131+ Catchy Infatuation Captions For All Social Media

The first few stages of falling in love are always very special, especially if you have an infatuation at a very tender age or during your teenage years. If you’re looking to post infatuation-related pics on social media this Valentine’s Day, here are some captions that will perfectly make it seem even more love-filled.

Infatuation Captions for Instagram

A day is always incomplete when you are not in it.

I seriously don’t know whether I love you or I’m infatuated by you.

This simply not enough words to express my feelings for you.

It is only when you’re here that I truly smile.

Is there a reason why we both are happy to be with each other?

We’re definitely infatuated with each other. #infatuation

Well, infatuation is the beginning of a fantastic relationship.

I wish there was a scale to measure my infatuation for you.

I’m so hooked on you I seem to be losing myself.

Every time I sit to compose a song, it’s only you I write about.

I’m here, babe. No need to search anymore.

There is a deep feeling of passion and love that you seem to exuberate all around.

I wish I could find you earlier. I would get more time with you.

The longer I am with you, the deeper my feelings become.

I’d rather be in your arms than get over you. #inyourarms

You have the most mesmerizing eyes that can sweep any one of his feet.

I simply love to look into your eyes and lose myself completely.

My heart skips a beat whenever there is a smile across your lips.

I’m just infatuated by you. When or how it happened, I just don’t know.

I only know that I’m infatuated with you alone.

You truly make my reality far better than my dreams.

You are the inspiration that makes me achieve a lot of things.

I can give you billions of reasons why I’m infatuated by you.

In every breath that I take, I find you making me live. #valentine

The best thing that happened to me was finding you.

I just cannot think of anything but you.

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to expressing how I feel about you.

I’m intoxicated by your thoughts.

If my infatuation for you is true, it will definitely turn into something more permanent.

Your infatuation is my motivation.

Somewhere in life, infatuation enters, and we finally have a happily ever after.

When it’s new, it’s an infatuation. When it’s true, it is love.

It is you, not your outward beauty, that infatuates me. #infatuation

You truly are one of the most beautiful things to have happened to my life.

I seem to be infatuated by you every time I see you.

I truly long for your kiss.

Since we’re infatuated with each other, why don’t we just go around?

I feel so much better inside when I see you smile.

I simply can’t find the words to express my infatuation to you.

Every time I want to explain my feelings for you, I just keep sighing instead.

I have a strange belief that I’ll find you wherever you go.

My heart is just so much into you I can lose control completely.

If we touch each other, we may fall in love completely. #love

You’ve made me a victim of your infatuation.

As soon as you enter the room, my heart races at a feverish pace.

This infatuation I have for you seems like forever.

I just don’t want this infatuation to end ever.

Every time I’m infatuated, it’s only with you.

Does there have to be a reason at all who my infatuation with you?

If I’m true, I’ll only be infatuated by you.

I’d rather remain infatuated by you all my life.

I get the strength from your infatuation.

My life is great, but only when you are great. #great

I’m always inebriated by your thoughts.

I felt happiest when you said you’re infatuated by me.

My feelings or for the person inside you.

I always seem to smile whenever you’re around.

I’m always so happy to see you smile.

You’re the one who makes me remain exactly who I am.

Infatuation is just a word. I found its true meaning in you.

Funny Infatuation Captions

I seriously wish that our infatuation would turn into love forever.

It takes really deep feelings to be able to make each other laugh.

Begin with an infatuation, rising to love, and be there forever. #forever

Infatuation is the bridge that connects love and happiness together.

The first thing we need for infatuation to actually happen is a loving heart.

Infatuation is like the sun in the morning: quite mellow but warm.

It is quite refreshing to be infatuated with someone.

The best part is that infatuation doesn’t require any commitment at all.

The moment I was infatuated with you, I knew it was long-term.

Whenever I’m infatuated, I wanted to be only with you.

I always crave to wake up next to you.

The only dream I have is always to do with you try.

I simply can’t describe how deep my feelings for you go. #valentine

You’re the only dream I have that I want to come true.

I’m always related when I get a text from you.

You are my reality, and that’s better than any dream.

I seem to have dreamed of you since my childhood.

You make me a more colorful person than I truly am.

Every time I’m infatuated, it is only by you.

Only your smile can open the lock to my heart.

My infatuation is mine. Whether it’s yours or not, I don’t know.

I just cannot describe the deep feeling I have for you. #

It seems like my infatuation will follow you wherever you go.

You are the one I am sure to be with, babe.

This infatuation is truly satisfying.

Suddenly I’ve begun writing songs all about you.

Ever since you came into my life, my luck simply changed.

Thank God I have a friend like you, and I’m infatuated by you.

My infatuation for you has crossed all limits. #infatuation

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