How to Create Popular Brand Logo: 12 Things to Know

When you own a business, having a website is a very important aspect of your business. To make a business more popular, you must make a powerful brand identity. And to make a prominent brand identity, the most mandatory thing is to make an attractive logo.

Brand logo plays a very important role in maintaining a proper brand reputation. Your customer recognizes your business by your logo.

Moreover, your brand name is represented by your logo. So you need Creative Things to know from Popular Brand Logos.

An attractive logo always catches the eyes of customers. For example, when you see the image of a half-eaten apple, you instantly recognize that this is the Logo of the apple brand.

So, the image of the brand logo always remains engraved in a person’s mind, and whenever he/she happens to see that, he/she can recall the business it belongs to. Your logo should always be unique and original so that people can identify your business whenever and wherever they see it, even without the brand name.

Popular Brand Logo Things To Know

Know Your Brand’s Ins And Outs;

To design an effective brand logo, you need first to know all the nooks and corners of your business. You must know all the aspects of your business and your organization. You need to go through the detailed perspectives of your business and design the logo accordingly.

The logo should effectively represent your brand. Suppose you are selling men’s stuff. So, your brand should have a masculine logo and not something with a feminine pattern or design.

For Example, Nike is an American Brand of sports shoes and other sports stuff. Nike is a Greek word meaning the best of victory and triumph.

Reflect on The Nature Of Your Business:

As discussed earlier, it is vital that your brand logo symbolize the ideology of your brand. It should reflect the nature of your company, and you should represent the whole business with a single image or symbol.

The more relatable your brand logo is to the nature of your business, the more people will be able to recognize you in the way you are. The brand logo matters as it seemingly defines the personality of your brand.

People imagine your business, products, and service by perceiving the business name and the logo. If you are a newcomer in the market, you should try to make an impression by making the perfect logo.

For Example, Rolex is a renowned brand of watches. The logo of this brand is a pointed crown that symbolizes perfection, victory, and prestige.

brand color important in brand identity

Mind Your Impression!  It’s Crucial:

When designing a logo is being talked about, the prime thing that should be kept in mind is that you should make a remarkable impression on your business.  Your logo should be able to make that first impression in the minds of people, and they should develop a positive idea about your business.

Your logo should depict the positive side of your business and should highlight it in front of your customers.

In order to come up with an impressively designed logo, you can always outsource the task to an expert. There are many well-experienced and professional logo designers out there who can help your business to get the perfect logo.

For Example, you can consider the logo of ‘Starbucks.’ The logo is that of a two-tailed crowned mermaid, which is quite impressive and depicts royalty.

The Typography Should Be Expressive:

While designing a logo for your brand, you need to make sure that you use the proper typography. The typography mater while designing a logo. Let’s put it in simpler terms. Typography is basically typing text in a graphical manner.

There are various types of fonts that you can use to design your logo. But make sure that the typography you choose for your brand narrates something about your business.

It should be relevant to the properties of your business. You can also choose different kinds of fonts and then jumble them up into one form. It is always wise to avoid using gimmicky fonts. You can also choose your own uniquely designed personalized fonts.  

Let’s take the example of Microsoft. The fonts used here are clear, vivid, and look professional. It is easily readable and makes a clear impression of the company.

unique font is important

Choose The Color Of The Brand Wisely:

While designing a logo, you must make sure that you choose the color wisely and smartly.  It is a known fact that the color you choose should perfectly resemble the structure and function of your company or organization.

The first aspect is that the color you choose must be bright, vivid, easily noticeable by people from afar distance and, even when light is dim.

Another and most important aspect of choosing the right color for the brand is that the chosen color should tally and resonate with the products and services of your business.

For Example, McDonald’s is a famous brand for burgers. The logo of McDonald’s is yellow. Yellow is the color of spice, and yellow color intrigues appetite. 

Remember That A Logo Builds Trust:

The logo of your brand is also responsible for building trust in the minds of people. It should look realistic, authentic, and original. It should depict genuineness so that the person looking at the logo develops a sense of belief and faith.

When it comes to building an impression about your business and making your brand popular, creating trust and credibility is important.

The reason behind so many successful brands out there is that people rely on their products and services. So, make sure that you build an authentic logo that can be trusted globally.

For Example, the logo of American Airlines has a flying Eagle and Two As. This logo gives this an identity of its own and invokes people to trust its services.

