100+ Catchy Wine Captions For All Social Media

Drinking wine doesn’t need any special occasion or celebration. One can enjoy drinking wine just to relax as well. Showcasing your love for wine is a good way to create your presence across social media.

These captions have been concocted for you to use freely across your social media posts, photos, and statuses so that you may get many followers and likes as well.

Wine Instagram Captions

Why whine when you can wine? #wine

There hasn’t been a wine I haven’t liked. #liquour

A vineyard that brings you the best, handcrafted wines. #spirits

You don’t drink it, you kiss it. #highspirited

Our winemaking isn’t just a craft. To us, it is an art. #lovewine

Every time you drink it, you find something new. #redwine

Have one tonight and wake up all refreshed and rejuvenated. #sophisticated

So much taste in just a glass. #classy

Every day is a very good day to drink wine. #hardrink

So much to drink at so less a price. #liquour

A wine that compliments the scenery. #highspirited

White wines are sparkling clean and clear. #wine

Well-groomed champagnes for every occasion.

Fine wine says a lot about a person. #liquour

Rich in both color and taste. #spirits

You will just fall in love with a variety of wines. #wine

Wines that will bring peace into your life.

Wines that will keep you going for more. #highspirited

Red or white, sparkling and bright, our wines are an absolute delight.

Wines made for connoisseurs. #liquour

Exquisite wines are nonpareil. #wine

Our Grenache is handpicked for the most natural feeling. #spirits

A tannin feeling at the end to prove it has been naturally aged.

Time to decant that rich drink into glasses. #wine

Shiraz, Napa, Rueda, Loire. Every drop’s like songs from the choir. #sophisticated

This is one of those Chateau blends you will rarely find.

Sip once and you will fall in love. #liquour

Taste and flavor inherent in the way it has been created. #spirits 

What more could a man ask for? #liquour

Each of our wines comes from an exclusive vineyard.

Wines to celebrate every occasion. #wine

Made from the best quality temperate varietals. #highspirited

A wine that helps you in holistic living. #liquour

Improving with age – you and our wines. #lovewine

A wine that will make you rise and shine in the morning. #spirits

The bubbles are sparkling in the mellow colors. #sophisticated

Just drink it to know it better. #wine

Enjoy the atmosphere where wine flows freely as water. #classy

Tasting wine on the couch is a unique experience. #liquour

Try to give up drinking our wines. #lovewine 

This is a Moscato flavor you won’t find anywhere else. #wine

Wines to relax with after a long day. #spirits

You don’t need anything special celebration to drink wine.

El vino that makes El Nino when it touches your lips. #highspirited 

A wine concocted only for the Haut monde. #liquour

Elegant in taste, elegant in color, elegant in flavor. #wine

 An oaky chardonnay you just won’t be able to resist. #spirits 

Funny Wine Captions

Wine and dine to keep you fine. #wine

Que Sera Syrah. #liquour

Ours are nouveau wines, made only for you. #wine

Every sip of these wines is a delightful experience.

The most pleasant experience ever. #liquour

We make all five types of wines. #spirits

The reddest wines for the reddest lips. #wine

Feel the class after drinking a glass. #lovewine

If you love wine you will love us. #classy

Open a bottle at the smallest excuse. #liquour 

Only the unique drink the unique. #wine

See our wines beckoning you to sip them. #sophisticated

It is hip and Haute. #spirits 

Laugh out loud after wining and dining a lot. #wine

A wine that reflects its winemaker in its taste, flavor, and color.

A wine for everyone. #liquour

Only the discerning will appreciate the creation.

The glow is visible within a few days of drinking regularly.

A wine worth rolling in your mouth. #wine

Not just affordable, our wines are cheap. #spirits

Our wines are meant for the gentry alone. #liquour

Wines to blank out the daily grind. #lovewine

Sophisticated wines for sophisticated tastes. #wine

This Blanc will tingle your spirits. #liquour

The more aged a bottle of wine the more improved its taste. #sophisticated

It’s time to drink wine and save water. #wine

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