199+ Catchy Desire Captions For All Social Media

Desire is something that defines the root feeling of love, and during Valentine’s Week, one is always in the best of spirits. Here are some captions that scream desire and will amp up your social media posts. 

Desire Captions for Instagram

We create a lot more desires than needs. #needs

Although we can’t change our desire, our desire changes finally.

Always suppress your first desire rather than continue satisfying the next ones.

You can restrain only those desires that are not strong enough.

Entertain that desire which everyone else will want to follow.

The essence of any man lies within his desire alone. #essence

Remember that will is actually a product of your deep desire.

We love the desire more than the desired.

You can only obtain with desire, not achieve.

Every man desires that which he doesn’t have.

Why we don’t desire what we already have is a mystery.

Desire is but a fiery sadness that you should fan.

Only when you let go can you make your desire a reality.

Don’t encourage your desires lest they grow bigger than you.

Love is definitely a lot more than crass, carnal desire. #love

Design is something that will help you escape from your loneliness.

The wildest desire can develop into the deepest hunger to achieve.

Desire is what goads us into striving and loving.

Desire only till the point that you’re not greedy.

Entertain only those desires that can be realizable.

Do not let your desire become your obsession.

I am a desire that cannot be satisfied.

Desire to spread happiness. That is a desire that is deep.

It is the desire to learn that should be appreciated and promoted. #appreciated

Whether you desire his right or wrong will depend on whether you love or lust.

Curb the desire that may make you selfish.

Only desired that which is writers and university commendable.

Desire is good so long as it is selfless.

To desire is unlike to wish.

Desire is something that will keep you focused and can also give you direction.

The cause for human action depends much on what he desires.

Repel every desire that may cause insult or hurt.

Desire is at the root of every human behavior. #behavior

The less you desire, the nobler you become.

Motivation springs from a deep desire.

The success you desire can be achieved by your desire to strive to achieve it.

The desire to achieve is totally different from the desire to beat.

The desire to be together forever is what love is all about.

Avarice is born out of unchecked desires.

If there is something you desire, we must first let go of your fears.

The more frugal your desires are, the more satisfying your life will become.

What matters is how much you desire the right thing, not how much you achieve it.

There are times when your desire would seem far better than having achieved it. #achieve

Strong desires will make you acquire superhuman abilities.

If your desire is strong enough, you may become the desire itself.

Make the desire to learn your only desire.

Sometimes desires can be the unwanted odor of our characters.

Make sure you understand what your desire can actually get you.

Wants and desires are absolutely different.

I look for meaning in the desire called life.

If your desire is unachievable, modify it.

As soon as one desire is satisfied, another will rise.

Unless your desire is a definite one, one does not aspire to achieve it. #aspire

Be careful of your desires lest it becomes yours for sure.

Make sure you’re loyal to your desire.

Whether your desire is passion or compassion, that is the primary concern.

Our hopes and desires will make us travel into the future.

Conquer your desires, and you’ll grow to be a better man.

The hardest achievement is the ability to conquer your own desires.

Desire will lose its value if there is no urgency.

Desire is OK so long as it is controlled.

Funny Desire Captions

Man tends to desire whatever has been denied to him. #love

If something is good, no desire can be too much.

Why should I satisfy other people’s desires at all?

Desires other reasons for us to remain alive.

Never allow your desire to cloud your reason.

Always leave the other to keep desiring more.

We usually desire things that we are not supposed to achieve.

The higher forms of desire are what awaken the man.

Don’t be caught in the net of desires.

It is our desire that pumps within us the will to achieve.

What you desire is exactly what you will be made into. #desire

It is your desire to succeed that’ll actually make you excel.

Things denied and forbidden to us are what we desire most.

The more you desire a certain result, the more certain you are to get it.

The spirit achieves only what it desires.

How much you desire something will decide how much you can achieve it.

What motivates humans is their burning desire for something.

Desire is the route to the blossoming of reality.

The primary flow of your behavior is due to your desire.

Every achievement actually begins with a desire. #valentine

Satisfying desires doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be satisfied too.

How big your success is will depend on how big your desire is.

Your desire should be to make your dream a reality.

Never fear failure if you desire success at all.

The greater desires will never ruin you.

After you fulfill a desire, you really don’t want it anymore.

It is good that you do not trust your desire entirely.

The devil comes only in everything that you have desired.

First of all, decide what you desire most. #decide

All have desires. Only those with the will achieve them.

Success is getting what you desire. Happiness is desiring what you get.

To keep life going, you must have a desire, however small. #desire

Many of us desire to see the exception rather than the desire to be the exception.

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