Avoid Clichés As This Can Directly Impact Your Business:

This is the most important that you should remember while designing the logo for your brand. You should be strictly careful that the logo is strictly clichéd.

Sometimes, suppose you outsource a logo designer to design a logo for your business. In that case, you must be cautious that the logo that he has designed for you is certainly not copied from somewhere else and is purely a unique one.

It should not even resemble any other logo of any other business, as this could cause your customers to get confused.

Apart from that, having a clichéd logo can cause your business to get in trouble related to various copyright issues, and you would certainly not want that.

Give Simplicity The First Priority:

Make sure that your logo is free from any kind of complexities and is clear and simple. You must know that simplicity is the best thing that helps a business maintain its poise. Sometimes, a logo designer prefers to put much of the details about the company and wants to depict multiple things at a time.

As a result, the logo might end up looking vague and ambiguous. So, the best way is to keep it simple and seemingly fine so that it approaches the clients better and makes some relevant sense. Adding unnecessary stuff to your logo may create confusion.

For Example, the logo of Facebook is simple, stylish, and clear. It is a white colored ‘f’ in small hands, with a blue background. 

You Can Go For Logotypes:

This can be one of the most effective and attractive ways of making a logo. This is called logotype. This means that you are the brand name itself as a logo by writing it down in an attractive manner and in some eye catchy fonts.

If you choose a logotype for your business, it can make your brand name visible to the world at once. In other words, your logo will be doing the dual work.

Apart from being a brand logo, it can also be used for advertising your business in the market. This is a very lucrative way to design your logo as it makes a clear sense of which business it belongs to and creates confusion.

Some famous brands that use logotypes for their brands are Coca-Cola, IBM, etc. 

Make Sure That Your Logo Should Be Scalable:

This is another important aspect to keep in mind while you design a logo for your brand. The logo must be scalable, and it should fit any platform without changing the meaning and the depiction. The size of the logo must fit any square, rectangular or circular background. In different words, the overall length and breadth of the logo should be symmetric.

The idea behind this is that you might need to place your logo in different places for marketing or advertisement purpose, so it must fit any background without losing its meaning and significance.

For Example, Amazon is a leading brand and its logo is a geometric shape of a shopping cart. If you see precisely, the logo is totally symmetric and fits everywhere. 

brand recognition in retail

Try To Avoid Intricate Design:

Do not try to incorporate too much stuff into the logo. It might seem that designing it with too many details can make it more meaningful. But in real cases, the result could be just different and opposite. So, rather than making it intricate, keep it simple but meaningful, relevant, memorable, and promising.

For Example, Toyota is a well-known brand having a logo that is simple but depicts a meaningful sense and approaches people.

Align The Logo According To Business Commitment:

You should make sure that the logo of your business should resonate well with the promise of your business. You should be able to narrate a story through your logo. Apart from being meaningful, it should also be relevant to the promise that your business makes to the public.

For this, it will also intrigue a sense of trust and make it convenient for them to choose your business. To make it reliable and trustworthy, you must make your logo according to what you commit to the people out there.

For Example, Warner Bros is a reliable brand in the world. It is widely recognized by people across the world and depicts the purpose of the business.

Go For Visual Double Entendre:

This is a smart way to design your logo. Your logo should be made in such a way that it should be able to depict a dual meaning, both of which are relevant to the concept of the business. Some may choose an image that symbolizes the mission of the business, and one should be able to see how smartly it has been designed.

Such a logo also denotes the intelligence of the designer and is more likely to catch the eyes of the customers.

For Instance, you can take the example of a wine place. If you see the logo clearly, you can see that it is a pin that is usually used to point to a place on a map. But if you flip it, you can clearly see an inverted wine glass.

Keep It Creative And Memorable:

Creativity has no end. It is appreciated by everyone anywhere. If you bring out your creative side and make your logo look different and unique, it will be more easily recognized by the customers.

Also, a creative and different-looking logo is more likely to be remembered by people. So, try to make it look different and add some funk to it. This will increase the value and will make it more reliable.

For Example, apple has a highly demanded logo. If the logo had a whole apple, it could seem way too simple and bland. But the half-eaten apple makes a remarkable impression and makes people notice and remember the logo.

You can consider the above factors for designing your logo, and you are sure to come up with the best results.

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