180+ Catchy Angel Captions For All Social Media

Angels are a symbol of purity and positivity. They give hope to everyone in the season of Christmas and spread positivity. Here are some captions that will make your social media posts for Christmas feel angelic!

Angel Captions for Instagram

Children are angels that need to be always loved. #children

An angel is there watching over you. Do the same for someone else.

Being an angel is one thing. Being a magical angel is another.

Sharing kindness only increases it within you.

I am no angel. I only do what I can to help others be happy. 

If you are an angel, you know how to fly.

If you don’t believe in angels, we cannot become good friends.

The most amazing thing to build is a world full of love and kindness.

Leave a wonderful legacy of all things good behind you. That is the most angel-like thing to do.

Just be an angel to someone today. #angel

When you do well, irrespective of the consequence, you are playing the part of an angel.

Put a smile on everyone’s lips.

You are a blessing, so share it among all and become the angel they all need.

Angels only show us the way to spread happiness and joy.

To be regarded as an angel by others means that you are privileged.

Be the answer to someone’s prayers. Be the angel they crave for.

Everyone needs an angel sometimes. So pass yours to the one who needs an angel.

You are a gift from God. Just be there for others when they need you.

The ultimate gift is when you can become a guardian angel to someone.

Spread kindness by passing it on. It will spread like wildfire. #kindness

Be an angel to everyone around you. You will be happy to see the others happy.

Care and compassion, love and understanding – these are all qualities of an angel.

How can one be an angel if we don’t let them be one?

Do good to others and ask nothing in return. You will be an angel to them.

You can be an angel to someone when you give them a helping hand.

Be there for someone today. Who knows, maybe you are the angel they are looking for now.

Just being an angel to someone today will make a difference in their life.

My love and gratefulness to all my friends and family for being angels in my life.

Just be there for everyone, and you will find everyone being there for you. #bethere

When you come across someone who is like an angel, always give your thanks.

When people feel lost without you around, it means they regard you as their angel.

The best place from which you support your loved ones is your heart. Be the angel.

Everyone needs an angel. Sometimes those angels are within yourself.

You do something special every day. Only some days do we notice. You are the angel in our lives.

If angels are pure, perfect, and lovely, then you are an angel, surely.

An angel in need is truly an angel indeed. Friends can also be like angels at times.

Believe. And you will find there is always someone to catch your fall.

Just being kind and generous will also make you so much more like an angel.

It isn’t easy to be there for someone, but it is rewarding for them and us. #rewarding

There are so many angels out there – those who strive to bring happiness to this world.

I only did what I could for you all. I am no angel.

You make everyone around you so happy that we all regard you as our angel.

When there’s someone who is there for you always, you know you have an angel by your side.

Invest in the health of humanity through a random act of kindness.

I only wish I could be your guardian angel. Nothing would make me happier.

Smiling at strangers, wishing everyone – we all can become angels, don’t you think?

This holiday season is an angel and spread love and joy all around.

Being kind and generous to everyone will make them see the angel in you.

Just pay forward any good deed. That’s how angels share good deeds. #payforward

You were sent from high up there to watch over me. I always knew you were my angel.

Funny Angel Captions

I believe in angels from heaven. You must have been here for a long, long time.

Live a life of loving, sharing, and caring – just as all angels do.

I always believed that you are an angel in disguise. Now I can see that I wasn’t wrong.

You are a reminder that we are loved.

There is always someone who needs your love and kindness to be their angel.

When the going gets tough, just look for an angel.

Spread as much kindness as you can; who knows how many will catch the spark and follow suit.

You are a gift to us all. You are an angel that God sent us. #gift

A heart that is not afraid of flying is what makes angels have wings.

Make everyone so joyous that they feel like they are floating in the clouds.

You are truly so unique; you seem like an angel.

Make everyone’s day brighter. That is what an angel does, anyway.

If angels are made in heaven, then you are an angel in my eyes.

We live but once. Do it right and be an angel. Once is enough.

Come, let us be the spark in the life of others. Let us become angels.

One of the most beautiful things in the world is to become an angel.

Be an angel so that others may make merry.

My only ambition is to become an angel and make others happy. #ambition

It is the season when we need to play angels to others.

Just do something nice each day, and you will become an angel one day.

If you are regarded as an angel, you ought to feel privileged.

You are like my guardian angel. Everything is always so much better when you are around.

Do you know how much the world needs you? You are their angel.

You are an angel. Didn’t you know that?

Being a people’s angel isn’t something anyone should take for granted. #angel

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