114+ Catchy Chicken Parmesan Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Social media is a very engaging place to exchange one’s whereabouts with the world. To make your posts reach, even more, you need some amazing captions to pump up your posts. Also called chicken parmigiana, this dish is prepared using a variety of cheeses like Parmesan, provolone, or even mozzarella. 

We have a few captions for you if you are looking for something to go well with your chicken parmesan pics.

Chicken Parmesan Captions for Instagram

There’s chicken, there’s cheese, what more could I ask for?

Chicken in tomato sauce is my favorite anyway. #favorite

I could die for a good bite of chicken parmesan.

Loaded with cheese and slathered with sauce, the best chicken dish ever.

My kind of chicken dish. #chicken

Who could say no to a cheesy chicken breast?

If you don’t like chicken parmesan, we can’t be friends. #parmesan

Chicken from the farm is happy to be made into chicken parmesan.

Anything cheesy is welcome here and anything cheesy with chicken is worshipped.

Keep the chicken parmesan haters away at all times. #chickenparmesan

I love chicken parmesan.

I have been eating this all my life and would gladly eat it for the rest of it.

No part of the plate should have any cheese left. #cheese

Cheesy, greasy, delicious, and easy.

All good things begin with cheese. #good

When the tomato sauce kicks in, it is a whole new experience altogether.

Into the heaven of cheese, and never out.

This is the kind of chicken breast that I talk out. #chickenbreast

Chicken Parmesan is the only reason I started eating meat again.

One bite and you won’t be able to stop eating.

How could something so unbelievably delicious exist in this world? #delicious

They say that there is always room for improvement but chicken parmesan is perfect.

Every bite loaded with flavor, eat now think later.

I always liked cheese but chicken parmesan is my favorite. #chickenparmesan

Parmesan or mozzarella, I am happy as long as there is cheese involved.

Came for the cheese, stayed for the tomato sauce. #tomatosauce

The sacrifice of the chicken will not go to waste, it will be honored by chicken parmesan.

A chicken dish like no other, a chicken dish to die for. 

Chicken and cheese lovers unite! #chickenandcheese

Cheese and tomato sauce on chicken breast, a match made in heaven.

Whoever came up with this recipe deserves a Nobel Prize. #nobel

I need my life to be like this, cheesy, tangy, and full of flavor.

Your stomach would be full, your heart would want more. #more

The real definition of comfort food. #comfort

Chicken parmesan is what a hearty meal looks like. 

The juicer the chicken, the better it tastes. #juicer

You can never have enough cheese in chicken parmesan. #cheese

The ham and bacon just add to its already humongous glory. #hamandbacon

Try it at your own risk, you’ll never be able to let go of how incredibly delicious it is.

Chicken parmesan, all day; every day. #parmesan

I was born to eat this all my life. 

Chicken this, chicken that, eat chicken parmesan, and don’t feel sad.

Take me to the cheese land! #cheese

Happiness in every bite.

Who does not love some good old chicken parmesan?

You can let everyone stare but never share. #stare

Bad times call for some good chicken parmesan.

Chicken parmesan is on a whole different level of tasty. #tasty

If I knew the world was ending in the next hour, I would make myself some cheesy chicken parmesan.

Always tastes better at home.

You can never get chicken parmesan off your mind. #

You know it is going to be a good day when you come home and smell some chicken parmesan.

Chicken parmesan is the hero I wanted all my life. #

You’ll be blown off in the first bite. #

Serving you a new craving fresh on the plate. #

Best enjoyed from the comfort of your home and with love from your mother’s hands.

Funny Chicken Parmesan Captions

Chicken parmesan has something for everyone.

Little cheese, little tomato sauce, and an explosion in your mouth.

Chicken Parmesan is heaven on Earth. #heavenonearth

You would happily cancel all your plans for this.

The heartiest dinner you can imagine. #dinner

Chicken never really tasted any better.

A loss of words, have my mouth full. #mouthfull

Good times guaranteed! #guarantee

No side dishes are needed, chicken parmesan is a treat on its own. #sidedish

All you need in life is some love and lots of chicken parmesan.

It is a beautiful day to eat chicken parmesan.

One recipe, unmatchable taste, and happiness guaranteed. #unmatchable

The only dish that you have to learn to cook. #cook

I am marrying the first person that can cook me a good plate of chicken parmesan.

The last thing that I would like to eat on this plate. #plate

There is always some room for some chicken parmesan.

Can never say No to another bite. #neversayno

Another plate for me, please!

You can always add more cheese! #cheese

Take me to the closest chicken parmesan place. #parmesan

Which direction do I go to for some chicken parmesan?

The only friend I need. #friend

One serving, one dish to rule them all.

Chicken parmesan is at par with any other chicken dish.

The only dish to take my Monday blues away. #mondayblues

In a perpetual mood of craving some chicken parmesan.

With hunger comes a want to eat chicken parmesan.

The simplest way to step up your date. #date

Always the favorite on every menu.

Now that is what I want my every meal to look like.

Chicken Parmesan is love at first bite. #firstbite

You can always ask for more sauce.

Bake, eat, crave repeat. #repeat

Chicken parmesan, one champion with all the winners. #champion

Taste so good, you’ll forget your name. #goodtaste

Chicken parmesan is the ultimate one-pot meal.

It has to be the best Christmas miracle. #miracle

Half an hour to fill the plate, five minutes to lick it clean.

Deep down, everyone is a chicken parm lover.

Winner Winner, Chicken Parm Dinner. #parm

Chicken parmesan for dinner is a Sunday done right.

Happiness served on a plate. #happiness

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