105+ Badass Captions for Instagram: (Generator+Guide)

You are belligerent and an unpleasant extremist when it comes to your attitude and behavior. Now you wish to showcase this aspect across social media because most people find such a person very interesting.

These carefully curated badass captions will rake in all those followers and likes you have always wanted, and also keep them inspired and focused on your posts.

Badass Captions for Instagram

You may be a genius without a plan. I may be the idiot, but I do have a plan to beat you with. #badass

Take a look and you’ll see you are talking to the king here. #mylifemyrules

My attitude alone helps me hold my head high. #attitude

Every opinionated creep may slide and slither. #noeffsgiven

Judge me only if you wish to be proven wrong again and again. #cool

You really wouldn’t want to see my anger. #toocoolforschool

Be an eagle rather than a parakeet. #baddie

No choices for me. Only actions. #strong

Call it quits now and none will be the wiser. #attitudequotes

Let the world adjust to you. Not the other way round. #ownhero

Knowing what I want doesn’t make me choosy at all. #classy

I never got what I wished. I got all that I needed. #badass

Better be the subject rather than the student. #mylifemyrules

You are what makes the difference. So don’t think otherwise. #cool

Exceptional or abnormal, both are unique. #attitude

No sweet words. Only sweet trying. #noeffsgiven

You wouldn’t like to see my other side. #badass

Evil and innocence is a fatal combo. #cool

Nothing to be envious of me. Just try being like me. #mylifemyrules

If my badass repute is so famous, you helped make me that way. #attitude

Always above you, even when down to earth. #noeffsgiven

Be the sun. Alone but shining always. #badass

I will make myself proud one day. #mylifemyrules

Look the world straight in the eye. #attitude

And you thought I needed you? #badass

I forget people to forgive them. #noeffsgiven

Your attitude may hurt, but mine kills. #mylifemyrules

I cannot live on my knees even for a moment. #cool

This town’s too small for the two of us. You better take leave now. #badass

I am becoming more the bad guy with each success. #toocoolforschool

I tell people who they are. If they are insulted, that’s their issue. #attitude

It’s your chance. Take it or get to face my wrath. #noeffsgiven

I’m unique. No use coming back when you do realize it. #mylifemyrules

Never expect a positive life from a negative mind. #badass

My life may be a mystery, but it is one that is creating history. #toocoolforschool

If you have status, you don’t need any more of it. #attitude

Keep your mind open. It is the best weapon you have. #baddie

I am not using my advice, so take it now. #mylifemyrules 

Make my day. Mess with me. I don’t have to play nice guy then. #cool

Why wear a brand when you can be one yourself? #toocoolforschool

You play your role the best. Better than anyone else. So keep playing it. #baddie

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Instagram Captions

Short Badass Captions with hashtags

    See the darkest dark in me, and I still am your savior. #badass

    Transfer all the money, which cannot buy you happiness, into my account.

    I just am who I am. Nothing to hide. #mylifemyrules

    What you think of me doesn’t matter to the shine I have. #attitude

    Good that you weren’t around. I did everything my way. #cool

    Better fake a smile rather than explain the hurt. #noeffsgiven

    Why would I need a weapon when I am one myself? #badass

    I rather live a lion for 5 minutes than a rat with a long life. #attitude

    Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. #mylifemyrules

    Be loyal to me and I will always reciprocate the same. #mylifemyrules

    I’m different and I say bollocks to your opinion. #badass

    I will live longer with my recklessness because I am brave. #baddie

    Say it on my face. Why say it behind me? #attitude

    Don’t be distracted. Remain addicted – to what you are doing. #cool

    Making money is so much better than making girlfriends. #toocoolforschool

    Stay away if you don’t wish to succumb to my attitude. #badass

    Some scars are hidden from the world. #mylifemyrules

    How can you find my heart when your beats have eaten it?

    Use the money to live. Don’t live just to use the money.

    Do away with your bad habits before they do away with you.

    It’s better to bare a naked truth rather than dress up a lie. #attitude

    Water the thorns as well if you want the rose to be beautiful.

    I don’t fight your battles. So don’t dare fight mine. Ever. #badass

    A finger to the lips will say so much. #mylifemyrules 

    I’m only a humanist walking the road to hell. #noeffsgiven

    Know your worth. Then it becomes limitless. #cool

    You will always love the good till you get something better.

    Just try finding what lies within me. #mylifemyrules

    However much I stoop, I seem to be above you always.

    I may be the magic, but you are the magician who made it happen. #attitude

    Attention or respect, legends never care. #toocoolforschool

    You may block me but not my blessings. #badass

    The fear of being average has always kept me motivated. #mylifemyrules

    Your height is not physical. It is always mental. #cool

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    Badass Captions with Emojis

    Born to be wild 🔥”

    Stronger than yesterday 💪”

    Don’t mess with me 👊”

    Cut out the negativity 🔪”

    Queen of my own destiny 👑”

    Boldly going where no one has gone before 🚀”

    Unleashing my inner power 💥”

    Brighter than the stars 🌟”

    Burning with passion 🔥”

    Unstoppable force of nature 🌪️”

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