100+ Catchy Setting Spray Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Captions are most important while putting anything up on the world wide web. When you post a picture or a video on social media, make sure to always put a caption. This helps your audience to connect better with you and your picture. 

Setting Spray Captions for Facebook

Mist for your face. #mist

Wake up and makeup! Then set your makeup with a setting spray! #settingspray

The first thing in the morning is to brush and wear makeup! And don’t forget to use the setting spray! #firstthing

Set your makeup with a setting mist today and feel the difference! #feelthedifference

But first, set your makeup with a setting spray! #butfirst

Without setting spray, life would have been messy. #mess

No more messy makeups! Setting spray is your newest bae! #bae

The last touch should be of your setting spray! #settingspray

My only talent is to put on makeup, and setting spray makes it hassle-free! #hasselfree

Lock in your makeup look with a setting spray! #lockit

Apply all but do not miss the setting spray! #nevermiss

No drama without make-up and no drama with setting spray-on! #nodrama

Setting spray saves your artwork! #saveyourartwork

Save your artwork with a setting spray! #saveit

Paint some, spray some! #paintandspray

Paint your face with some makeup and then spray some. #paintyourfacered

Keep your makeup intact with setting spray. #makeupintact

The key to a beautiful face is makeup and the lock is your setting spray! #lock&key

Too much setting spray is too much setting spray! #toomuch

Use your setting spray wisely. #wise

How much setting spray is too much setting spray? #howmuch

Let your setting spray kick in and then do all the work! #kickin

Even setting spray needs a kick. #even

Setting Spray Captions for Instagram 

My future might be dark, but my makeup is bright. #bright

Beneath this whole world of makeup is a girl who is trying to fight the monsters within. #strength

Setting spray boosts my confidence by 100%. #boostyourconfidence

Boost your confidence by keeping your makeup intact! #keepitintact

Keep your makeup intact with a setting spray. #keepintactwith

A day spent wearing makeup is a day well spent. #dayspentwell

Who says money can’t buy you happiness? Money can buy you a setting spray! #moneycan

Setting spray is essential. #essentials

Makeup is wearable without setting spray! #wearable

What are you up to tonight? Need to buy a setting spray. #lostmine

Let your setting spray do all the talking! #doallthetalking

Be party-ready with a setting spray! #partyready

My face is my canvas, and my brushes are the creative tool. And setting spray keeps it real! #hahayes

Modern problems require modern solutions! Buy a setting spray! #buyasettingspray

A little kohl, a little blush, and a little setting spray will do all! 

Make sure to have a first good impression! