100+ Catchy Nori Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Social media is the avenue to your posts getting noticed. Captions will give your posts that extra boost they need. Here are some captions for you to use with your posts on nori and sushi. Get noticed quicker.

Here are Nori Captions for Social Media

Nori Captions for Facebook

That’s me trying out the new nori recipe I just learned.

For the discerning healthy conscious foodie.

Fish? Yeah! Nori? Wow! Yes please! #nori

Have some rice with it. You will enjoy it more.

I followed my heart and nose, and both brought me here to your nori.

Nori-quest will be allowed here. #allowed

Make the most delectable dishes with nori.

Lead me to your sushi – but only if it has nori with it.

No nori to wrap it up? Then it isn’t worth offering.

The best any gastronome could expect. #gastronome

The white of rice and the color this nori brings, blend so well with the different-colored ingredients.

Every seafood should be accompanied by nori in some form.

If you are veggie then you should have nori.

Try some first to believe us. #trysome

Every gourmet’s delight.

The flavor that nori brings out in the dish is simply fantastic.

Nori is a type of holistic food. #holistic

Nori is like paradise. So beautiful. So divine. So nice.

Nori can be the game changer in your cooking. #cooking

If you haven’t had nori, you have missed one of the best things in life.

Your sharing nori with me shows that you really love me.

Soy sauce will make it even better. #soysauce

Let me have a lot more. It’s just never enough.

You just cannot have too much of this or love.

Sushi and wasabi are a good combo. But it becomes great with nori.

Sushi without nori? Unthinkable. #unthinkable

It is that time of the day again when I get to eat sushi rolls wrapped in nori.

It’s never early to eat those nori-based items. #early

The high potassium content may be the only detriment for diabetics.

I wish that every day be a day where I get to eat some nori.

Nori Captions for Instagram

Try some. You will never regret it. #regret

Nori can be that one factor o turn your life around.

Don’t expect me to share anything that has nori in it.

If you treat me to nori we may become friends.

That’s me using nori as a garnish. #garnish

I wish there was more fish to go with my nori.

Feast your eye on these. They will be devoured in the next few minutes.

So sushi and so sashimi just because of the nori.

Nori alone makes those rolls so beautiful. #beautiful

Wrap your sushi in nori to give your preparation that exclusive taste and flavor.

Care to join us at that new nori restaurant? 

Soybean sheets and seaweed can be used to substitute the more expensive nori.

Nori has such an exquisite briny flavor to it. #exquisite

Can you beat the nutritional value that nori packs in it?

The seawater taste changes the feel of the dish.

 It is an authentic seaweed that’s really good for you.

Just watch and enjoy how they make it. #watch

You cannot say no after you have tried it once.

I love the way you use nori in your cooking. #nori

Nori will bring an extra taste for your taste buds to enjoy.

I love making those exclusive nori sushi rolls at home.

It is an art the way a chef uses nori. #chef

Truly you aren’t saying that you don’t like nori at all?

We ought to have nori bars in place of sushi bars. #bars

They asked me to eat greens, so I began eating nori.

Nori actually livens up the dish that you are cooking.

Nori can be good to battle thyroid as well. #thyroid

Sushi without the nori is like pasta without the cheese.

This chef knows exactly how much nori to put in his cooking.

Believe it or not, it is extremely healthy as well. #believe

Nori Captions for Twitter

So green, and yet it comes from the red algae variety.

You just can’t say no to this one. #sayno

Nori is for the handsome and the beautiful.

These are just some nori with shredded chicken and cheese.

Have some. You will love them. #love

I just cannot think of anything better than nori when it comes to healthy ingredients.

Include this in your Japanese dish, and your dish will be deemed authentic Japanese for sure.

Tuna, salmon, whatever. Nori is a must if you want to give that extra edge to your sushi.

Let’s just have a nori party. And remain healthy. #healthy

Nori-son for us to eat so much junk again.

This nori will wake you up and bring you into reality once you know its health benefits.

Almost all rice cakes taste good with nori in them. #ricecakes

I really don’t have the time. So I use nori for my food needs.

Any seaweed is good for your health. Nori is no exception. #exception

You can make so many items with nori. It is quite versatile.

Nori is a grand garnish as well. #garnish

Nori has a seawater taste, naturally, but also tasty.

Lots of a variety of vitamins in nori makes this a great nutritious food.

So much of so many minerals can only mean that nori is really a superfood.

A must-have when making onigiri. #onigiri

This dried seaweed is one of the most nutritious ones around. #seaweed

No time? Prepare anything with nori. It’s delicious and healthy too,

With so much nori I could actually make tons of sushi and sashimi.

Why should it be stereotyped for sushi alone when it is a great ingredient otherwise too?

No need to keep control over your nori intake. It is really nutritious. #nutritious

Why eat inferior quality when we can get nori to do the trick? #quality

Great to have nori in the house. I use it not only for my sushi but also for other items.

Have that pack of nori ready at hand to make some quick sushi. #quick

Only the best nori will help you make the best sushi.

Never go for a bargain when it is a matter of nori. #nori

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