204+ Catchy Holiness captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Being holy implies respecting the rules provided to you by God. You need to handle these rules correctly and carefully. This provides the Christian with the power to dominate and exercise unrestricted rights as God’s children. The way to follow holiness is to be humble and remain stress-free. Here is an amazing list of holiness captions for you.

Holiness captions for Instagram

Holiness is simply what the Almighty wants us to be. #almighty

Everything moving away from God is ugly. #ugly

Being holy provides me with enormous peace of mind. #peaceofmind

We start to hate sin once we grow in holiness. #hatesin

Lack of prayer depicts that we are independent of God. #independent

Do not act holy around any guilt-ridden person if you want to help him. #actholy

You do not require my goodness, and therefore, you are my Lord. #goodness

Holiness comprises accepting what has been sent to us by Jesus with a smile. #smile

Holiness starting and ending in books isn’t holiness. #books

A genuine miracle happens to be an act of kindness. #kindness

I became more resentful when God appeared to be more righteous. #resentful

Holiness is made by sacrifice and not by churches. #sacrifice

Make it a point to cultivate the holiness of God in our lives. #cultivateholiness

It will be a good idea to share the holiness of God. #share

The curse of God is better than the blessing of Satan. #blessing

Holiness doesn’t comprise performing extraordinary things. #extraordinary

Everything moving towards God is beautiful. #beautiful

It is important whether you are becoming holy every day. #becomingholy

Holiness results in happiness. #happiness

Make sure to reveal God’s holiness to the world. #holinessworld

Anybody human is holy. #human

The holiness of faith happens to be the best form of honor. #faith

God’s Spirit resides in a holy body. #spirit

You cannot become happy in heaven without any desire for holiness. #desire

We are becoming kinder by growing holier. #kinder

Being restless, energy work helps to make every day extraordinary. #extraordinary

Our prayer to God is genuine holiness. #prayer

All wrongdoing happens to be a sin. #wrongdoing

I love God since He is gracious to others. #gracious 

Every road leads to people. #everyroad

You can become holy by becoming one with others. #holy

Try to make holiness your creed. #creed

A basket full of ripe fruits is holier as compared to a prayer book. #prayerbook

A person deludes himself by thinking that he is the holiest. #holiest

Although you cannot please me, you must try to please God. #pleasegod

You cannot become holy by seclusion but by kindness. #kindness

Holiness equals joy in the kingdom of God. #kingdomgod

We move by self-interest even when we try to be good to others. #self-interest

Christmas is not about decoration but about compassion. #compassion

Do not be loyal to anybody apart from God. #loyal

Fearing God happens to be the only wisdom. #wisdom

Celebrate the holiness of Christmas with hope and faith. #faith

You cannot experience happiness without holiness. #happiness

One can become holy by serving the poor. #servingpoor

Genuine holiness will be to have sympathy for others. #sympathy

One must believe in God to walk on the road of holiness. #believeingod

Humanity is goodness, and goodness is divinity. #divinity

The wise will give priority to holiness. #priority

There is no need for a message to come from God for being holy. #message

The holy fire is holiness. #holyfire

The Lord is our holiness. #lord

The Holy Bible teaches us about holiness. #holiness

The Gospel’s holiness is the ability to enter the heart. #gospel

The children of Spirit ooze holiness in their activities. #children

Humanity happens to be the greatest form of love. #humanity

Divinity implies an everyday feeling of kindness. #divinity

A holy temple is only a pile of rocks. #rocks

Holiness is one condition required for constant prosperity and success. #prosperity

Humanism and holiness are two sides of an identical coin. #identicalcoin

Happiness exists in the holiness of faith. #holinessfaith

Cleanliness starts with the affinity for godliness. #affinity

You can become holy by being faithful. #faithful

Abolition of differentiation happens to be the ultimate sanctity. #differentiation

Honor is God’s presence in man. #presenceman

Be honest to those who resent you. #resent

Funny Holiness Captions

A place becomes holy by the kindness of people. #kindness

The righteous acts of God made him holy. #righteous

Love can be considered to be holiness. #love

Anybody loving God should pray for purity. #purity

Holiness provides me with the ultimate happiness in life. #happiness

One cannot achieve holiness by obeying without contemplation. #contemplation

Holiness will provide you with hope. #hope

None is committed; forgive and move ahead. #committed

Seek righteousness and do not accept sin. #righteousness

The Lord is our redemption. #redemption

A regular sidewalk will also become holy if touched by an unselfish soul. #unselfish

Life is an instrument of affection. #instrument

No heaven without holiness. #heaven

Love does not require any lobby or ideology. #lobby

Holiness comprises accepting God’s will and following it. #accept

Genuine happiness persists in holiness. #happiness

We are taught by the holy book regarding what is holy. #holybook

Holiness will help you to win the holy war. #war

Helping any human is equal to 1000 pilgrimages. #pilgrimage

You’ll be really happy by pursuing holiness. #reallyhappy

The holy book will teach you the way to become holy. #holybook

Anybody will find happiness in case he follows holiness. #happiness

It is God who has made you holy. #godholy

Charges, unlike human hearts, do not hold divinity. #divinity

There isn’t any space or time; there is only love. #onlylove

God can look into the heart of any person. #ability

Being invaluable, energy work helps to convert the ordinary to the holy. #ordinary

I do not have any nationality apart from humanity. #humanity

Spirituality, justice, and kindness are all one. #kindness

Pilgrimage cannot be holier than compassion. #compassion

Holiness requires a healthy spiritual life. #spirituallife

A lovable person will be respected everywhere. #lovable

No spiritual game exists without pain. #spiritual

The best way to meditate will be to start working for society. #meditate

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