120+ Catchy Wedding Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

A wedding marks the coming together of two individuals for the rest of your life. It binds two people in a bond of love, care, respect, and responsibility. Naturally, the photos clicked on this day deserve nothing short of captions that are as nice as the occasion itself.

wedding captions for Instagram

You and I are Us now. #youandi

Us against the world from now on. #married

You and I till the end of the road. #happilymarried

Can’t believe I am getting married. #happiestmoments

Finally, have the person of my dreams stand side by side with me. #loveyou

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness, joy, and love. #maritalbliss

Doing this just for the honeymoon. #marriageday

I guess you are stuck with me for the rest of your life, no turning back now. #marriagepics

Is it too late to ask Will you marry me? #weremarried

She said yes; I said yes. #marriagepics

The grandest festival of the year. #married

There’s a reason it’s called the big fat wedding,

End of the day, it’s just you and me. #youandi

I guess we are Mr and Mrs. from now on.

I love my in-laws, not lying, #happilymarried

They say love takes you places, mine took me to my wedding. #maritalbliss

I am glad it is you. #married

Where were you all my life, where were you all this while?

It’s really funny how you see a person and are ready to spend the rest of your life with them. #loveyou

Love you, truly, madly, deeply. Always. #married

Can’t wait to add the Just Married tag. #youandi

Does it mean that we should finally get those tattoos we were thinking about?

One for the bride and the groom. #youandi

Together forever, till the end of the line.

The next chapter of our lives, the beautiful one. #happilymarried

The ring reminds me of you every moment of the day. #married

Promise to stray with you, to stand by you, come what may.

You are my best view of the day. Glad I’ll be able to see it every day. #marriageday

Finally deciding to settle down with you, might be the best decision so far. #happiestmoments

I guess my butterfly days, my so-called bachelor days are over, finally a husband.

My foundation for a healthy and happy life is all set, all thanks to your building blocks. #maritalbliss

I told you we should have done it sooner I knew it would happen the second I saw you. #loveyou

A happy married life might not be a myth, after all, I have never been happier in my life. #youandi

Been thinking about this for a long time, didn’t think it would feel this adorable.

At least we won’t have to go out to hang out with others or need permission. #happilymarried

U can have my heart, my love, and even my last name, all yours now. #youandi

I knew you will always be my happy place… you’ve always been. #marriageday

You are the Hermoine to my Ron and we are caught in a spell.

You are the sun to my moon, you enlighten me. #loveyou

Clearly, the best decision for my love life so far. #happilymarried

Can finally change my status to married.

Just wait for the wedding dance. #married

The perfect Cinderella ending. #youandi

Miss no more, Mrs. now. #happiestmoments

Wedding vibes only. #happilymarried

Best couple ever! #maritalbliss

Finally Married. #loveyou

I, you, and I do. #youandi

Funny Wedding Captions

Do we look like the bride and groom now? #youandi

Finally getting married after several failed attempts to impress the in-laws. #married

The perfect fairy tale ending I had always imagined. #happiestmoments

You turn my house into a home, and my heart upside down. #maritalbliss

We are having a feast and a ball tonight. #loveyou

I would love to love you for the rest of my remaining life, and even more.

Love you to the moon and back and maybe even a few trips more. #marriageday

Can’t wait to start a family with you. #youandi

You are all I had ever hoped for, all I ever wanted. #happiestmoments

 You might not be perfect but you are perfect for me. #maritalbliss

We are what Made for Each Other looks like. #married

Get married as soon as you see your future in a flash when meeting that one person.

Real love stories have open endings. #happilymarried

Our marriage is not the end of our love story, it’s the beginning. #marriageday

We finally did this really amazing thing called getting married. #loveyou

This is the most that I have ever loved anyone in my life, and it would still be more tomorrow.

Love knows no bounds, it just knows you, you and me, together.

You are the one person I can’t live without. #happilymarried 

Whose idea was it to get married? Bless that genius. #happiestmoments

If you live to be a hundred, I am happy with 99.9. #youandi

I am so deeply in love with you that even a marriage sounds like a good idea.

Never seen a more beautiful view than you walking towards me on the wedding day.

I can finally say Got Married, Been There, Done That, #marriageday

I feel bad about my single friends now. #married

You are the reason for my happiness. #youandi

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