130+ Best Rain Captions For All Social Media

Rain is the most common form of precipitation found across the globe. The captions given below would provide a major boost to your social media promotions about Rain.

Rain Captions for Instagram

For those first few drops #rain

With a scent of earth in the air #loverains

Let nature cool you down #rainymoods

The Farmer’s joy #rainfall

Drizzle all the way #rainyday

The drops from heaven #rainstorm

Let the paper boats sail #rainbaby

Its puddle time #rainy

A cup of coffee and a good book is all you need #feels

The silver lining awaits #raindance

I’m singing in the rain

Say goodbye to summer heat #rainymoods

Let the atmosphere hydrate #rain

Outcome of the Umbrellas! #rainfall

Gumboots, Raincoats, and fresh air

A natural shower outside #loverains

The Rainbow is just a bonus #rainbow

The child in you wants to move out #rainstorm

The rain will set you free #rainyday

Here come the clouds #rainfall

At least you got a day off #rainymoods

The cycle is complete #rainy

Another reason to stay indoors #loverains

Time to rejuvenate #rain

Tony drops make an ocean #rainyday

Your balcony misses you #rain

The first few drops are always pleasant #loverains

There’s no rainbow without rain

Puddle or Cuddle, two types of people

Let the Earth let some steam off

Time to watch The Notebook

The best time of the year

Unexpected visits are the best #rainymoods

The other type of Nature’s call

Get drenched! #rainyday

Its drizzling outside #rainfall

It’s the storm before the calm

The umbrella is a powerful weapon #rainstorm

Beat the heat, naturally #loverains

Your moisturizer from heavens #rainy

Dancing in the rain never goes out of trend

The Rush hour slows down #rainymoods

Is there a better ASMR than the sound of falling rain?

There’s rhythm in rain #rain

The only competition that the smell of a new book has is the way rain smells #rainstorm

Rain Rain, please don’t go away #rainy

It is pouring outside #rainyday

There’s no pain in rain #loverains

Bid goodbye to pollution

Embrace the wonders of nature #rainfall

Pause for a drop #rainyday #rainy

Better than a mic drop! #rainfall

Falling doesn’t always hurt #rain

Rain all the way #rainy

Sometimes you’re happy, some days it pains, its heat someday, sometimes it rains

Time to flaunt those fancy umbrellas and raincoats #rainstorm

A blessing for a bibliophile #rainy

The instant way to lighten the atmosphere #loverains

Rain does bring a smile to people’s faces

Feel happy, from the inside #rainfall

Being dry in rain is a rain wasted #rainymoods

One man’s pain is other man’s rain #rainyday

Lost in the aquatic chaos

Nothing represents the term ‘a beautiful mess’ better than rain

In a world where everyone wants to be the sunshine, be someone’s rain dance partner

A drop of rain will outweigh a ray of sunshine any day

The rainier, the merrier #rain

The clouds come with a happy message #rainstorm

The sun always shines brighter after rain #loverains

Even the birds are taking a leave #rainymoods

Rain is the calm in chaos #rainyday

Funny Rain captions

A morning jog is fine but try going for a walk in the rain

We never imagine anything romantic under the hot sun

Beware of the rain, it doesn’t discriminate #rainfall

Rain washes away the deception #loverains

Only a sadist doesn’t find rain to be beautiful #rainymoods

Rain is just another example of how the sky loves the earth #rainy

In other words, it’s a good reading day #rainyday

The heavier the rain, the brighter the sunlight #loverains

Even Santa loves rain-deers #rainymoods

The breeze is just a warning #rain

The sky descends #rainfall

Everything is adventurous when it rains #rainstorm

All good things come to an end, so does rain

Opportunity knocks when you least expect it, like summer rain

Never has anything falling looked more beautiful #rainy

Everyone has a rainfall memory, what’s yours? #rainyday

If you dance in the shower, why avoid the rain #rainymoods

Makes everything more beautiful than it already is #rainstorm

You have to get wet when it rains, it’s a no brainer #rainfall

You see the rain, and a smile pops up

The feeling of the rain approaching is more pleasant than the rain

Is it just me or it feels like the raindrops are racing?

God’s canvas has to be cleaned once in a while #rain

The thunder and lightning is just for the audiovisual effects #rainy

If rain does not excite you, nobody knows what will #rainstorm

The rain is just a drinks break for the Sun #rainyday

It’s just a few drops of water, nothing implied #rainfall

It’s calming #loverains

The only darkness that brings happiness #rainymoods

If you haven’t danced in the rain, are you even alive? #rainyday

It’s never too soon for monsoon #rain

Embrace the storm #rainymoods

Lightning is selfish while rain always keeps on giving #rain

The loudest thunders are always silent #loverains

Nothing grows without enduring the rain #rainfall

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