121+ Catchy Courtship Captions for All Social Media

Courtship is one of the most important and beautiful times that you spend with your partner in your love life. Those days just before the big day are extremely special, and if you want to post about your love on social media this Valentine’s Day, here are some captions that will help them feel the love that they deserve.

Courtship Captions for Instagram

The heart wants what it needs and wants. #heart

I do realize how rare your love is.

It’s great that the two of us have been with each other for so long.

Always be with the one who understands you best.

A relationship is never sunshine. There will be cloudy days as well.

Share the umbrella together and get through the storm unscathed.

I just want to hold your hand, hold them tight. #hold

Thanks for letting me walk by your side and laugh at your jokes.

I love snuggling on the couch while looking into your eyes.

Talking about the future and planning our every move together.

I love kissing your lips every day of my life.

It is your heart that is mesmerizing.

You’re simply too much. You love and give just too much.

You mean everything to me. You are my world. You are my love.

You are my life. You are my soul. You mean the whole universe to me.

It doesn’t matter how far away we are, especially when we are in love.

Having you by my side every day seems so fresh and nice. #nice

My breathing becomes erratic whenever you look at me.

I always take a deep breath when I hold your hand.

You are a fresh breath of life to my life.

What defines you is your big heart and loving soul.

You’re so patient with me, but I can never let go of you.

Even when you have everything, you care so much for others.

You have made me see the potential within me. I love you for it.

You have always been motivating me to become a far better person.

I can do the impossible if you are by my side.

I simply just can’t stop loving you. #valentine

Breathing and loving you are the two things that allow me to live.

Intimacy with you means that we can call each other up whenever we wish.

I don’t know how you do it when you find me within a crowd.

Even in my wildest distractions, I have you in my mind at all times.

I go weak in the knees when you look at me and talk to me.

I somehow seemed to melt away whenever you were around.

It’s because I love you that I can never leave you.

There are millions of reasons to leave you, but one that’s worth holding on to is you.

However bad be the day, with you I’ll always remain happy. #happy

I want to be the one to make your worse days the best.

My life has turned around since the time I met you.

My heart and mind are no more mine. They belong to you.

Every single day I keep falling in love with you.

I really don’t know what to do with you except love you.

You have been the one who is healed my heart.

I want mine to be the only hands you ever need to hold on to.

I know you aren’t strong. But I still feel weak in front of you.

I accept life the way it is, especially because you are in it. #valentine

You give me feet to believe that everything good is coming our way.

I just love being with you. That will simply never change.

I seem to miss you in a heartbeat. How can I let you go?

Let’s make every day a fresh beginning and fall for each other afresh.

No matter how I feel, it is my act of love for you that matters most.

I find it really hard to sleep if I see you in any kind of pain at all.

You are the one who has changed my life, my being, my everything.

Funny Courtship Captions

I only pray and wish that I fall for you each and every single day. #love

I’ll always love being with you, and I’ll always miss you when you are not here.

Everything I wanted love to be, I found in you.

Sometimes the one who’s there for everyone else does need someone to be there.

I’d love to spoil you with my time, my attention, and my love for you.

You are the one that loves to wake up to, not just sleep with.

You’re the one who loves me exactly the way I want.

Yours is one smell I’ll identify anywhere anytime.

Let’s look at what is keeping us together.

I lose myself in you, for I love you too much.

Only look back to see how far you’ve come together. #courtship

You truly are a woman worth it. I adore you.

I’d rather create the opportunity to love you than not try it all.

You never feel to notice what I have to offer you.

Thank God for the bad things that happened. I got you only then.

I have deep feelings for you, feelings I cannot really explain.

Babe, let’s live life to the fullest before it ends suddenly.

There is always a reason for everything that you do.

Thank God that I have you there, just like that.

You really care for me and do support me. #courtship

The way we accept each other and our flaws proves that we love each other.

It truly is great to find happiness together.

I love the way you see my imperfections perfectly.

I love to trust love, especially when it is you.

You are the one who makes me stronger than ever.

You’re not my option. You are the only one.

You are amazing and mesmerize me.

You are my only priority.

Always evaluate a relationship rather than the person.

Even your flaws will be perfect for the one who loves you. #love

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