130+ Catchy Chicken Wings Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Did you order chicken wings today? And do you have to Instagram it? But have you run out of captions? Do not worry; we have got you covered! This article has a list of amazing captions which you might like! Captions need to be catchy, quirky, and funny! And we have got all of them down below!

Chicken Wings Captions for Instagram

The best wingman ever – chicken wings! #wingman

Wings for your soul! #chickenwings

Who’s your wingman? #chicken

I have brought all the stuff to make chicken wings. #mymommadethem

High on chicken wings. #high

Who needs a man in their life when you have chicken wings to kiss you! #kisswings

Kiss your wings before you eat them! #kissthem

Don’t let the wings out! #dont

A platter of five chicken wings to go please. #somuch

I need a wing, man! #needs

Chicken wings – lord of the wings! #lordofthewings

Who needs a hot body when you have chicken wings! #hotboyisoverrated

Kiss your lips with this exotic chicken wing! #kissyourwings

A man who can make the best chicken wings is the best! #amanwhocan

My partner needs to know how I like my wings. #otherwiseyoucanleave

The chicken has already sacrificed for your taste. #already

The chicken has already sacrificed his life for my tastebuds! #nocompromise

I have the right to speak and eat chicken wings! #righttowings

Chicken wings are my one and only true love! #onlytruelove

Unlike men, a chicken actually fulfills your need! #fulfills

I sometimes imagine that I am eating chicken wings when I haven’t in a long time. #imaginations

In my imaginations, chicken wings taste better than in real life. #doesit

Do chicken wings think about me too? #dothey

I can have chicken wings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and repeat. #chickenwingsalways

Beer and chicken wings are the best kind of friends! #mybestfriends

I cannot imagine my life without the existence of chicken wings! #never

I am an addict. #chickenwingsaddict

Bless the man who made chicken wings! #blesstheman

I am blessed to exist at the same era as chicken wings! #sameera

Wing it, win it! #wingitwinit

Smell, lick, bite big size! That’s how you eat chicken wings. #smelllickbite

Smear your face with chicken wings! #smearyourface

When in doubt, always order chicken wings! #whenindoubt

When menstruating – always order chicken wings! #pmsingisreal

Chicken wings! Chicken wings! Chicken wings! Where the hell is my chicken wings? #youateit

Did you eat my chicken wings? #didyou

Who touched my chicken wings! #whotouched

Who has the audacity to touch my chicken wings! #whohas

Joey doesn’t share chicken wings! #joeydoesnt

When Joey doesn’t, why should I? #idonotsharefood

My brother makes these amazing chicken wings! #amazing

When throwing a party, chicken wings should be available in abundance! #partyandchickens

What kind of a party doesn’t serve chicken wings? #thebadkind

Chicken wings – lord of the chicken world! #lordofthechickens

Chicken wings wing your soul. #wingyoursoul

Nothing like a chicken wing. #aintnothinglike

Which one do you prefer – chicken wings from Dominos or chicken wings from KFC? #orderboth

There’s nothing as a bad chicken wing – they are all delicious! #chcikenisdelicious

Always in the mood for chicken wings! #mood

Chicken wings – are my mood. #alwaysonmymind

Chicken wings are not a side dish! It is the only dish! #theonlydish

Only chicken wings for my wedding. #weddingwings

Need some chicken wings too for my bachelorette! #bachelorette

Beers, some wings, a few friends, a movie! #thebestdayofmylife

The best day of my life includes everything winging in it! #wingitlikeachicken

Chicken wings on the side of every dish! #notasidedish

Chicken wings are the worst form of chickens. #changemymind

Like an eyeliner to your eyes, like a chicken wing to my tummy. #similarthoughts

A chicken has already died to make your life better! It has got wings too! #lifeisbetter

Life is always better with chicken wings around. #alwaysbetter

Chicken wings make the day much simpler. #muchsimpler

Chicken wings for Chanel. #hahahaha

Who wants to be hot when you can eat chicken wings? #whoisthatidiot

Just don’t eat chicken wings, feel them. #feelthem

Know the difference between KFC & Chicken wings. #theyaretwodifferentthings

Live life with king-sized chicken wings! #kingsizechickens

You see a chick; I see a wing. #hellandheavendifference

Smell the wings first before you gruel them! #gruelthem

Funny Chicken Wings Captions

No mercy when you fool around with my chicken wings! #donotfoolwithmywings

Never fool with my wings. #theyarespecial

Keep your hands off my wings. #keepyourhandstoyourself

Keep your eyes off my wings. #keepyoureyesoff

Buy your own wings! #buyyourown

Stare at your own wings! #yesplease

I am very responsible with chicken wings. #responsible

Get your own wings! #pleasedo

I do not share chicken wings! #ineverdo

Save the planet and the wings. #savethewingsfirst

Save the planet, but before chicken eggs. #saveourplanet

Let me have my chicken wings in peace. #letmehavepeace

Vegans haven’t tasted the juicy spicy delicious chicken wings! #juicyspicy

I need to take a chicken up the Noah’s Ark. #ithinkhealreadyhasit

Who do you think you are that I should share my wings with you? #whodoyouthinkyouare

One day seems difficult without wings in it. #seemsdifficult

Wing it like a chicken! Not a Red Bull. #wingitlikeachicken

Hot chicken wings with hot sauce are a fantasy. #hotwings

Some days I crave hot wings from Dominos and the other days I have food poisoning. #foodpoisoningisreal

Chicken wings are much hotter than chicks. #wingsforlife

Chicken wings give you better pleasure than chicks. #better

How about some whiskey and some chicken wings dipped in mayo? #whiskeywithwings

Football, beers, and chicken wings – the best kind of a Sunday! #bestsunday

Whiskey with wings! #myfavourite

Feel the flavor burst in your mouth! #feeltheflavorburst

Fries and wings. #canihaveabeerplease

You are like a chicken wing! You make everything better! #since1999

Life is not worth it without wings in them! #withoutwings

I shall have wings by my side when I die alone. #ishallnotdiealone

I have wings to cover for me! #countingthestars

I lost you at ‘I am a vegan.’ #whohateschicken

Partying with beers and chicken wings! #stayhydrated

Going Vegas with vodka & wings! #vegasvodkawings

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