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Same-sex love refers to a romantic or sexual relationship between two individuals of the same gender.

Sexy Captions for Instagram

After all, love doesn’t see gender.

If you really find a connection with someone, the sex is irrelevant

Same sex love is just as pure. #loveIsLove

It’s high time we start treating homophobia as a disease.

If a man wants to love a man or a woman has feelings for a woman, let them.

This is not out of the box thinking anymore.

If your love is real, the world will kneel. #loveconquersall

Society forbids men from being emotional and in the end, it takes a man to know a man.

Love has many forms and is free of categorization. #ManyFormsOfLove

We were never taught how or who to love in school.

The heart wants what it wants. #heartfelt

Who are we to give it a name, it’s nothing but love. #pureLove

If a woman finds a woman more interesting, maybe the men should level up.

We don’t choose who we fall in love with. #NoDiscrimination

Lucky are those who find true, unprecedented love, “the normal ones” are just jealous.

It takes courage to always be your true self in the world. #RealLove

It takes hatred to know real love and who else has seen more hate? #struggleforlove

If loving your own kind is a taboo, then the world is damned. #LGBTQ

It’s love at the end of the day that breaks mountains.

Never has anyone fought so long for their love. #GayLove

Only someone who’s been in your shoes can understand your journey. #journeyForLove

It’s difficult to find love, but it’s even tougher when your chances are reduced by straight ninety percent.

It’s ideal to have a straight character, your sexuality is for you to decide. #NoDiscrimination

Even a woman wants something as soft as a woman’s touch. #LesbianLove

We can throw the outdated vision of love straight out of the calendar. #NewNormal

It does not matter which gender gives you butterflies in the stomach, insects don’t discriminate.

Gay pride day is just another day of the year. #WorldGayPrideWeek

In a world where everyone is running after validation, LGBTQ has to fight for existence.

We all love the rainbow until it becomes a flag. #theGayFlag

Love really knows no bounds. #undyingLove

Friendships evolve into love, well we make better friends with the same gender.

Just like a guy and a girl can be friends, a guy, and a guy and a girl and a girl can also be lovers.

The norm is not normal anymore. #TheNewNormal

It’s all about that one little flicker of spark, not who it comes from.

If being homophobic is normal, then so is being a bully. #NoMoreHomophobia

Rule number one, we love what we can relate to. #samesexlove

The rainbow never really shines without a heavy downpour.

Man and Woman were made to love, not just to love each other. #mylifemychoice

If the world is already in a state of balance, then I don’t see a problem with loving the same gender.

Loving the same sex is as old as ancient civilizations, wonder what the history books are doing wrong.

There’s no falling out of love, once it happens, you can’t unpeel and orange. #loveforlife

All that matters is your happiness, not the gender of the person who makes you happy.

Your world does not go topsy turvy based on the sex of a person. #crazyInLove

If you love someone, you love someone, there are no two ways about it. #CantUnlove

Two similar-looking stars appear the brightest in the sky, not the different ones.

Research says same sex couples make better parents, no rocket science. #GAYparents

There are still people in the world who deny love between the same gender, they are usually found living 

under a rock. #LivingUnderARock

In a world where everyone wants to be the sunshine, be someone’s colorful rainbow.

We love straight from the heart. #TheHeartWantsWhatItWants

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The flashier the light, the stronger the flame. #standout 

Dress however you want, love whoever you like. #gaypride

If we had to stereotype love, it would break all stereotypes. #saynotostereotypes

If love ever took a human form, pretty sure it would look like a boy on a fancy dress dressed in a skirt.

At least there are no masks here, only colors. #colorfulove

If you ever feel bad about yourself, think about the people who believe that being Gay or Lesbian is a disorder. #SayNoToHomophobia

A female would date a female because she wants to not because she hates men. #mylifemylove

If you really have to stereotype same sex love, do it by normalizing it. #thenewkindoflove

Really tough to find a diamond in a coal mine, but you have to keep looking.

Isn’t the best thing about a party, the glitter? #GlitteryGlossy

Some people are scared of being straight while some really can’t, know the difference.

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