193+ Catchy Forget Me Not Captions For All Social Media

It is very difficult when you think of someone leaving you, especially if that person is extremely close and you cannot think of living without them by your side. This Valentine’s day, we will make it certain that the love of your life never forgets you!

Forget Me Not Captions for Instagram

It is only when we have a long-distance relationship that we realize how strong love is.

I’d rather remember in regret than forget and be hurt again.

I cannot forget you as for getting it’s too painful.

Waiting is too painful, especially when I don’t want you to forget me.

Even thousands of miles cannot ever meet me forget you.

You are someone too valuable to forget. #valentine

It is quite exasperating for me to think that I’ll ever forget you.

These little blue forget-me-nots are symbolic of our relationship.

Never forget the love a person gives you.

I pray that I never forget you have given me your heart for safekeeping.

I can never forget the hand that held out to hold mine for a lifetime.

I would be the most ungrateful human being if I ever forgot you.

If the world is a stage, you should never forget the part that you are to play.

You made me capable of love. I pray you never forget me.

I’d rather carve my name on your heart than on a piece of marble.

You’d never let me love you. No wonder destiny never let you forget. #destiny

You are the one I love. How can you even think that I’ll forget you?

You’ll never worry once you know that you’ll never be forgotten.

Distance scares me to think that you will forget me.

I can never forget how much we meant to each other.

If you love someone, you can never forget them.

How to sight is not does not necessarily mean out of mind too.

Never forget the reason why it’ll work out.

I can’t forget indignation but not your love.

I’ll never forget you if you encourage me.

Not to forget shows how passionate and loving you are. #forgetmenot

Always remember that you’re only rich or poor in your heart and spirit.

The moment I forget you, I’ll definitely have forgotten myself too.

Your axe will never forget the tree that I have been to you.

Losses are meant to be forgotten, not gains.

Forget everything that may damage your soul. Never forget your soul.

If there’s something you don’t want, just forget it.

I can’t forget to check your messages on my phone.

Pictures of you make me forget this distance between us.

I have a face, not a mask that you can forget. #mask

I rather wait long enough to remember you than go on with my life.

For me forgetting you it’s like forgetting to breathe.

I can never forget the moment that you gave me your heart.

Just like I cannot forget you, I cannot ever forget the love we have either.

You are my only project, so I have forgotten all the other projects.

How could you forget how special you are to me?

I always remember the way you keep motivating me lovingly.

Of course, I’m not vengeful, but I never forget either.

You’ll never need an exceptional memory to remember your loved one.

You are the dream that I can never forget. #dream

I live in the present and look to the future, always remembering lessons from the past.

How can I forget you, the one whose love made me what I am?

When I’m with everything, I remember you. When with you, I forget everything.

The ones who understand you will never forget you.

The stronger your character is, the lesser is the chance of people forgetting you.

I can always forgive but can never forget.

To forget everything is to run away from reality.

There truly is something special about these forget-me-nots.

These little blue flowers I bound to make your life joyous.

If only we could forget time, we would only remember our love forever. #forgetnot

If it’s a date, forget it. Only remember to approach me if you are committed.

Being someone’s Valentine, it’s truly something to remember and cherish forever.

Funny Forget Me Not Captions

Never forget the strength of love in whatever situation you are in.

When you are in love, you forget your own personal safety.

Is there a moment where we can forget each other at all?

My forgetfulness is humorous, but I never forget you.

Let a lie be. It will soon be forgotten forever.

To be able to forget your own love shows that there was none.

Love is like a piece of music that you can never forget. #neverforget

Just like we don’t forget ourselves, we never forget the ones we love.

What you want shouldn’t be the reason to forget what you have.

What you forget must have only been an illusion.

I’ll never forget you, come what may.

I definitely love to forget, but I never forget to love.

If you change, never forget to tell others.

I can never carry a grudge nor forget all the good I have received.

I promise never to forget you.

I always forget the face, except yours.

I’m simply tired of forgetting. That’s why I keep remembering you. #remember

We look good together. So, forget everything else.

Never forget what hurt you, teaches you.

Can a man actually forget his dignity? Can you forget his love?

Oh, you’re so hard to forget!

You don’t have to remind me of my love. I remember it anyways.

Let’s remember our love, to forget our worries.

It’s only an actor with whom the scene never remains.

Treat loving yourself like a duty and never forget it.

There is hope for me yet since you haven’t forgotten me.

I never forget to love the one that I love the most. #love

While you live for today and wait for tomorrow, never forget yesterday.

However haunting the past may be, I never wish to forget it.

It’s the little things that matter. They make the big things, don’t forget that.

Always forgive and forget. Otherwise, it becomes tiresome, don’t forget.

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