50 Professional Fonts for Logos (2022 List)

Every single good artist has got proper staples that he can access. Painters always have several backend brushes at their disposal, and the cook always has oil or flour in the pantry. Similarly, designers always have several go-to fonts available to them that they can use at any particular time. 

Although you will come across lots of fantastic fonts for logos, you might nevertheless find it difficult to find the proper one for your brand. In fact, every font comes with its personal flavor at present.

As a result, the font selected by you will be incorporating symbolism to the logo apart from enhancing its design. It will aid your logo to communicate your story which can result in establishing a positive brand identity. 

Below, we have provided a list of logo fonts that can be considered by you while designing your logo.

Top Logo Fonts used for Modern Logos

Best Serif logo fonts

  1. Caslon

The designer of this font is William Caslon I. 

Being amongst the most typically used fonts in the serif family, Caslon has its origins way back in 1725. When it emerged for the first time, the font was considered to be the font of choice for politics and royalty. The type of the font is straightforward as well as delicate and it focuses on clear lines and spacing for enhancing legibility. The font had been revitalized in the year 1990 by Carol Twombly and it is now referred to as Adobe Caslon. 

At present, Caslon is used for their logo by the University of Virginia.

  1. Bodoni

The designer of this font is  Giambattista Bodoni.

Bodoni dates back to the year 1800 and is actually a timeless serif font. It consists of contrasting thick as well as thin strokes. The font has been used for quite some time and fashion brands such as Vogue and Calvin Klein have employed it successfully at present. 

  1. Century

The designers of this particular font are Morris Fuller Benton and Linn Boyd Benton. 

The Century font was created during the early 1900s. Being a more professional and somewhat bolder font, it happens to be the preferred font for the corporate settings out there. The font has turned out to be well-known mainly because of its versatility as well as legible design. Apart from its usage for logos, Century is likewise used in magazines and newspapers. 

  1. Calluna

The designer of this font is Jos Buivenga.

It is said that the Calluna font was born accidentally while conducting an experiment by incorporating slab serifs into the Museo font. The outcome had been a text face in as many as eight styles that featured directive strokes out there. This particular font can be used for clear and crisp text which flows and also for an attractive logo.

  1. Georgia

The designers of this font happen to be Matthew Carter and Tom Rickner.

This sophisticated font is a fantastic combo of simplicity and elegance. As compared to the earlier predecessors, the Georgia font had been created mainly for the scientific generation, and it was designed to make sure that it is possible to read clearly even at low resolution. The font is available in 4 primary types, namely, regular, italic, bold, as well as bold italic. At present, the Georgia font is used on a wide scale by the New York Times and Huffington Post.

  1. Garamond

The persons responsible for designing this font were Morris Fuller Benton as well as Linn Boyd Benton.

This font is easier to read thanks to its spacing as well as the slightly heavier lines. Consequently, one can use it in publications, presentations, and so on. At present, the reputed literary publication known as McSweeney’s Quarterly makes use of this Garamond font to a nice effect.

  1. Baskerville

It was John Baskerville who was responsible for designing this particular font.

Being designed during the 1750s, this font had been originally intended to be slashed into metal. The intention of designing the font was to refine forms like Caslon so as to make the old-style font faces more modern. At present, the Baskerville font is widely used in logo design as well as book design.

  1. Minion

The designer of this font was Robert Slimbach.

Being a more contemporary typeface, the Minion font was created in the year 1990. It is a part of the font family of Adobe Systems. The Renaissance-inspired type of this font is quite easy to read and therefore, it is intended to be used for extended reading and body text. The Minion font consists of different types of alphabets as well as weights with a simplistic style. Right now, this font is used extensively in publications and books.

Best Sans-Serif font logos

  1. Futura

Paul Renner was responsible for designing this font.

The Futura font can boast of having some typical geometric shapes and it was introduced in the year 1927. Its strokes do not have much contrast, and it showcases the impression of forwardness and efficiency as well. After its launch, the font had been used as an emblem of modernism and has stayed that way since then. Interestingly, this Futura font has been employed in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  1. Helvetica

The designers of this font happen to be Max Miedinger as well as Eduard Hoffmann.

