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301+ Unique talcum powder Brand Name Ideas

Talcum powder has now become our everyday necessity and a household name today. There are a large number of brands selling talcum powder in the market but people only trust and buy from those brands that have a proper and catchy brand name to make the people trust completely on the brand and the quality of its products.

choose an appropriate brand name for your talcum powder brand

What should we keep in the head while choosing a name for a talcum powder brand?

  • The name must not be very much lengthy and monotonous
  • The name must have the capacity to retain the glory of the brand
  • The name must have the ability to boost up the business
  • The name must be uncomplicated and short

The importance of name for a talcum powder brand

The name must small and simple

Choose names that would be very simple and not much lengthy so that it becomes successful in winning out the hearts of the customers and make them convinced to buy products from your brand only.

The name must not be a second copy

Always try to go for names that are having a newness and uniqueness in them. Customers generally hate those kinds of brand names that are already being used by other brands. People love the concept of fresh brand names.

The name should be able to inspire

Strictly select only those kind of names that will be highly able to motivate you to work harder and grow your business immensely. Choose only those kind of names that will be able to instigate a different kind of enthusiasm 

Tips to choose the correct name for a talcum powder brand

The name must bear the heritage of the business

Select those names that can efficiently carry out the shine and the fame of the brand. It must have the power to very well balance and retain the glory of the business and its products. It must have an enormous effect on the hearts of the customers.

Example- Royal dust

The name must install the zeal to work

Go for names that would be able to energize the whole environment of the business. it would give a different level of boost up to increase the quality of the products and win the hearts of all categories of the customers

Example- zest powder

The name must promote the product details

Choose those kinds of names that will be able to clearly present a vision of the whole description of the product in front of the customers.

Example- Chalky

The right formula to choose a perfect name for a talcum powder brand

We must not lose hope while searching for an appropriate name for a talcum powder brand. To get through some great names here are some superb ideas to help you out.

  • Utilize alliteration

Alliterations make up some great brand names

example- Pringle Powder

  • Utilize usefulness

Mentioning the usefulness in the brand name can be the biggest advantage

Example- Soothing

  • Take the help of ingredients

Ingredients can make up a very transparent brand name

Example- Minty cool

  • Make full use of humor

Humorous brand names are being loved by all kinds of customers

Example- Hey cold

  • Take the advantage of metaphors

Metaphors make amazing brand names

Example- Alu Powder

  • Make the use of personification

Personifications give a different dimension to the brand names

Example- Freezy touch

  • Utilize Nouns

Nouns add up a new level of clarity to the brand names

Example- Powder house

  • Use Hyphens

Hyphenated brand names sound peculiarly cool 

Example- Ta-l-cum

  • Grab the advantage of the texture

Using the texture of the product as the brand name is often quite advantageous

Example- Amorphously powdery

  • Use the color name

The color of the product can be very neatly being used as the brand name

Example: Milky white

Already existing brand names for talcum powder brand

  • Marks and Spencer
  • Johnsons & Johnsons
  • Oriflame
  • Slue Stratos Talc
  • Untamed Musk Talc
  • Ming Perfume talc
  • Felce Azzurra Classico Powder
  • Cashmere Bouquet Talcum Powder
  • Cussons Imperial leather talc
  • Manetti Roberts Borotalco

Unique name ideas for a Talcum Powder brand

Cool It

Soft Touch

Gentle Touch

Delicate Touch

Smooth and Fresh


Pulse Talc

Stereo Talc

Pleasant Feather

Skinn Talc

Swan Sea

Blue Twist

Altman’s Goods

French Touch

The Meander

Air Float

Mystic Touch


Body Cool

Golden Body

Sea Feel


Blue Eyed Boy

43 Velvet

Sesame Street

Quality In

Xander Field

Bon Voyage


Icing Ring

Cool Torch

Andaman’s Beach

Tulip Tales

Silhouette Strings

Cliff Hike

Opera Flow

Long Live


Flickering Gold

Jet Trip


D Cruise

Serenity Talc

Penta Link

Auric Feel

Mexicana Touch

Spirit Of Wind

Sound Of Sea

White Walls

Alistair’s Touch

Rock n Work

Water Nights

Midsummer Evenings

Orion Sky

Winter Sun

Cadence Sky

Morning Dew

Touch of Freshness

In High Spirits

Dancing Lovely

Attractive You

Enchanting Florist

Kline Right

Krystal Touch

Skin Of Rose

Umbrella Skies

Smooth Dance


Nature’s Harmony

Like A Man

New Sugar

Sweet As Sea

Tony Crest

Nature’s Nest

Men Of Honour

Gold Bridge

Calm And Composed

God’s Love

Sweet Feels

Fiesta Fun

Podium Life

Grandeur Tree

Mr. Congeniality

Divine Touch

Fabulous Lives

Love To Luxury

A Smooth Sail

American Dream

La La Land

Fairy Street

Sauntering Senses


Turtle Net


New City

God’s Will

Nature’s Love

Get Alive

Leisure Trip

The Atmosphere

Divinity In Sky

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can my brand name have more than two words?

Ans- yes, why not? Brand names can have more than two words but take care that it doesn’t become boring.

  1. Can my brand name have a letter only?

Ans- yes, sure but make sure that the brand name has a proper meaning

  1. Can my brand name be composed of abstract words?

Ans- Surely Yes, but do not forget to make it interesting

  1. Can my brand name be named upon a flower?

Ans- Of course, yes, Naming your brand upon a flower will make the name much more attractive and beautiful

Final Thoughts

One must give special attention to this section of choosing names of the brand and must be extra careful while doing so and should try to follow the steps and reach his goal of naming a brand successfully

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