Top 45+ Best Tissue Paper Brands in the World

Every individual likes to have a clean and fresh experience in the toilet, and keeping the perfect tissue paper is necessary. With so many tissue paper brands in the world, it is difficult to choose one. Given below is a list of top tissue paper brands in the world.

Tissue Paper Brands in the World


Country: United States

Procter & Gamble manufactured this American tissue paper brand. Made-up spokesman Mr. Whipple first promoted this brand. The Hoberg Paper Company originally created this Charmin title in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1950 the title was changed to Charmin Paper corporation by Hoberg Paper Corporation and started to manufacture paper napkins, bath tissue, and other paper stocks.


Country: Canada

Kimberly-Clark manufactured this Canadian tissue paper brand. The corporation has manufactured many unique toilet paper types such as Cottonelle Extra Strength, Cottonelle Kids, Cottonelle Aloe & E, Cottonelle Ultra, Cottonelle Double, and regular and are presently traded in Australia and America under the trademark Kleenex.


Country: United States

This brand of paper-based stocks include diapers, tampons, paper towels, bathroom tissue, and facial tissue. Their commodities are produced in 30 nations and traded in over 170 nations. Kleenex brands include VIVA, Huggies, and Cottonelle.

Georgia-Pacific LLC

Country: United States

This American corporation of paper and pulp is one of the world’s biggest factories and suppliers of building products, packaging, paper towel dispensers, paper, pulp, and tissue. In 2019, the corporation hired over 35,000 individuals as their employees in over 180 areas in Europe, South America, and North America. 


Country: United States

This American global brand of personal care manufactures mainly paper-based customer commodities. Surgical & medical instruments and sanitary paper stocks are produced by this corporation. It manages paper mills and non-woven fabric mills. Kimberly-Clark trademark stocks include Andrex toilet paper, Kleenex facial tissue, and Wypall utility wipes.

Kirkland’s Home

Country: United States

Brentwood-based this American commercial line trades gifts, accessories, textiles, furniture, and home decor. It manages 434 shops in 37 provinces. Robert Kirkland and Carl Kirkland introduced this brand in Jackson, Tennessee in 1966. In 2018, the line developed to 431 shops in 37 provinces.


Country: Portuguese

Situated in Médio Tejo this Portuguese corporation manufactures toilet papers and tissue papers. Renova is one of the most famous enterprise trademarks outside and inside of the nation. Their commodities are traded and promoted in nations Spain, Belgium, the United States, the UK, France, and Japan.


Country: United Kingdom 

With head offices in Greenwich, Connecticut this manufacturer of recycled paper stocks distributes most significant grocery lines of the northeast. Atlas Holdings, LLC. acquired this company in 1950.  It was introduced in 2002.  With over 100 establishments across the world, an estimated $4 billion yearly income generated by Atlas.

Earth First

Country: United States

This revolutionary environmental advocacy organization developed in 1979 in the United States. Ron Kezar, Bart Koehler, Howie Wolke, Mike Roselle, and Dave Foreman launched this company in 1980.

Trader Joe’s

Country: United States

With head offices in Monrovia, California this American grocery shop line had more than 503 shops nationwide in Washington and 42 provinces. Creator Joe Coulombe opened the first shop of Trader Joe’s in 1967 in Pasadena, California. The corporation has departments in Boston, Massachusetts, and Monrovia.


Country: United States

This American corporation of paper and pulp has approximately 870 workers in 2014, has production performances in Middletown, Ohio, and Harrodsburg, Kentucky. SCA Tissue North America owned this company in 2016 for $513 million.


Country: United States

This corporation trades and distributes tissue and towel commodities. Center-pull, family, hardwound, and folded roll towels, facial tissue, standard bath, and jumbo roll are offered by Von Drehle. It runs a business in the United States.

Coleman Company

Country: United States

With head offices in Chicago, IL, United States this corporation manufactures outdoor entertainment stocks mainly camping gear. Newell Brands owns this corporation. They have nearly 3690 workers. William Coffin Coleman launched this company in Kingfisher, Oklahoma in 1900. 


Country: Canada

This Canada-based company of customer household paper stocks produces paper napkins, paper towels, bathroom tissue, and facial tissue. The corporation was traded to Canadian Global Paper Corporation in 1961.

Procter and Gamble

Country: United States

With head offices in Cincinnati, Ohio this American global company of customer goods was originally introduced by James Gamble and William Procter in 1837. The company works in an extensive range of hygiene merchandise, personal care products, and consumer health/personal health. The stock portfolio of this company also included drinks, snacks, and foods.


Country: United States

Northfield, Illinois-based this non-governmental American corporation of healthcare is the biggest factory and supplier of medical items offering services, clinical programs, education, and products with headquarters in 20 nations. Presently, it is categorized at the list of the biggest non-governmental corporations in the US on Forbes 2016.

