115+ Catchy Kiss Captions For All Social Media

A kiss is a beautiful way of expressing love and has been one of the most common ways of getting intimate with your loved one across several cultures throughout the world. These kiss captions will aid in increasing your Valentine’s day posts on social media and give them the love that they deserve. 

Kiss Captions for Instagram

Hugging means there is no hate. Kissing means there is only love.

I float in the clouds when you kiss me.

I knew you were the one the moment you kissed me.

When our lips touch, the warmth of our hearts flows into each other.

There are times when I want you to kiss me day and night.

There is simply nothing sweeter than kissing you.

I love to see you enjoy each and every kiss of mine. #enjoy

My thirst to kiss you can never be quenched.

Every kiss must be accompanied by a hug.

I can’t afford to miss a single smile, or a single kiss, of yours.

A kiss can truly show how much you love your love.

I never kiss your lips. I only shared my secret with them.

Just one kiss from you changed my whole world.

Men may forget the last one, but women remember even the first.

Although Italians kiss the best, it’s still known as a French kiss.

Your kisses are far sweeter than your words.

Love is complete only when our lips meet. #lips

A kiss is truly good only when it comes to feelings.

Your kisses feel so nice that I can keep on kissing you my whole life.

Each time I kiss you, my love for you gets rekindled.

A loving kiss can be the best reward ever.

Your kisses actually light up my whole world.

Once you love those kisses, you just can never let go.

Your kiss makes our souls touch each other.

A man loses it after four drinks. A woman loses it after a good kiss.

Love without kisses it’s like a flower without petals.

A connection grew ever since our lips met. #valentine

I become absolutely oblivious to everything else when you kiss me.

Kisses are actually words that could not be expressed through words alone.

My lips were so lonely till they met yours.

Kissing is a great way to express your love for someone.

Smiling is really good, but kissing is the best.

Once your lips meet, there’s no stopping you anymore.

What matters most is how much you feel when you kiss.

I feel heaven every time that I kiss you.

Your kiss simply mesmerizes me. #love

Kissing is an addiction I don’t propose to quit.

Every time I kiss you, the part of my heart goes to you.

I don’t care about the germs. I just want to live in your kisses.

I only wish our whole lives could be like this, with our lips joined together forever.

The only way to express your love is by a kiss.

Kissing is the only way you can make your girl shut up.

A kiss can actually charge up both of you.

Butterflies in the last kiss mean you still love her.

When he stole that kiss, you stole my heart too.

I realized a kiss is not just a kiss after I kissed you. #kiss

A kiss is the plainest way to express your love for someone.

That wasn’t a kiss. I was only whispering into her mouth.

A kiss is equal to a million words of love.

I was reborn the time that you kissed me.

There are just too many benefits of kissing.

A kiss stolen is far better than a legal one.

Once you kiss those lips will keep yearning to kiss them forever.

When you kiss me, you take my breath away.

If kissing were a crime, I would commit it with you every moment.

The sound of a kiss echoes through your soul. #soul

Your kiss is like whipped cream, tasty and sweet.

If you wish to break the silence, just go in and kiss her.

Random kisses are far better than the planned ones.

Funny Kiss Captions

Stop wanting to kiss you ever since our first kiss.

The first kiss itself explained everything.

Kissing your beautiful lips is my primary duty.

The first time we close our eyes, we missed our target.

Kissing you makes me smile the most.

Your kiss is eternal bliss. #valentine

I always yearn for you to kiss me, my darling.

Happiness and kissing need to be shared if you wish to enjoy them.

If you suddenly think about me, it means my kisses have finally reached you.

Each time we kiss, I just wish for one more kiss.

No one can kiss just once.

You need to share the best things in life. A kiss is one of those things.

Leave your mouth open. I would definitely be kissing you all the time.

Feel your soul warm up with every kiss.

My lips would be on yours forever if I had to express how much I love you.

Kissing actually helps in burning your calories. #love

I’ve had the opportunity to help people learn how to kiss will stop

Ever since the first kiss I’ve never been the same again.

I was only telling your lips a secret.

The softest way to show your affection is through a kiss.

I just simply love to kiss you.

I simply seem to Make Love to you in every case.

The first time you kissed me was actually a dream come true.

I go weak in the knees each time that you kiss me.

Your soul speaks through your eyes and kisses my soul too.

I cherish the way you kiss me. #kiss

However long you kiss me, it always feels too little.

If kissing is a language, then I have unlimited things to tell you.

Kissing is the flood gate that lets love gush out.

It’s not just two pairs of lips touching. It makes two hearts, and two souls touch too.

God made kisses to replace words at times.

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