpkin life. #keepfaith

Tonight is all about the pumpkin or nothing.

Pumpkins have a price to pay.

I choose my poison, and it is extra pumpkin spice.

Talk less and focus on the pumpkin more.

No time to think of new captions.

Reusing old captions to focus on the new pumpkin.

Pumpkin and smiles, please.

Pause, pose, pumpkin and release.

Thanksgiving turns extra special with this.

How lucky I am to have a pumpkin that makes my goodbyes so hard.

I am still waiting for my pumpkin ride. #pumpkintales

Fairy godmother, where you at?

Still waiting for my fairytale to begin.

As round and happening as a pumpkin.

Let the pumpkin party roll.

Counting the happy moments that will turn into memories.

Feeling grateful for having family, food, and friends. #thanksgiving

Got that pumpkin feeling on my mind.

Grooving to the pumpkin tune.

You are the pumpkin to my pie.

Say hello to Mr. Pumpkin.

We have a new guest among us tonight. #pumpkin

Funny Pumpkin captions

Welcome to the pumpkin world. 

Believe in the magic of the pumpkin universe.

Gratitude is my ultimate way of living.

Say Thank You to the Universe often.

Putting on some extra pumpkin inches. #pumpkinguilt

May you be gourd-ed from the evil.

Smiling eyes and pumpkin pies.

Pumpkin kisses and wonderful wishes.

Here is a pumpkin part of my soul.

The pumpkin has so much to teach us all.

Bring your favorite pumpkin dish to the table.

What are your thoughts on this?

No time to look for a pumpkin caption.

Busy gobbling up the leftovers tonight. #thankgivingtreat

This place is the food lovers’ paradise.

My smile reflects on you.

This is too Gourd to be true.

Having another pumpkin in my feed won’t hurt much.

Planning on cracking another pumpkin joke.

Pretty pumpkin in an orange hue.

Time to put your pumpkin puns on display.

Put your big round pumpkin aside.

I have nothing but gourd intentions for you. #pumpkingourd

The room is full of gourd cheer.

Vibing to the pumpkin tune.

Getting all set for the fall.

This is the pumpkin I would die for.

Did you ever think that life would be so Gourd? #pumpkinpuns

Pumpkin cheer in the air; it is that time of the year again.

Are you a punking or a pumpkin?

If life throws pumpkins at you, make some pies out of it.

Could wear a pumpkin patch instead.

Thanksgiving season is in full swing, oh Gourd!

Sorry, but I cannot attend any calls tonight. 

My pump-king is waiting for me.

Drop a pumpkin to get a pumpkin squash.

My favorite genre is pumpkin fiction.

The real business is about to get started.

Pumpkins, peaches, and plans about beaches. #thepumpkinrhyme

‘You look like a pumpkin’ was always meant to be a compliment.

Do pumpkins really keep the goblin away?

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and wait for my prince to arrive.

The first thing that you need now is a pumpkin.

I would rather squash the pumpkin on your head.

I choose to defend the pumpkin for the rest of my life.

Are you still looking for pumpkin puns?

Pumpkin captions do not cost a fortune but brains. #wittyjokes

There is no punchline about a pumpkin.

Do not miss out on the pumpkin fun.

This pumpkin is Gourd for your soul.

Running out of my pumpkin puns at the moment.

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