List of 31+ Best Mother Dairy Brand Slogans

Mother Dairy started in 1974 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board. Currently, it is a private limited company, and apart from milk and milk products it also sells vegetable and vegetable oils, pulses, processed fruits, fresh fruits, ice cream, ghee, and paneer. 

Mother Dairy Brand Slogans

Taste that lifts you

Taste the goodness of real milk in every bite

Taste aisa,  dudh gayab chutki mein

Aap mein champion 

Easy to digest for kids

Taste mein yummy, happy rakhey tummy

Rishton ka swad baraye

Quality mark ek. checks anek.

Feels yummy stays healthy

Turning dads into kids since forever

Magical taste with refreshed look

So creamy makes everything yum.

Happy food happy people

Krish never said Na to dahi

Delicious milk delicious price

Live Lite stay fit with every sip

Happy food happy people

Dudh malaidar swad majedar

Happy tummy happy chutki

Mother dairy salutes Mothers of India

Aaap ke liye sirf aap ke liye

Proud to serve India healthy milk since 1974

Dudh gayeb chutki mein

 When is the best time to have ice cream

Taste the goodness of real giant milk

A walk to our booth is a walk for our planet

Hello Frandss Dudh pi lo

Har din ko easily balance karo

Start your day with a slice of goodness


Dudh ka dudh pani ka pani

A spoonful of energy – nutritions and taste

Boost your immunity with Mother Dairy’s healthy milk

Aayi hai taazgi ek naye pehchaan main

45 Varsho se maa ke bharosey par kharaa

The goodness of our milk goes beyond the milk

Har chammach mein bachpan yaad aaye

Rich in taste – a little bit of ghee is all it takes

For a great cup of tea just add some magic

Sticks and scoops make our hearts drool

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