210+ Catchy Halloween Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Halloween is a day that is celebrated by many. Costumes, carved pumpkins, movies – all for a night of harmless frights. It is a festival that calls for you to post, across all social media, how you celebrate it.

Here are some frightfully fun captions crafted for your Halloween posts and pics for you to use across social media and get a lot more followers and likes.

Halloween Instagram Captions

What a far-boo-louse party. #scary

Hisses and boos galore tonight. #eerie

A ghoul on the roll. #goosebumps

Halloween is here. So much for you to fear. #halloween

Now for the vampiress diaries. #halloweenpics

See that black cat with green eyes atop that chimney? #pumpkins

Ride that broom, if you can. #celebrations

A werewolf is what you need now. #werewolf

Annabelle just went in. so who are you again? #creepy

Do you have a crystal ball on the table? #creepout

For you, I have treats only. No tricks, love. #hanted

You are being haunted. #ghostly

Can you see the dead people walking outside? #zombie

Give me those boos now. #eerie

You can ride a broom only if you are a licensed witch. #goosebumps

What a bloody good drink that was. #scary

This chainsaw is the real one used for the massacre. #halloweenpics

The green-eyed monster has just gone.

A witch and her ghoul friends. #halloween

All black with a scary smile, but that’s still me. #spooky

Make friends with all the ghouls and creatures who come to your house. #goosebumps

Scare, and eat, and drink. #scary

A wand and a broom with a tall hat say a lot. #eerie

A good Halloween is all about how well you prepared the pumpkins and gourds.

Wine as red as blood? Or the other way round? #eerie

I even have a live wolf with me. #scary#goosebumps

It just came alive! #spooky

Beautiful pumpkins lit up especially for you.

Something foul with spirits and souls. #spooky

Get scared and be happy. #scary 

You saw me in costume. That’s not me. I am here beside you.

Cold spirits are flying about. #goosebumps

Only Bloody Mary for me, please. #eerie

Oh, gourd! It’s so scary. #spooky

Silent Night. Scary night……

Was that your costume? #scary

Hear that howling? #halloween

Such a ghoulish way of celebrating. #halloweenpics

Same cat with those evil eyes. #eerie

Make this mask your face. You look less scary.

I am to be-witch this year again? #scary

Demons and witches to get you scared. #goosebumps

Let me spell you. #spooky

It was a really gourd Halloween. #halloween

Witch is the worst? #eerie

Wait for the magic to happen here.

One pumpkin for each of us. #scary

It is a fang-tastic experience this year. #halloweenpics

A boo-tiful night of Halloween. #eerie

Care to take a scary journey now? #scary

What is blood or wine? Both are sweet.

The scare-case of the mansion that you are climbing. #goosebumps

Hocus pocus! Hehehe! #scary

Hi! I am Chucky, your new playmate. #halloween

We don’t trust the living at all. #eerie

A nightmare on the street of elms.

In the darkness, there’s so much that could happen.

Be very afraid. I am coming back to you. #scary

Zombies dancing on the road. #spooky

Carrying a pumpkin to scare you all. #eerie

Creeping into your foyer and peeping over your shoulder. #halloweenpics

Need to meet my boos in the evening. #goosebumps

Creaking doors and freaky howls. #scary

Welcome to the school for ghosts and ghouls.

That’s little Boo Peep. #goosebumps

Creature from #eerie

Only tricks and treats. #spooky

A witch-full of fun. #scary

Your broom isn’t in the cupboard. It is flying.

Cute Halloween Captions

Fang you so much. It was a fang-tastic drink.

Screech and scream like the real thing.

Bribe us with chocolates. #halloween

I am the man-bat. #eerie

Fear of the dark? I am here with you. #goosebumps

How can I be talking to you? I am not even there.

Hallo weenies. #scary

The loudest howl wins. #spooky

Becky’s the name. And this is Thelma. And you have our brooms. #halloween

Let me kiss your neck. #eerie

Get the most ghost-full experience yet. #eerie

You look boo-tiful. #scary

Magic makes everything better. #halloween

The spell backfired. #spooky

I never meant to scare you, but that’s just how I am. #goosebumps

What is witch you? #eerie

Lockdown the virus, then lock us down. #halloweenpics

Creepy crawlies for you. #scary

choose any one – trick or treat.

We are all friendly ghosts.

I am the wicked one running up your patch. #halloween

Boo! Hello from the creature!

Don’t look at me when your candies get stolen. #goosebumps

Hi, pumpkin! #spooky

 You have been mine because I put a spell on you darling. #halloweenpics

That was the best boo, and one too many, too.

A cute ghost visits you tonight. #eerie

Viney is very witchy. #scary

Those are my fangs on your dress.

You get at least one grand scare tonight. #halloween

Spooked to the full.

Ghouls are always after souls. The weak ones.

Ghosts and ghouls to make your night. #eerie

Freaky creatures are coming this way. #goosebumps

Something evil in those eyes.