Helvetica happens to be amongst the oldest fonts in the font family. Being designed for yearly during the 1950s, this particular font helps to emphasize versatility. The heavy lines of the font are appropriate for alteration and one can easily make them condensed or spaced as required. This font is being employed at present by Facebook, the social media giant.

  1. Sassoon

The person responsible for designing this font happens to be Rosemary Sassoon.

Introduced in the year 1995, this Sassoon font was primarily used in children’s publications. The playfulness of this font makes it ideal for family-friendly logos and brands which are mainly geared towards the kids. Apart from encouraging mischievousness and innovativeness, the font is also quite simple in character.

  1. Panton

The designers of the Panton font are Ivan Petrov, Simov Svetoslav, and Svet Simov.

This particular font family which was introduced in the year 2014 consists of as many as 34 typefaces along with 36 weights. The font is somewhat round in shape with soft edges, and it is renowned for being extremely legible irrespective of the medium. Interestingly, the Panton font appears to be quite nice on the printed merchandise.

  1. Proxima Nova

Mark Simonson has designed this particular font.

Being amongst the most well-known typefaces when it comes to web design, this font consists of as many as 48 fonts having a wide array of features and weights. At present, this Proxima Nova font is being employed in different news as well as media channels for example, NBC News, Buzzfeed,, and so on.

  1. Brandon Grotesque

Hannes von Döhren had been responsible for creating this font.

The Brandon Grotesque font had its origin in the year 2010 in Germany and has got a warmer feel as compared to other fonts of the sans-serif family. This font is available in different weights, such as thin, bold, and black. Every weight has also got an italic version. One can find this font on Comedy Central right now.

  1. Avenir

The Avenir font has been designed by Adrian Frutiger.

Similar to Futura, this font has got a circle-oriented typeface and usually sticks to the geometric pattern of sans-serif. Being introduced in the year 1988, the font is known to include an extensive range of features, weights, as well as widths. At present, the Avenir font is employed in almost every type of geographical branding out there.

  1. Andale Mono

Steve Matteson was accountable for designing this particular font.

This font had been created originally for being used by a joint project for Apple and IBM. The Andale Mono font happens to be monospaced which implies that there is an equal spacing between every single character and letter of this font.

  1. League Gothic

The League Gothic font had been originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton.

The font was created in the year 1903 and it went to a significant revamp during the previous 2 decades. This font consists of mainly tall letters which is ideal for web typography. Incidentally, the font’s original Benton version had been employed by the YouTube logo a few years back.

  1. Horizon

The Bitstream staff designers had been responsible for designing this particular font.

Interestingly, this font which was introduced during the 90s is actually based on the type that was employed in the Star Trek series. This font all the sans-serif family can boast of having sharp curves as well as jagged angles that help to produce an innovative avant-garde feel. The Horizon font can be found in light, bold, medium, as well as light italic.

  1. Myriad

The Myriad font has been designed by Carol Twombly as well as Robert Slimbach.

Although created initially for Adobe, this particular font has been web-optimized to a great extent which makes it ideal for all types of digital branding at present. It is also used by corporations on an extensive scale and had been employed by Apple as well. The Myriad font might be appropriate for you in case you are searching for a neutral font for designing your logo. 

Based Slab Serif logo fonts

  1. Belgrano

The designer of this font is LatinoType.

It was originally used in printed publications thanks to its even spacing and block-like serifs. At present, a lot of modification has been done on the font so that it functions properly on the web. Incidentally, the Belgrano font is ideal for small print.

  1. Saros

This font had been designed by Brenan Stetzer.

It is ideal for small prints and is used by the branding board extensively. The Saros font offers a personable and dependable feeling as well apart from having a dimensional construction.

  1. Grenale

Jeremy Dooley had been accountable for designing this font.

Having contrasting strokes as well as thin weights, the Grenale font is quite elegant as compared to its peers. There is a balanced spacing between every single letter and the geometric shapes are quite polished as will. This font is used extensively for sophisticated and high-end brands at present.

