195+ Catchy Church Captions For All Social Media

Christmas masses are common all over the world, and churches are packed with Christmas masses, and the feeling is out of the world as the soul of holiness embraces everyone. These captions will make your church posts on social media look holier this Christmas. 

Church Instagram Captions

Trying to be the message is what makes any person a Christian. #christian

Being committed to the church doesn’t mean that you are committed to Christ.

Christianity is not all about church membership.

If fishing were a religion, then fly fishing would have been the high church.

May the site of worship be the tree and its visitors by the leaves upon its branches.

God loves you even if you don’t attend church, but you miss those who love him back.

The church is where followers of Jesus meet to give and receive support.

Unreserved blessings come only to the one who has unreserved faith. #faith

Let Christians not be limited to the church.

Embrace the concept of God. That itself means you have submitted to him.

Sinning alone is easy. Worshiping alone is difficult.

Let your imaginations fly from the church to beyond the stars.

Make the church a school for the imperfect.

Intolerance is not something that the church teaches.

A perfect church may become imperfect the moment we join it.

Make the church a place of mercy in so much indifference.

Fix our worship places, and our nation will be fixed.

No sacrifice is too great for me to make in the name of God. #sacrifice

What the world loves may be what God abhors.

While 1 reads the bible, 99 will read the Christian.

Let the church, like Jesus, not exist for itself.

What may break God’s heart will break mine too.

Make prayer your steering wheel, not your tire.

Prayer is the mighty missionary work that needs to be instilled in all.

Conviction, repentance, and love are what make a church truly popular.

Welcome the atheist, too, for at least he does believe not believe in God.

The pastor succeeds when you leave the church filled with Christ.

Intercessory prayer makes you fully involved as a believer. #prayer

Why preach the miracles when we should preach the gospels?

World evangelism is possible only through prayer.

Sometimes the church holds things in relation to clerical celibacy.

Help people, meet their needs, and do ministry.

Send the gospel to the world and be the obedient one.

The degree of our relationship with God shows in our problems sometimes.

When God’s work is done in his way, God’s supply does not lack.

So many leaders of the church. So many still need to be awakened.

Let’s go outside the church wall to the common people. #commonfolk

Ask God to align you to the center of his will.

If you are committed to Christ, you are committed to the church.

Delay never means denial. It may take time, have patience.

Be more than just a Christian. Be a human being.

When love takes the form of aspiration, we know it as faith.

If we are weak in prayer, we are weak everywhere.

Many attend church, but only a few understand it.

Ministry to the true servant means opportunity, not an obligation.

A pastor doesn’t make us show up. He makes us grow up.

To be transported into a place of bliss is what church services are meant to do. #church

Our two hands are meant to receive blessings and share them onward.

When you are unaware of the service, it means that it has been conducted perfectly.

Churches serve in many ways that we don’t even know.

Let the attention be on God. Not on anything else.

The best place for any congregation is the church.

God = Love. Christ = Joy. Holy Ghost = Peace.

The scriptures of the Jewish bible are stored in the Old Testament.

Buildings shouldn’t be monuments but means of ministry.

Jesus’s message is, is written in the New Testament.

Hadn’t Jesus Christ preached against the church? #church

Worshipping God is true comfort. It gives direction.

A silent church is so much more peaceful and comforting.

Why let people build the ministry?

Church Captions

What we know as the New Testament is truly about Jesus.

As long as there isn’t any preaching, I love the church.

The early church helped collect the gospels and other writings.

Even I believe there is a God. It’s just that I cannot explain it.

Come, let us celebrate God with our whole being.

Only God’s holiness can put everything in the right place. #holiness

At the heart of worship is the appeasement of the Almighty.

How can we exaggerate God?

Close not the door, even if the entrant is not a Christian.

Let us use our ministry to build people.

The angels are always closer to you than you actually think.

Rather than our service, God wants our fellowship.

My upbringing in the church has been a boon for me.

Faith isn’t a science or an art. It is but a belief from deep within us.

Treat everyone the same, for all are the children of God.

The Lord never asked us to be obsessed with what he said. Just believe. #believe

Whether or not one is a Christian, he is a child of God.

What’s more important? The Lord? Or the service in his name?

Even when the church may block the light, religion stands unbent.

The highest form of worship is in unselfish service.

Whether in church or not, he who is good is good.

Allow your soul to take time to rest in God’s lap.

There are so many that go away from the church in search of God.

True wonder is the only thing that can save our beliefs.

The church is a moral power, not a political one.

It isn’t a lack of wonders that is making values perish. #wonders

Come, rise, believers. Look up. Take courage.

We need to accept that the human spirit grows strong through conflict.

I believe there are many in the church who aren’t true believers.

Difficulties shouldn’t discourage. They should actually rouse. #rouse

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