221+ Catchy Spinach Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when we celebrate gratitude. And, thanking your loved ones over a special dish of spinach will be even more fun. So, here are a few spinach captions for you to make your Thanksgiving special.

Spinach Captions for Instagram

Thank your parents and God for that spinach you had today.

Give them some spinach to gossip about.

My spinach tastes better than yours.

Hey there, Miss Spinach.

Be Popeye. Eat Spinach every day.

Gourd Times. Good Spinach.

Spinach evening much!

Be the spinach to my hungry Popeye.

Keep your focus on the spinach.

My spinach family is the best.

Roll the gourd times and the tasty spinach.

So much spinach in the world yet you are my favorite. #begrateful

A million shades of spinach.

Make my spinach as spicy as you are.

I think it is love at first bite.

Love at first bite over love at first sight when I have this spinach.

You are my special brand of Spinach.

You taste so much like spinach.

Be thankful for every moment that God created spinach.

All the spinach in the world but you are my favorite.

Spinach can make your bad days good and your good days better.

Every spinach is nice when with a bit of spice.

Be thankful and pass the fresh spinach.

Authentic happiness is made at home with spinach. #thanksgiving

When you make such good spinach, you make life better for everyone.

Some spinach. Some wine. Every other thing will be fine.

Beast mode off. Feast mode on.

Count the blessings and the quantity of spinach.

Gobble till you wobble the spinach.

Stay fit. Exercise. Eat spinach. Sleep. Repeat.

Eat all the spinach on your plate and be thankful.

People who do not eat the entire spinach are not allowed here.

Do not put the spinach in the corner.

You butter say that the spinach is awesome. #thanksgivingfestivities

Keep calm and thank me for the spinach.

Let’s get ourselves spinach-ed.

It’s the spinach and you that I am thankful for today.

Your eyes should feast on this spinach forever.

Yam spinach and yam you.

I am totally stuffed with the spinach.

Love them who provide you with good spinach.

Today’s feast includes the best spinach in the town

It is spinach time, homies.

Thanksgiving is spinach day. #itisthanksgiving

Let’s get ourselves drowned in spinach, friends.

Give me more spinach and wine. Let us make things divine.

You know that I am all about spinach.

All the tasty food in the world, but I fell for your spinach.

Thanksgiving should also include spinach-giving.

May your plate and glass always be full of the best spinach in the world.

Have spinach every day and lead a happy life.

I spinach while they whine. #thankyou

I am just a call away if you cook good spinach.

Call me whenever you want to thank me.

Picturize every moment of the spinach-eating session.

Stop, drop and pass the spinach, please.

You butter be grateful for the tasty spinach.

A chicken, some spinach, some good wine and you is all I need.

The spinach puns you make are a-peeling.

Just wake me up when you make the spinach.

Good spinach turns your foes into friends.

Your heart is as full as my plate with spinach.

I need all the spinach to be happy.

A good amount of spinach a day keeps the depression away.

You and I are like spinach and Popeye.

Much ado about the spinach.

Spinach tastes even better when in the company of good people.

Funny Spinach Captions

I consider myself lucky to have taken birth in a world that has spinach.

Your love feels like the best spinach I’ve ever had.

I and spinach are a match made in heaven.

Sometimes spinach feels better than humans.

More spinach this way, please.

No counting the calories while eating spinach.

Add spinach to your diet chart as soon as possible.

Spinach is both healthy and tasty.

You are the human version of spinach.

When I eat spinach, I am the happiest.

Your hand-cooked spinach makes me feel special.

I could die for this spinach.

If you share my spinach with you, then I love you.

If I give you my spinach recipe, consider yourself lucky.

Only here for the delicious spinach.

Would you be the spinach to my Popeye?

It is the spinach that gives me all this power.

Thanksgiving cannot ever be celebrated without spinach.

You cannot leave the table until you finish all the spinach.

All the spinach in the world, but the one you make for me is my favorite.

All baked in spinach.

Spinach evening much.

I have never eaten spinach in my life that I did not like.

I could buy you an entire farm of spinach.

Let’s be farmers and farm spinach together.

The answer to most of my problems is spinach.

You do not need any pill; you just need another spinach.

Spinach is a natural health booster.

Have one bite of the spinach at a time. That is the rule.

Go slow on the spinach.

Learn to value your spinach.

Respect the spinach that you had today.

I do not like people who do not like spinach.

The least you could do is appreciate her efforts in making the spinach.

Because of spinach, the world is such a good place to live in.

I would like to be wooed with spinach.

Can I have a bit of your spinach?

Your hand-cooked spinach is the balm to my aching heart.

I can spend my entire life eating spinach.

I wish I could communicate with spinach.

Your spinach relieves me of the pain.

I will not share my spinach unless it is you.

Do not come in between me and my spinach.

I can even eat rotten spinach.

No matter how you make spinach, I will eat it.

Spinach is the last food that I would like to have before I die.

Spinach is all I need to live and breathe. #gratitude

You will get the best spinach in town here.

Eat spinach every day and lead a happy life.

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