6 Reasons Why Choose Purple Colour in Logo

In this article, we will mention why it will be a good idea to use the purple color in your logo. There is no doubt about the fact that it is definitely a popular choice; however, it must have some special significance like every shade present in the rainbow.


Spiritual Significance of Purple

Spiritually, a higher and more evolved state is signified by the color purple. Nevertheless, it physically signifies qualities like intrigue, sensuality, and royalty. Gold and purple are widely recognized royal colors and can be quite striking in combination with other colors as well.

For example, in case we combine purple with yellow (its complementary color), it will be a fantastic way to grab the attention. Other yellow-adjacent shades like green or orange also provide a brand with a visual pop.

Apart from playing perfectly with the other shades, purple also balances the yin and yang. In fact, purple is not excessively masculine or feminine. While we think regarding the color wheel, purple is created by the blending of red and blue hues. Similarly, in case we combine the imagery of these 2 shades, red happens to be racy as well as vibrant while blue happens to be calm and cool. The outcome is that it exudes power and class.

Service logos and consumer brands have likewise turned to purple when it comes their branding. Try to think of companies like Yahoo, Cadbury, Hallmark, and FedEx. They have all used purple!

The most significant point is that purple is versatile as well as simple to love and for this reason it has been adopted by some interesting brands on the planet right now.

When we are trying to make smart color decisions it is important to comprehend color as well as its impact. This will help to close the gap between what you are attempting to communicate and also what is perceived in actuality. In this article, we will take a look at the psychology of the purple color and the reasons to use it for your logo.


Purple needs to make up its mind

Purple happens to be one of the three secondary shades. It is neither cool nor warm just like a combination of blue and red. Purple, in fact, exemplifies the balance of blue’s calm and red’s stimulation. This blend can result in uneasiness or unrest until the undertone is defined clearly, and purple is going to take on the attributes of its undertone at this point. 

For instance, while a red-purple happens to be visually warm, a blue-purple is visually cool. Having a feeling of royal and mystical qualities, purple is a shade which is often referred by extremely innovative or eccentric individuals and adolescent girls also like it a lot.


What is communicated by purple?

All in all, a positive way is communicated by purple. Purple is said to have the ability of encouraging creativity, uplifting and calming the nerves which helps to make it an all-inclusive shade. It is possible for all genders, ages, as well as cultures to relate to purple. 

Below, we have mentioned 4 things which are communicated by purple at present. One should keep these qualities in mind while designing with the purple color.

  1. Royalty

Purple is universally connected by individuals with nobility, prestige, and royalty. In fact, purple had been the royal shade of the Caesars. In historic times, the purple color in stained glass had been seen as combining the “love” of red as well as the “wisdom” of blue. As a result, it is symbolized royalty and justice. In Japan, purple happens to be a symbol of status and wealth.

  1. Sacredness

The purple color is considered to be sacred particularly in the natural world. Purple symbolizes faith and virtue in Egypt. Amethyst, the purple stone, is considered as sacred in Tibet. In Christianity, the color purple is related to Advent as well as Lent.

  1. Value

The concept of royalty causes the purple shade to convey a sense of value. Because of this, the poker chip with the highest value happens to be purple.

  1. Bravery

The color purple symbolizes bravery. Courage is represented by the purple in the United States military Purple Heart award. This is bestowed to those members of the US Armed Forces that have become injured while fighting.


Brands using purple

You will not come across many brands at present which have decided to design with the purple color for their logo identity. You might ask the reason for this. Even though value and royalty can be perceived as positive associations, they likewise come with negative implications and might communicate arrogantly on some occasions. 

One more reason is that purple is positioned at the shortest frequency of wavelengths which are perceptible to a human eye. Put simply, purple can become a rather tough color to deal with.

  • Yahoo!

This is perhaps the most renowned purple brand at present which offers news, email, as well as a search engine amongst others.


  • Crown Royal

This is a Canadian whiskey company which was initially introduced as a compliment to the visit of King George VI to Canada.


  • Monster.com

This company is mainly utilized for helping those individuals were trying to find work matching their expertise as well as location. The use of purple by Monster relates to any culture, gender, or age.


  • LA Lakers

Purple can create a high-frequency and bold palette with yellow as the complementary color and this has been found in the color scheme of the LA Lakers.

Summing Up

Purple is one of the most loved colors of most of the brands, and you should also give it a try to make your brand look not only cool but also royal.

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