179+ Catchy Affection Captions for All Social Media

Affection is one of the best traits that almost every human being has the ability to develop. When we feel affected and loved by the person who means the world to us, the feeling is almost divine. Fill up your social media with the love that you have in your heart with the help of these captions that we have curated just for you.

Affection Captions for Instagram

When you’re affectionate about someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to change. #affectionate

I’ve just never regretted what we’ve had.

I just can’t afford to lose you. Otherwise, I might lose everything.

You bring me the peace that I’ve never had. You bring this smile to my lips.

Thank God that everything turned out the way they have.

Your being in my life has actually made me a far better person than I actually was.

Your reflection will always make you break your rules.

It is real, but you cannot describe how you feel.

You make me smile in the most special way.

You really don’t need to do anything to make me smile or feel nice. Just be there.

I just can’t explain the ways in which I’m attracted to you. #attracted

It’s only after we fell apart that we realize the affections were born to each other.

It’s only after I met you that I realized that I could keep falling in love over and over again.

Whatever I do, I just seem to be missing you more than ever.

I just stop thinking about you no matter how much I try.

Count me in to be with you till forever ends.

Like they say, affection is always greater than perfection.

When you forgive a person repeatedly, you sure feel a lot for that person.

Can you guess whom I’m in love with? Read the second word.

Our affection for each other will surely make us go through all ups and downs.

Sometimes two hearts come together and finally join together to become one. #hearts

My life was in absolute chaos till you came in.

Thank God that I found you. Now I know I love you more than everything else.

I guess we need to stick together and make a new indestructible foundation for us.

A good relationship takes a lot of time to be built by two people.

I believe I love you till the day I die.

I pretend a lot, but never when I say I love you.

When a relationship begins unexpectedly, it usually turns out to be the best.

A great relationship is all about continuously building only love.

I will love you even after I die. #love

You are my one crush, and I just can’t let that go.

It is the love infection that actually makes us cling to each other.

The best thing that happened in my life was the moment that I met you.

Whether it’s simple or complex, I just want you.

Even my worst moments vanish whenever I see you.

Love and affection happened just like that. They are never premeditated.

Of all the millions and millions of people I have seen, there is but one I have special feelings for.

They say makes you vulnerable. You’ve always proved them wrong.

It’s your love that gives me strength and direction. #strength

Ever since I’ve loved you, I seem to have garnered a lot of courage.

I find heaven wherever you are.

Something inside me can hear you. Something inside me gets lost when I look into your eyes.

That soft touch, that soft whisper, that soft heartbeat, that soft smile, are all just you.

I just don’t know why, when, how, or where. I only know that they love you.

Just trust your heart a little and bring the one who will show you all affection.

I never had to strive to make my dream a reality. She just walked into my life one day.

It’s because I’m in love with you that has made me so bold and affectionate.

I don’t care how it happened. All I care about is that I love you. That’s all.

Funny Affection Captions

I just need you to know that even when I’m angry, I still love you. #love

To be in the arms of someone you love is always the best place to be in.

Come what may, if someone loves you, they’ll just not let you go.

Anytime is the perfect time to be with you.

Cuddling with you, it’s always like paradise.

You are the one who makes us look so cute.

Ever since I’ve seen you, I just can’t stop wanting you.

The only thing I did correctly in life was to have given you my heart.

My love was never wrong; the timing was a bit off.

My favorite place is wherever you hug me tight.

I’ve never fitted anywhere except only with you. #valentine

You’re perfect for me. However, you are.

Everything you do seems amazing to me.

I just want my day to begin with you, be all about you, and end with you.

This is a special feeling I get whenever you’re around me.

You are the safest adventure I’ve ever indulged in.

I don’t care whether you love me or not. What’s important is that I love you.

Let’s face it, love, we are stuck with each other. That’s what we wanted anyway.

I am confused when you don’t want me, and yet you want me.

I lost myself as soon as I found you.

If what I feel for you is just affection, what is love? #affection

I’ve already given you all I have. Now I have only you, but I can’t let you have that.

I don’t care how much you fight a quarrel with me. I just cannot bring myself to hate you.

Make it as complicated as possible. My goal is simple. I just want you.

I only wish she could see, and I understand how amazing you make me feel.

It is practically impossible for me to unlove you. #unlove

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