198+ Catchy Elf Captions For All Social Media

Elves are mythical creatures that are extremely popular across western cultures during the occasion of Christmas. Here are some captions that will make your social media posts appear quirky and elvish! 

Elf Instagram Captions

Going through elf land was an experience I will remember forever.

This is a pic from when the elf got the wrong idea of floss dancing.

I feel like an elf on the inside.

Real snow is where my elf friends love to be during the day.

Elves are so cute but so mischievous and naughty as well.

I lost my focus and lost my elf forever. It still hurts badly.

Let your elf out so that he can celebrate Christmas too. #celebrate

This is my elf calling Santa for Christmas.

When you believe in yourself, all will be well for sure.

I knew that my little elfie would get tangled in the string of lights.

We need to get through this quarantine by not being naughty.

My elf blows bubbles bigger than anyone else at home.

Elves can also be vulnerable.

I confess! I have been naughty as an elf this whole year.

Quarantine them for your own and their safety.

These are my little friends. Please say hello.

Isn’t that like an elf in a box? #elf

Thank god that dog was there. Otherwise, god knows what those elves would have done.

I am putting this elf on the shelf.

I know Santa’s coming. That’s why I hid my elf friends.

Maintain a difference of 6 feet between each other, you mischievous little things.

Let us sing with our elves and let everyone hear the carols.

Why are you 2 standing so close to each other? 

I only pray that every day is like Christmas day.

My elves are so understanding. All of them went and quarantined themselves.

Do parents actually eat the Santa cookies too?

Care to check my elf-made quarantine zone? #zone

I am no elf. I am human. I was brought up by humans.

We have elf surveillance all around our compound.

If you love elves, we are bound to become good friends.

Maintain your self-control if you want to stay safe and well.

I just love my elf so much I cannot live without him.

I always hug my elves, even though they are naughty. Everyone needs a little love.

I always take my elf with me wherever I go.

I have still not found an angry elf, even after 70 years of searching.

I love it when people get fed up with winter. #winters

That was when my elf made us have all that lemonade.

Go on and treat yourself.

It is so much fun playing hide and seeks with my elves.

What high elf-esteem this little one has.

Surround your snowman with elves, and let everyone remain happy.

It is quarantined. Not mischief time, your elf.

Please don’t get your tootsies toasted, little elfie.

Believing in my elf to get through the pandemic.

That elf is zip-lining through the kitchen. #elf

Merry Christmas to all my house elves. Season’s greetings, little ones.

The elves said that they were here for Christmas.

Get your elf all the safety precautions you can.

It is time for my elves to go home.

That’s the box I made to quarantine my elves in.

It is always fun when you have elves around you.

Here we are taking selfies together.

This is so elfy. I can almost smell mischief in the air.

Why not quarantine? Why are you being so naughty? Are you an elf?

That’s a pic of my elf and me getting caught putting cookie crumbles in the cassette player.

Quarantine properly, and there will be a present for you this Christmas. #christmas

Wow! This year they put my elf’s picture on the Christmas card.

Stay safe, be well, and keep praying, you elves.

I just adore the way my elf snuggles up against me in the cold.

The CDC guidelines are meant for all house elves as well.

My elf and I are partners in mischief.

The elf said that we could meet only after 14 days.

Funny Elf Captions

Are elves really cotton-headed?

I never did understand why all elves have to keep smiling at all times, in all situations.

I love to see those little elves smile and dance. #love

Just wait till you hear my elf’s mesmerizing voice.

I always knew he was elf-made.

Let’s proceed with the games, elves!

Why are you being so selfish?

Peppermint hot chocolate for my elf friends, please.

I love people who are self-taught.

I always keep my elves indoors where it is nice and warm.

Care to take an elfie, please?

Kissing my elfie a merry Christmas.

Quarantine is compulsory even for elves. #quarantine

Have you ever seen an elf get tired?

If an elf wears a mask, why can we not?

What? Do you want to play at this time of the night?

Stop! This area is a quarantine zone for elves.

Thank god that my house elf is wishing us good night.

Let’s take a pic of that elf wearing a mask.

My elf wants a new outfit for Christmas this year.

All elves, please remain 2 meters away from each other.

Elves just make you feel warm and wanted. At least my elves do.

Elf-isolating each one so that they are safe. #safe

Will your elves make it to the nice list this year?

This is the quarantine zone I use for my elves.

I love the culture that elves have. It is rich in fun.

Why be sorry later when we can be better off by being safe?

Elves just love anything that has candy. Nothing else will do.

I guess the new elves need to be quarantined.

I always ask all elves their favorite color and food.

Don’t open the box of elves for a fortnight. #box

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