  1. Chelsea

The designer of the Chelsea font happens to be Nathan Thompson.

Being introduced in the year 2016, the Chelsea font is free for personal usage out there. As a result, its retro lettering can be used for any project according to your preference.

  1. Didot

The Didot font has been designed by Firmin Didot.

This font had been introduced in the year 1799 in spite of having a modern appearance. The design consists of thick as well as thin lines along with curves. It is used extensively in the contemporary fashion world at present.

This font is used by companies such as Armani right now and it does not seem that the font will go out of style in the near future.

  1. Napo

Isabella Ahmadzadeh was accountable for designing this particular font.

The Napo font consists of as many as 4 weights, namely, regular, light, bold, as well as extra bold and is being used for body copy as well as display. The font is able to combine properly with the Leon font (of the sans-serif family) and happens to be appropriate for multilingual design.

  1. Bree

The individuals accountable for designing this font had been José Scaglione and Veronika Burian.

It was in the year 2008 that this font had been launched. The strokes of the Bree font impersonate the strokes of human handwriting to a great extent. This lively font is perfect for brands which are trying to convey a spirited and youthful feel. It is used on a wide scale in several publications, magazines as well as mobile apps at present.

  1. Trocchi

The Trocchi font had been introduced by Vernon Adams.

Being introduced in the year 2012, this font is actually based on several predecessors that date back to the late 1700s. Nevertheless, this casual font is ideal for designing logos thanks to its refined edged and pronounced cuts.

  1. Sanchez

This font was designed by Daniel Hernández.

This font consists of 12 styles which are ideal for designing logos. Having rounded edges, this font exudes attitude as well as confidence. The Sanchez font was introduced in the year 2011 and employs a blend of Latin American flavor.

  1. Rockwell

It was Morris Fuller Benton who was responsible for introducing the Rockwell font.

This font helps to accentuate a heavier and bolder line which pushes borders. It helps to imbibe a feeling of confidence to the logos where it is used. The font is ideal for logos thanks to its thick lines and one example of this happens to be the logo of IBM.

Best Script logo fonts

  1. Belinda

Belinda font’s designer happens to be Mika Melvas.

Being design in the year 2011, it is known to support as many as 64 languages. This font can boast of having properly adjusted kerning which enables it to preserve a tasteful feeling. The Belinda font is used at present in product packaging as well as magazine headers and almost every other type of surface out there.

  1. Variane Script

Boy Moch Tomi had been responsible for designing this font. 

Being a handwritten font, this typeface happens to be a cursive out there. As compared to many of the scripts, the Variane Script is quite legible which provides it with a sophisticated vibe. It functions perfectly with professional-looking and chic logos at present.

  1. Thirsty Script

The designer of this script happens to be Ryan Martinson.

This font helps to close the gap between contemporary and vintage fonts thanks to its combo of contrasting strokes and signage scripts. The Thirsty Script is available in different weights and styles which include a range of alternating characters and glyphs. 

  1. Cookie

Ania Kruk happens to be the designer of this typeface.

Being a simple and legible script, this script had been introduced in the year 2017. The font is friendly and simple, as well as legible plus charming. This Cookie typeface will be ideal for those companies which want to focus on their storytelling abilities. 

  1. Shink

It is Situjuh Nazara who has designed this font. 

Being introduced in the year 2018, this font is comparatively new and helps to add flourishes to a lot of characters out there. In this way, the Shink typeface provides a playful vibe to any text where it is applied.

  1. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley font has been designed by Gregory Medina.

Being launched in the year 2017, this script font comes with decorative letterforms. The somewhat forward-leaning of the font helps to attract attention and the lettering presents a picture which is composed and elegant.

  1. Grand Hotel

Jim Lyles and Brian J. Bonislawsky actually designed this particular font.

The Grand Hotel typeface can boast of having a vintage cursive lettering style as well as an upright orientation. A logo incorporating this particular font would be ideal for holiday industries or the baking industries out there. However, one can also use this font beyond these restrictions.

  1. Hoodson Script

The designer of this font is actually Hendra Maulia.

