130+ Food Lover Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

You are an avid gourmet and love sharing your gastronomical adventures on social media. Captions for such posts and pics are an integral part of your posts becoming popular across your network.

This list of captions has been carefully crafted to make your posts a delectable surprise to your audience across all social media and get you those likes and followers you have been seeking so hard.

Food Lover Captions for Instagram

In persistent good mood with good food. #foodlover

Our famous delicacies for the discerning connoisseur of food. #ilovefood

Make food your medicine; do not make medicine your food. #foodislife

You all eat to live. I live to eat. #goodfoodgoodmood

Keep my plate filled and you would have kept me happy. #feelgood

The memories count, not the calories. #happycalories

Hunger makes everything taste good. #connoisseur

Food is such a good idea. #welivetoeat

For that heavenly taste. #livetoeat

For me, food is a festival of delights. #delicacies

A gourmet’s delight assured. #loveit

A treat to gift yourself. #sogood

Made fresh for you to enjoy. #yumm

Love for our food shows in the number of times you visit us. #happycalories

Only for the strong in taste. #foodlover

Spoiling you for your choice. #ilovefood

The glory of our concoctions lies in your appreciation for them.

A plateful of bliss. #foodislife

Just cannot get enough of whatever you cook up.

This is always my favorite joint.

Every detail is taken care of. #ilovefood

Hunger games that you will enjoy. #feelgood

A place for that secret space. #foodislife

A good place for that great feast.

An affair for every food lover. #foodlover

An addiction like this is worth it. #foodislife

The place to be for every savory.

We love fulfilling your cravings. #ilovefood

Food is a kind of philosophy to life. #feelgood

Good to taste. Great to eat. #happycalories

A satisfied tongue will always talk sweet.

God made food for a reason. Just eat it. #foodlover

Good flavors combined are like music to the tongue.

A happy person is one who loves eating.

Food is the better choice. #foodislife

Love the olfactory hues and tickle those taste buds.

Absolute bliss conjured in the kitchen and served on a plate.

It tastes all that much better when you are joined by friends and family.

The two times when the kitchen cooks up magic – at lunch and dinner.

Hold a cake in each hand to achieve a balanced diet.

Happiness is reinforced by good food. #foodlover

Weekends mean far more calories. #feelgood

It’s always the right mood for food. #foodislife

Nourishment always counts. #ilovefood

Lip-smacking good food. #happycalories

Dishing out your culinary tastes. #connoisseur

Pleasantly great food. #foodtales

That beautiful feeling of eating. #foodie

Perfection is what we achieve here. #foodislife

For the discerning gastronome only. #foodlover

So many to choose from.

No words are needed here. Only bites.

A different combo for each taste. #foodlover

Blow hot, blow cold. We have both menus here. #foodislife

Happy eaters mean happy tummies and happy hearts.

Carpe diem, when it comes to good food. #ilovefood

Have a seat and eat your treat. #feelgood

An ambiance that will make you hunger for more.

Creating the mood for great food at our place. #connoisseur

Ravishing; waiting only for you to taste it.

Any dish is possible here.

Celebrating your tastes. #foodislife

A happy place to be at any time. #foodlover

We pay attention to what you crave.

You can eat food any way you want. #happycalories

Food is just food.

The plate that fills the tummy always. #ilovefood

Food is the magic that will keep any man pacified.

Feel the romance in the food. #foodislife

Food is what never breaks your heart. #feelgood

Even the most hopeless plate may hold the greatest desire of your heart – and tongue.

Funny Food Lover Captions

Love for all delicacies is only natural. #connoisseur

A gourmet’s palate to make all others envious. #foodlover

Just eat it. Don’t discuss it. #happycalories

Always have my eyes looking for fries. #foodislife

Food and love are the only two things I never get bored of. #feelgood 

The most enjoyable workout – walking to the fridge and back.

You ready. Let’s hog it out now. #ilovefood

A flavor to savor. #foodlover

Foodies need good dishes always. #foodlover

Every bite an absolute delight. #ilovefood

Satisfaction is guaranteed with this dish.

Garnished to perfection. #foodislife

Here to satisfy my taste. #connoisseur

Every flavor a celebration of happiness.

Deliciously healthy. #feelgood

So much food to spoil you.

Love to keep your tastes alive. #happycalories

Simple delectable palates for each one. #foodlover

Some like it hot. For others, we have cold stuff, too.

The love shows in the choicest food. #ilovefood

I am so grateful for this grand eatery.

Every meal a scrumptious meal. #happymeals

The place will always make you come back for more. #foodislife

Great foodie vibes in our space.

A feast to cherish. #connoisseur

Every twist and turn was made with you in mind. #happycalories

A good life means good food.

Attention to every detail. #foodlover

Food is the best cure. #happyfoodie

There’s nothing rational about food.

Finger licking good food. #foodislife

There is such a subtle romance in the presentation.

A fuel that keeps you chilled. #foodlover

Love for food may be the greatest love of all. #ilovefood

Fill that stomach well and try thinking negatively. You just can’t. #foodlover

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