226+ Catchy Pumpkin Pie captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

As autumn leaves are falling down, it is time to drive back to town and enjoy with family and friends. Pumpkins are one of the most important ingredients to spice things up during Thanksgiving, and there is no doubt about that. Here are a few captions on pumpkin pies that can be used on your social media handles.

Pumpkin Pie captions for Instagram

Will you be the pumpkin to my pie?

This season is all about pumpkin pies and everything nice.

As sweet as a pie, as shining as your eye.

Pumpkin pies and sweet white lies.

The apple of my eye or the pumpkin to my pie?

Extra sweet and extra tasty. #pumpkinpie

Thanksgiving feels heavenly right now.

Thankful for the pumpkin pies.

Through every low and every high, I had my pumpkin pie.

Do not be shy, have some more pumpkin pie.

I was very sly as I took the last slice of the pumpkin pie.

Happiness is some extra pieces of the pumpkin pie.

I hired a spy to keep a watch on my pumpkin pie.

My thoughts are occupied by the pumpkin pie. 

Now, this looks like the fall spirit. #thanksgiving

I think a pumpkin pie would save the day.

You are the pumpkin pie of my eye.

Keeping my eyes fixed on the pie.

Time to piece out.

Being nice for pumpkin pies.

Never a No to a pumpkin pie. #nodenial

Do you want a piece of me?

Pie puns are very trendy.

Pumpkin pie calories do not count.

This is my happily ever after.

Autumn skies and pumpkin pies.

Looking on the brighter side of life.

Eyeing the last slice of the pumpkin pie.

Blood type: Pumpkin pie

As sweet as a pumpkin pie.

Live life like a pumpkin pie. #pumpkinpielife

My heart seems to fly when I see the pumpkin pie.

Half of my problems get solved by the pie.

Who is going to receive the last piece of the pie?

The presence of a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving is inevitable.

I came here not for the people but the pumpkin pie.

Hey there, pumpkin, come get some pie!

No matter what the problem is, pumpkin pie is the solution to it.

Whisper a prayer of gratitude and gobble up the pumpkin pie.

Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy.

Stealing a piece of your favorite pie.

Pumpkin pies have the most important piece of my heart.

This is not a cheat meal as pumpkin is a certified fruit.

This pumpkin pie is very appealing.

The pumpkin pie opened my eye. #thepumpkinthought

Ready to finish the pumpkin pie.

Sorry but I am having this all to myself.

All of you are cutie pies, but none can beat my pumpkin pies.

What does a pumpkin pie hangover feel like?

Extra pieces of the pumpkin pie are meant for me.

Is this a fruit, a vegetable, or a piece of Heaven?

Sorry, but I cannot shift my focus from the pumpkin pie.

I am not interested in anything but the pie tonight. #piepriority

Who cares for people if you have the pumpkin pie to yourself?

Happy Thanksgiving; you can send the pumpkin pie to me.

Should I mail you the address if you are coming over with the pie?

Please do not lie; I know you love the pumpkin pie.

No matter my mood, this pumpkin pie fixes everything at once.

You are the pumpkin to my pie sounds cheesier than usual.

Keep calm and fix your eyes on the pumpkin pie. #focusonit

Occu-pie my thoughts like you do.

Where is the spy to keep a watch over the pumpkin pie?

I celebrate today as pumpkin pie day.

Pumpkins, peaches, and pies.

In the mood for more pumpkin pie today.

No diet plan can rule out the possibility of some extra pies. #cheatmeal

They asked to have one fruit a day, so here I am.

Keep calm and pie-ce out.

Woke up to the best smell of the pumpkin pie.

What is Thanksgiving without its icon anyway?

I feel so strongly for the pumpkin pie.

This pumpkin pie looks like my forever. #theforeverdelight

Congratulations! You have found the door to my heart.

Bring over some more pumpkin pie.

This is my chance of giving my best shot.

I will have the last piece of the pie no matter what it takes.

Why are you jealous of my sweetie pie?

No room for people as it is overloaded with pumpkin pies.

Clear skies, open eyes, and pumpkin pies.

Not going to miss out on the pie fun anytime soon.

Dear pumpkin pie, you mean the world to me.

How about another round of baking? #bakewithlove

My love language is baking a pumpkin pie until we run out of ingredients.

This seems to be fun anyway.

Funny Pumpkin Pie captions

Relishing the delicious dessert tonight.

If tasty was a recipe, I would have named it You.

It took a lot for my pumpkin to turn into a pie.

Love the pumpkin at its worst else; you do not deserve it at its best.

Quit calling me cutie pie and start calling me your pumpkin pie instead.

Looking for words to describe this feeling. #pumpkinpieparadise

This pie got me feeling crazy.

Sweeter than honey, cooler than ice, I love you, my pumpkin pies.

Baked the best pumpkin pie ever.

Pumpkin pies have my whole heart.

Welcome to the pumpkin pie paradise. #piefeeling

I would choose you over and over again.

You make us happier than ever before.

Thank you for sharing love and sweetness.

Nothing better than a pie dessert.

My love for a pumpkin pie never ceases to grow. #eternallove

I may cease to exist but never shall you.

Keep the pie coming.

Endless laughter and love for the pumpkin pies.

Even too much of you seems too little for me. #bringmorepie

The best pumpkin pie I have tasted so far.

I choose you among all the other delicious delicacies.

A pumpkin pie a day keeps all my worries away.

I will choose you as my favorite in every lifetime.

Pumpkin pie, you are definitely a people pleaser!

You have already won our hearts through our stomachs.

You are not the apple to my pie but the pumpkin of my eye. #piepuns

Is your pie game stronger than my pumpkin?

Thank you for making the family so happy over dessert.

Drooling over the dessert for an eternity.

This is my most awaited part of the Thanksgiving ceremony.

Who brought in more pumpkin pies?

I keep looking for you every place I go. #searchforpie

Thank you for making my sad nights happier.

I owe my sweet nature to the pumpkin pies.

You look so delicious and taste even better.

My heart follows you around wherever you go, my dear pumpkin pie.

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