180+ Catchy Skeleton Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

A skeleton is a direct representation of death or at least that is what most people think of skeletons. Even the Danger signs have feeded the same notion into our minds. When it’s Halloween and you want to induce some amount of spookiness, skeletons should perfectly set the mood. Here are some captions to spice up your skeleton-related posts on social media for Halloween. 

Halloween Skeleton Captions for Instagram

I love to be labeled like those French ghouls.

Check my closet tonight. No skeletons there of course. It’s Halloween! Enjoy!

And you thought I will need a body.

Why be scared of a skeleton when you already have one inside yourself?

I love playing the xylophone with my chest. #xylophone

I just cannot fathom how a living skeleton is boring to the young mind today.

Of course, I am human. I have a skeleton inside me.

Dreams are the skeletons that make reality a success.

Sometimes the skeletons from other stories actually help us to understand our own.

I was a baby, now a man, later a skeleton, and finally dust – from where I originally came. #dust

Love is the spine that supports all life. Happy Halloween all.

Imagine two skeletons dancing on a tin roof in a thunderstorm. That’s the music of my dreams.

There are enough bones in an average human to make a complete skeleton.

When we become skeletons, it’s our words that will remain.

Believe me when I say that I have a bone to pick with you. #believe

Everything becomes obvious when a seven-foot skeleton with a scythe explains it all.

You won’t find any skeleton in my closet, but you will find a few in my trunk there.

Every form of creativity has to have a skeleton on which layers are added to make it the final product.

These ghouls just wanna have skelefun.

Your skeletons always know what time it is now. #time

Who let the dogs out? Oww! Oww! Oww! Oww! Oww!

Had the skeleton been meant to be displayed nature would have put it on the outside of the body.

I am feeling very hip trying to find my hip.

My skeleton is that solid thing inside me that has been supporting me in all that I do.

Come on everybody, let’s make some noise. We are skeletons after all. #skeleton

Boney fashion is the in-thing this Halloween.

Like they have all said at one time or the other – Carpal Diem!

Talus how we look, won’t you? We have been waiting patiently all this while.

What a fibula-sly spooktacular party this is.

Come on. Let’s have some skele-tons of fun. #fun

This year I may be home a-bone. But no body will get my costume either.

You dance really well for a skeleton.

I think he is suffering from cabin femur.

This is one skeleton that we have never been able to get rid of. It’s like family.

It is Halloween tonight. A star will be bone tonight. #star

I know what each skeleton in my closet is wearing.

I am feeling really hip tonight. Is it because it’s Halloween night?

You are such a humerus guy. Of course, no body noticed.

Skeletons become so restless when you say the word closet.

We marrow-ly escaped having a failed party. #party

That’s no flamenco clap. It’s only me trying to dance.

You are an absolute no-boner. How can you make so much noise?

I simply love flashing my teeth wherever I go.

You are just drop-dead gorgeous, right to the bone.

Let’s jaw the line here, okay? I cannot cont-RIB-ute anymore. #jaw

Let’s go and have some skelefun. It will be great to bond.

Having a skele-ton of fun. No bones about that.

Don’t worry, I have you by the back you skeleton.

I am only big-boned, not fat. So I am eligible for all that crani-yum candy.

You are such a numskull dressed like that. It’s just too humerus. #numskull

Funny Halloween Skeleton Captions

How marrow-minded you are. I am only dressed up as a lumbar-jack.

Who says I don’t have a backbone? How else could I be whole, you numskull!

This year we are having a great Halloween Bone-anza.

We were bone to be wild. So we are only bone-ing what we were meant to be.

Happy Halloween from your favorite bonehead. #bonehead

Are you showing your skull-set as an entertainer tonight?

Do you have guts? Show them if you have any.

You are looking ravishingly fibula-s tonight. I had a real epipha-knee that gave me the idea.

You have got tibia kidding me. That’s no skelefun at all.

Happy Halloween everyone. Bone appetite! I just had to talus all how much this means. #halloween

The skeleton can support the body, but it can also encage the spirit.

I am a perfect skull-pture of a human. Abone-don all fatty food.

The skeleton had to go alone because he had no body to go along with.

One thing that’s true of all skeletons – they also have a smile.

I ulna want to be with your love. I am never bone-ly with you around. #love

Hey mate, want to bone together?

Having you in my life is such a bone-us. You are the bone-ly one I will ever love.

While all die over and over, it is the skeleton that always gets up and walks.

Please don’t let the dogs in here while I am around. They just love bones.

I have worked myself to the bone so that you guys may enjoy this Halloween party. #bone

Please don’t wake us up now. We are quite grumpy and hungry right now.

I am definitely a bone-afide Halloween entertainer.

I just need no body at all. Especially if you have been spine on us.

That spooktacular party really rattled my bones.

Bad to the bone. Do I need skin as covering at all? #bad

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