Green Forest

Country: United States 

Fort Howard launched this environmentally household paper stock in 1990. The variety of environmental tenderness, outstanding stock quality, and reasonable rates was famous from the beginning, and this company soon became extremely profitable, especially in the Northeast, the West Coast, and Midwest.

Atlas Paper Mills

Country: United States

This top US factory of recycled paper merchandise manufactured to surpass and anticipate the value needs of consumers. The company is located in Miami, Florida, and is a ruler in the creation of toilet paper. Presently, it manufactures more than 36,000 tons of recycled tissue stocks annually.


Country: United States

It has been one of the best distributors of the trademark stocks chain to Plumbing industries, Pool and Spa, and the RV since 1981.


Country: Canada

The products of this main Canada-based manufacturer of accessories and camping goods are available in primary outdoor commercial openings such as Cabela’s and REI in Canada and the United States. It was originally introduced in 1959 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Unicharm Corporation

Country: Japan

This Japanese corporation produces household cleaning stocks, disposable hygiene products, and works in the production of pet care products, feminine hygiene products, diapers for adult incontinence, and babies. The corporation runs its business in 80 nations. It carries the best supply of diaper exchanges in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and China.


Country: Italy

This Italian manufacturer of tissue paper for domestic and sanitary was introduced in 1966. Sofidel is one of the best tissue paper companies in the globe and the second biggest manufacturer in Europe. Lazzareschi and Stefani families acquire this non-governmental corporation. It has associates in 13 nations and over 6,400 workers.

Metsä Group

Country: Finland

The products of this corporation are available in nearly 30 nations. The lead businesses of this brand are forestry services, wood trade, wood products, pulp, board, cooking, and tissue papers. They have nearly 11,500 employees.


Country: Sweden

This Swedish producer of paper, pulp and timber has its head office in Sundsvall. SCA has nearly 4,000 individuals as their employee. The main merchandise of this brand includes forest-based biofuel, pulp, solid wood items, publication papers, and one-use paper products. It is the biggest non-governmental company in Europe.


Country: United States

Solaris Paper took over the Oasis company in Anaheim, CA. Customer and marketable toilet paper are offered by this company in standard and jumbo rolls. They also offer non-governmental trademarked toilet paper. The corporation also specializes in facial tissue and paper towels.


Country: United States 

With head offices in Jinjiang City, China Hengan specializes in personal care stocks including tissue paper, baby products, feminine hygiene, toilet paper, and other commodities.


Country: United States 

Winona, MN-based this brand specializes in toilet paper rolls in standard and jumbo sizes. The corporation distributes 30 different varieties of stocks, from plumbing to welding equipment to abrasives.

Elite Restaurant

Country: United States

Based in Newark, NJ, this company distributes janitorial stocks including cleaning products, signs, mats, waste containers, dispensers, paper towels, and standard and jumbo toilet paper. They also specialize in food preparation stocks, kitchen supplies, furniture, commercial appliances, and restaurant equipment.


Country: United States 

Louisville, KY-based this Industrial and Packaging Distributor specializes in dispensers, soap, trash bags, hand towels, and recycled and virgin toilet papers in jumbo and standard sizes. Facility supplies, automation, and safety tools, and packaging are offered by this company.

First Choice

Country: United States 

Industrial Supply Company’s products include standard and coreless jumbo toilet paper, as well as standard size toilet paper. Based in Oakdale, CA, they serve the safety, janitorial, sanitation, packaging, and MRO markets.


Country: Lebanon

Lebanon, IL-based this corporation offers packaging from trademarks including Tape Logic, Rubbermaid, and 3M. They provide stand and jumbo-sized toilet papers including toilet paper dispensers and coreless types.

Concept Supply

Country: United States 

With head offices in Chattanooga, TN, this company specializes in facility managing stocks, including automotive products, assembly, contract packaging, PPE, tools, abrasives, adhesives, protective film, and industrial tape, packaging, and toilet paper.

Orr & Orr

Country: United States 

Bedford Park, IL-based this company distributes outstanding tissue papers for chemical bathrooms as well as accessories, supplies for mobile homes. More than 20 types of stocks are offered by Orr & Orr.

Addison Building Materials

Country: United States 

Arlington Heights, IL-based this corporation supplies dispensers, toilet seat covers, janitorial items, and 1- and 2-ply toilet paper. The corporation also specializes in manufacturing equipment and stocks, garden products, and appliances.

Capital Janitorial Supply & Service

Country: United States 

Richmond, VA-based this brand specializes in disposable hand towels and standard sized toilet papers. They also offer janitorial stocks, including accessories, recycle containers, janitorial equipment, bathroom accessories, cleaners and chemicals, and foodservice.

World Packaging Co.

Country: United States

Wood-Ridge, NJ-based this brand supplies office and janitorial supplies, dispensers, paper towels, and jumbo and standard sized toilet paper. Tape and packaging stocks are also manufactured by World Packaging Co.

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