108+ Fitness Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Your progress at keeping fit is worth showcasing across social media. In the process, you may also become popular, too.

Here are some captions thoughtfully prepared for you to use with your posts and pics across social media and get a lot more likes and followers. 

Fitness Captions for Instagram

Protein shake for me. #fitness

Friends I made during my fitness sessions. #protein

Patience and perseverance are two virtues that will bring you results great always. #stayfit

A fit person is fit in every way – in mind, body, and soul. #loveyourbody

The break was needed. Too heavy a workout. #bestgetaway

Those healthy smoothies matter so much for a healthy you. #healthy

Patiently working my way out to my goal. #workout

Keep your heart healthy. Do those cardio workouts daily. #gains

Eat healthily. Live healthily. You will remain healthy. #lowcarb

Your body can do it. Just get your mind on board to accept it. #positiivity

Lazy people think dedication is an obsession. #healthyliving

Get out of your comfort zone lest you miss something great.

A healthy mind will take you toward a healthy body.

Don’t make it a single run. Accept that it is going to be a long journey.

The sooner you trust the quicker things change. #bestgetaway

Cardio for a really strong heart. #workout

When the going gets tough the tough get going. #fitness

The only thing that works out fine for anyone is working out to stay fit.

Just committed to my fitness. #protein

A fit mind and body is a gift you get in return. #stayfit

Working out daily will give you the confidence you have always wanted. #loveyourbody

A fit body means a healthy life. #fitness

Each workout, each run, each session adds more to your fit and healthy future. #workout

It is the right path to living well. #protein

You will simply love yourself one day, for what you are doing now. #bestgetaway

Just do it. Do not lag. #stayfit

Discipline your mind for your body to get fit. #fitness

It may take a while but you will love the happy sparkling personality you achieve.

All those great smoothies after a workout. #loveyourbody

Perseverance will get you there. #stayfit

Staying fit every day will keep all doctors at bay.

If you can be better, don’t remain just good. #protein

The sky cannot be the limit. Even the moon has footprints now. #positiivity

Keeping fit has always worked out for everyone. #fitness

Staying fit is one route to achieving success. #bestgetaway

An interval between my workouts. #healthy

Meet my friends from the gym. #loveyourbody

Regular workouts will keep your heart and mind healthy and strong.

Each workout will bring a little change. #protein

Sweat it out today for a healthy, long, and satisfying life.

Cardio exercises will give you a thankful heart. #fitness

Live healthily and you would have loved yourself already.

Workout like you will get an award. #stayfit

What you are doing is appreciated by all. #bestgetaway

Any sore is welcome. It is so satisfying to know that I did it right. #healthy

That’s my fitness regime. #loveyourbody

Health and wellness for a life that is fit and fine. #protein

Sweat it out and you will love yourself. #fitness

If you are healthy in your body you must be healthy in mind already. #workout

More packaged food means more calories. #stayfit

Daily workouts to keep you fit. #protein

Exercise is the best medicine that man knows of.

I have a deep crush on my fitness. #stayfit

The results of staying fit will say a lot after a while. #positiivity

Yoga for a holistic way to fitness. #fitness

Your body will change for the better if you can endure the pain first.

Funny Fitness Captions

Eat well. Sleep well. Workout well. #protein

A disciplined schedule helps in staying fit. #bestgetaway

Fit in mind, body, and spirit. #loveyourbody

The gym and I are just working out well. #fitness

Food without labels means you are doing the right thing.

Wellness is the way to freedom. #stayfit

A good workout will keep you happy all day. #healthy

Here is my fitness buddy. #protein

Act today and be thankful tomorrow. #loveyourbody

I will reach my goal very soon. #fitness

Being disciplined is far better than being regretful. #bestgetaway

Keeping fit will make you proud. #positiivity

A workout is good enough any day, every day. #workout

Set high standards for healthy living. #stayfit

Sunshine, water, and fresh air are integral factors to fitness and health.

No use talking. Doing says it all. #loveyourbody

My new workout look. #fitness

Sweat and smile to be fit and fine. #protein

Do those cardio sessions for a strong heart. #bestgetaway

Let your body serve you, not others. #stayfit

If you believe that you can then also believe that you will. #workout

Health comes from the mind at first. #protein

The tough always shine. #fitness 

Running like there is an incentive at the end. #loveyourbody

Any energizing fluid for my body. #stayfit

Short breaks will always freshen you up for more. #fitness

Used to get crushed. Now I keep crushing the workout every day.

It is not sweating. That is you glistening with energy. #protein

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