For some, every day is like Halloween. #halloweenpics

Watch to see witch candy is best. #eerie

Spooky huh? #spooky

Grizzly and spooky stuff all around tonight. #halloween

Let us go a-haunting! #eerie

Welcome to my boo-tea party. #scary

Trick or treat? #goosebumps

Welcome to this spook-tacular night of scares. #spooky

Good Halloween Captions

Hundreds of shadows rise unseen, only to wish us Happy Halloween.

It is Halloween night, and you are bound to get a fright.

Park your broom here. Violators will be towed away.

Fang you for the nightmares and the fang-cy party. #fang

Who said witches have to have lived in Salem?

Come and let’s have a bite. The count needs blood donors anyway.

Come on in and pick your poison. Only the best quality is served here.

Costumes are for those who have to scare others. I am good at that anyway, any time. #scare

May you have eternal peace of mind, body, and soul.

That’s not me. I am standing right behind you.

It is so much fun to be scared, but it is more fun to scare.

Ghosts and ghouls can take your souls, but witches can never hurt you. #ghost

Go on and have an apple, dear. You will sleep for eternity.

Enter at your own risk. Make sure you have watchful thinking.

Halloween closes a door. It opens a window. And zombies are trying to climb in.

My bugs and hisses are for you alone. #bugs

I love pumpkins, but this one frightens me.

These are the ghostest with the moistest.

It’s October and the last night, so let the ghosts and goblins enjoy in delight.

All the ghouls are having a great time. #ghouls

I am only the devil’s advocate tonight. And aren’t you the count who owns the hound?

I am only a witch in disguise. Can’t you tell?

The moonlight has something haunting showing.

That mummy is that little devil’s mummy. And that monster’s his daddy. #mummy

Enter only if you wish to be scared, silly.

Come on, let’s carve out something tonight. Lots of guts need to be spilled tonight.

Welcome to the scare factor. We will give you the meanest time of your life tonight.

A witch, a handsome devil, and their little monsters are wishing you a very happy Halloween. #family

The tricks are for your heart. The treats are mine to go to waste. Happy Halloween.

Life starts all over again tomorrow. Tonight it must end first.

Bring your own broom if you want to get those free-flying lessons tonight.

When creatures prowl, and there is an empty gleam, I wish you luck for Halloween. #creatures

We are out haunting. Will be home after midnight, with something to eat and drink.

If you are a spirit and you are holy, you are welcome to our door.

I have a sugar crush on you. be my sugar daddy tonight.

I am a lover of horror. So every day is Halloween for me. #horror

Zombies on the street will always make you fast on your feet.

I am so happy to have an October each year. That’s why I love this world of haunts.

Tonight I will be moody and act the witch that you so hate. 

Tonight I am sending all my spooky love to you. #spooky

Hallo-weenies, happy Halloween to you all. Hallowed be your names this night.

Do you find this creepy? Wait till it crawls up your bed.

Don’t be horrifically horrified by the horrors of Halloween.

Halloween is the only night when you can kill someone in laughter and leave them just like that. #kill

May you have a blood-curdling, magical, candy-filled Halloween.

I love to watch that hot witch snarl at them.

This witch’s brew is quite new. Sit and gel, and get a spell.

Drink and be merry, witches. This is the only night that you can be witchy to your heart’s content. #witchy

Can you be scared? Be very, very scared? Then I will try to scare you.

How can you witch about others all the time? Can’t you be a simple ghoul?

Funny Halloween Captions

I hate witches like you. That’s why I avoid vampires.

So much terror in one night, and yet everyone enjoys this one night. #terror

Among all the fun and fare, there is something wicked in the air.

May you be filled with fun and gifts, lots of tricks, and even more treats.

You only need to fear. Otherwise, the spiders will crawl all over you.

When the hairs stand, and we get goosebumps, I know it’s truly Halloween. #halloween

This is the Wicked Witch Inn. Come as you please, but you can never leave.

Tonight’s the night when you should try having as much fun as the spiders and bats in your home.

You can’t be calm. They are under your bed.

I see my ghoul friend is having a fang-tastic time this evening. #evening

It’s Halloween. Just eat more candy. And enjoy all the treats.

Spooky is my middle name. My first name is happy. And my surname’s Halloween.

You can find only one ghost here – the holy ghost.

Come in, and let’s have a bite of that beautiful delicacy. #bite

There may be hocus pocus, but the stuff out there isn’t bogus.

We are all dying to meet you one last time. Then we can all have a juicy bite.

Halloween night is when graves delight. It’s full of fright that will keep you tight.

That fang-tastic night comes once a year to fright and delights us. #delight

Some celebrate on Halloween night. For others, every day is Halloween.

Die-mounds are a ghoul’s best friends. So are demons and ghosts.

Halloween is almost over, but tricks and treats are forever. 

There is something foul in the air. They are those scary ghosts and ghouls. #scary

Witches, ghosts, and ghouls can be seen. It’s time to celebrate Halloween.

Trick or treat, give me something to eat. Then I will be off on my two little feet.

It’s a night of frights and a bag of delights. #halloween

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