198+ Catchy Snowfall Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Everyone likes snowfall, and this is the only time of the year when we can have a glimpse of it. This is the time when everyone likes to play with snow during the season of Christmas. Here are some snowfall captions to make your Christmas look snowier on social media.

Snowfall Captions for Instagram

Chilling in the snow with hot cocoa and marshmallows. #marshmallow

A blizzard begins with a single snowflake.

The chilliest adventures are always in the snow.

Who says that paradise has to be tropical at all?

Snowflakes are meant to be cued.

When it snows, the whole world just changes into a white paradise.

Make snow angels in the morning after a snowfall.

They say the first snow is like first love. If love is so cold, I rather not try it at all.

I can’t brrring the brrread frrrom the sh-sh-shop rrright n-n-now.

What is usually a mile in other seasons feels like two miles in winter, especially after a massive snowfall.

Let’s chill in the winter snow. #chill

Staring at the evergreen trees through the horizon that is left white by the snowfall from last night.

It is cold and frosty after a snowfall, but it is white and fun too.

It is that sparkling white season that’s packed with so many celebrations and snowfalls.

Winter is here. Time for snowballing.

The thin ice was transformed from the snowfall three days ago. 

I love to see the powdery snow falling.

Santa, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – but please let it snow in some other place, please.

The view from a ski lift is mesmerizing.

Till it turns into a blizzard, snowfall is pretty silent.

It snowed well last night, but I can’t decide whether to ski or not. #ski

Sleighing through the snow is a grand feeling.

Every winter creates memories to cherish.

So many layers of snow to shovel.

I always implant my tracks on fresh snow.

Snowfall is flaky but wet as well.

Kids are excited to go sleighing, make a snowman, and have snowball fights. 

Sweatpants feel so good during winter snowfalls.

I always look for that white in winter.

If I don’t get white, I will take red instead.

We are the same kind but unique as individuals. Same as with snowflakes. #unique

Everything is so beautifully white and pure after a fresh snowfall.

Snowfall in December calls for celebration.

I am always glad to see the snowfall.

This cold December is made colder by the snowfall.

Snowfall means sweaters, mittens, boots, and sleighs.

Everything is covered alike by snow and kindness.

It is the season when we are all freezing in the snow.

I love the glistening snow a lot.

Snow may make our hands cold, but it does warm our hearts. #heart

After the snowfall, my toes have gone numb.

Snowfall means we have to have ice cream.

I love playing with my friends in the snow.

I love to see the snowflakes in your hair and on your body.

Fresh snowfall looks like a blanket of white glitter.

Snowflakes taste so soft.

Hah! Dress skimpily in this snow now, if you dare.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy a cup of hot chocolate.

Love is always when it smells of hot chocolate inside and it snows outside.

Make those snowballs and throw them at each other. #snowfall

It is time for me to hibernate whenever it snows.

Today is mitten day. It snowed last night.

When it snows, something hot really helps.

Time to build ourselves a snowman.

Snowball fights are good at any age.

When it snows, everyone is so excited.

It’s time for those innumerable snuggles.

I wish it snowed at least for six months each year.

Can we be permitted to carry a blanket to work, please?

When it snows, it is time to snuggle up. #snuggle

When the snow falls, I just love going back indoors.

Snowfall excites me many times over.

Funny Snowfall Captions

It’s great to cuddle under a blanket when it snows.

It’s snowing there? It’s a blizzard here.

I wish I could give you a blizzard of kisses.

The snow’s up to no good.

My nose has gone red with the cold snowfall.

Snowfall is when we should say freeze!

Dashing and playing in the snow. #snow

The snowfall makes even my soul go cold.

Skis are the best after the snowfall.

When it snows, hot chocolate is what warms us up from the inside.

When it snows, take out your sleighs.

It may be beautiful when it snows, but it is also too cold.

The cold and snowy weather is apt for a cup of hot cocoa.

Let the snowfall hit us. Then see how much coffee we drink.

Winter is so white, so pure, and so snowy.

Winter is a time for all sorts of exciting things to do in the snow.

We need to be out in the snow to catch the snowflakes. #snowflake

It now feels like a snow globe.

I love to watch the snowflakes fall softly.

I am covered in a blanket inside. The world outside is covered in a blanket of snow.

Winters are great if there is snowfall.

Use kind words to warm up your winter days.

Snowfall is so beautiful – just so long as it’s not a blizzard.

I love curling up with a book in my hand.

The snow has made this place a wonderland.

It is truly the season for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

The snowfall last night has made it cold outside. #cold

If shivering were an exercise, I would definitely make a name for myself.

It’s no joke that the snow is freezing.

It is freezing cold, but it is so beautifully white as well.

Bring on the snow. We want to enjoy it. #enjoy

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