6 Reasons Why Choose Yellow Colour in Logo

Branding happens to be an essential part of marketing your own business. As a matter of fact, a positive emotional response from the customers is triggered by the most successful logos out there. Moreover, you will come across entire psychology devoted to the comprehension of the meaning behind the colors.

Why Choose Yellow Colour in Logo

Certain moods are evoked by the colors which can impact the purchasing behavior of the consumers significantly.

For example, take the case of yellow. Have you ever thought why the McDonald’s logo comes with golden arches? What is the importance of the bright yellow color in the logo of Best Buy? Everything needs to be planned out in intricate detail when it comes to creating the visual identity of a brand.


What is yellow going to illuminate regarding your business?

Firstly, yellow happens to be an attention-grabber. Yellow, in particular, indicates the viewers to take notice and slow down. As a result, companies using yellow in their logo would also like to be noticed clearly. They would like to be perceived as long as possible to the consumers.

Apart from this, yellow will also be able to convey happiness and passion because of its relation to the sun. As per a notable business magazine specializing in design, yellow has got the power to do the following:

  • Enhance warmth
  • Stimulate optimism and cheerfulness
  • Motivate the mind
  • Spark a youthful and fun attitude

Right now, it must be clear to you why a smiley happens to be yellow in color. In fact, logos which are yellow-inspired tend to inspire positivity and can also help to make the customers smile.

Yellow may be considered to be a common logo shade in quite a few industries due to the fact that the color pops out naturally; however, yellow has been used by several successful brands in their logos deliberately for other strategic purposes.

All these companies are aware of the fact that yellow is vibrant and therefore is highly visible; however, they also comprehend that in case yellow is used alone it can be excessively stimulating to the eye if not exasperating. For this reason, you will come across many brands which introduce another color into their logo to make it stand out successfully without blinding the customer completely. 

Therefore, as observed by you, most of the logos are not exclusively yellow out there. However, they are able to demonstrate how a brand will be able to make use of the color cleverly to make itself shine.


Yellow helps in the promotion of inexpensive dining

As per Art Therapy, it likewise influences the appetite frequently by motivating your stomach to have some more delicacies more fiercely.

This helps to make yellow the appropriate logo color for large foodservice businesses like family diner Denny’s and burger chain McDonald’s.

Yellow is likewise the ideal color for attracting any hungry passerby. For example, in case you’re feeling extremely hungry and searching for a place to eat while driving down the road, it will be possible for you not to notice the golden arches. They are similar to an inspiration of light when a dark and deep tunnel comes to an end.


Yellow inspires you to do bargain shopping

Yellow is associated with bargain prices and this helps to make the color appropriate for the retail outlets having a low-price propositioning like IKEA and Best Buy. In fact, Best Buy, which happens to be an electronics retailer makes use of a large yellow price tag for symbolizing reduced expenses as well as unique price cuts.

And guess what? Customers become happy by grabbing a bargain which happens to be the precise emotional reaction for which yellow is famous at present.

The logo of Best Buy likewise features a black font providing a remarkable contrast to yellow color. Its main purpose will be to make a board combination just like the combination of yellow and blue in the logo of IKEA, the Swedish homeware outlet.

IKEA, similar to Best Buy, has been applauded for its low-price points by consumers who happen to be budget-conscious, and for that reason, yellow works very well for this brand. Moreover, it is a fact that blue and yellow happen to be the colors of the Swedish national flag which is definitely an expedient coincidence!


Yellow helps to bring out the child in kids as well as adults

Being a common logo color, yellow helps to convey that a business is not only affordable and quick, but likewise fun as well as cheerful! It actually plays on the childlike tendencies of individuals.

For example, vibrant yellow happens to be the appropriate logo color for Snapchat, the renowned social media app. Why is it so? Well, it is a color that helps to bring out the child individuals while also encouraging the element of fun out there. This is going to work perfectly for this company which its abundance of features and playful filters.

Yellow is likewise a fantastic logo shade for brands targeting kids thanks to its happy and fun connotations. For example, yellow is featured as the primary color by Toy Story and Crayola, the reputed crayon company.

As a matter of fact, the secondary color of the logo of Crayola happens to be green. As per Think Design, green comes with a calming effect and it also represents growth. The multi-colored rainbow is likewise fantastic since it is related to nursery rhymes and children naturally.


Yellow will elevate your enlightenment

Well, in this case, mental clarity will probably be a better phrase as compared to enlightenment. As per ImagiBrand, the logical segment of our brain is stimulated by the brightness of yellow.

This helps to make this color a decent choice for logos for informational businesses like Yellow Pages, the phone information company, and Post-It, a stationary brand.


Should yellow be used for your brand?

Yellow has the ability to attract attention particularly while utilized as a contrast shade (as a yellow lettering or yellow field against any sharply contrasting field such as blue). You might consider yellow to be the principal shade in your branding in case speed, fun as well as low-cost are the essential aspects to your target audience. 

Yellow will also be effectual as a highlight or secondary color and is related to warmth, optimism, as well as clarity. It will be possible for your logo designer to make experimentation with various colors as well as tones along with contrasting and complementary shades.


The fine point

Bear in mind that color happens to be the only single element of the personality for your brand. Context does matter. As a matter of fact, it is imperative. There is no one color which will say everything you would like it to say without any suitable context.

Figuring out the values, personality, and mission of your company will allow your designer to select a shade that will be able to set up your brand successfully in the long run.

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