This particular font is abundant with personality while boasting of swashes and curves as well. Apart from being an appropriate for logos, this font can also be used on product packaging and poster designs. Interestingly, the Hoodson Script typeface helps to create a playful as well as robust brand at the same time.

  1. Hickory Jack

Brittney Murphy is accountable for designing this font.

This particular typeface is appropriate for brands having a chill feeling. At present, the Hickory Jack font is available in a couple of styles and can be used for personal usage totally free of cost.

Best Modern logo fonts

  1. Geotica

The designer of the Geotica font is actually Jos Buivenga.

As suggested by its name, the focal point of this font which was introduced in the year 2010 happens to be geometry. At present, you will come across as many as 16 different styles each of which covers in excess of 600 glyphs out there. As a result, you can always expect to have an extensive range of logo designs with Geotica.

  1. Arciform

Matt Ellis is the person who has designed the Arciform font.

The typeface happens to be rounded with a comprehensive character set consisting of symbols, upper as well as lowercase, accents, and numerals. A feeling of motion is generated by the curve of every single letter. This Arciform font can be used easily for commercial as well as personal use.

  1. Ailerons

The designer of the Ailerons font happens to be an individual known as Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior.

Incidentally, it had been the airplane models of the 1940s which actually inspired this particular font. It can boast of having a clean and stylish typeface that provides a feeling of travel, exploration, and innovativeness.

  1. Butler

The person behind this font happens to be Fabian De Smet.

This particular font is actually inspired by the Bodoni typefaces. It can boast of having a high contrast which makes it appropriate for small body text as well as large headers on the posters.

  1. One Day

The designer of this font is actually Nawras Moneer.

Being an all-caps design, this particular font actually combines round forms along with broken lines which is to create a contemporary, intriguing effect. Being quite versatile, this font can be easily used for different purposes like digital media, print, as well as logo design.

  1. Cooper Hewitt

The person behind this font happens to be Chester Jenkins.

It has undergone some revamping ever since it has been introduced on the market. The characters of this font are abundant with arches as well as geometric curves. The Cooper Hewitt typeface is available in as many as 14 styles at present and is appropriate for logos which would like to communicate reliability and professionalism.

  1. Abril Fatface

The designers behind this particular font happen to be Veronika Burian and José Scaglione.

Being introduced quite recently, this particular typeface is ideal for creating sophisticated headlines on magazines as well as the Internet. It will be a sensible idea for you to take this font into consideration for your logo in case your company is a part of the editorial industry.

  1. Lust

It was Neil Summerour who actually designed this font.

This typeface can boast of having a sharp contrast which makes it appropriate for display purposes. Being introduced in the year 2012, Lust is described as being sensual, over-the-top, and tolerant.

  1. Munich

The designer of the font happens to be Bang Toyib.

Being an uppercase as well as minimalist font, this one is appropriate for headlines and logos which like to pack a punch. In case you’d like to incorporate a charming and passionate feeling for your logo, then go for this font.

  1. Gilroy

Radomir Tinkov is accountable for designing the Gilroy font.

Being recently introduced, this all-caps typecase is available in as many as 20 weights and is quite modern as well. Interestingly, the Gilroy font has also been used in other languages apart from English which consists of those using the Cyrillic alphabet.

  1. Orkney

The designers of this Orkney font happen to be Alfredo Marco Pradil, Cristiano Sobral and Samuel Oakes.

While using this font it is for sure that it will provide you with a minimalist as well as clean appearance. The Orkney typeface is obtainable in as many as 4 weights plus one style. Interestingly, this font is appropriate for both screens as well as print ranging from printed marketing materials to business sites.

  1. Pier

The designer of this Pier font is actually Mathieu Desjardins.

It is possible to resize this font easily which makes it all the more versatile. The style of this font will benefit both large headings as well as long paragraphs. The Pier font can boast of having low curves as well as straight-cut lines which provides it with a friendly vibe out there.


After going through this article, it is time for you to start designing. It will be sensible to make experimentations with different logo designs and see what is working perfectly for your brand. However, bear in mind to select a font which helps to convey the personality for your brand.

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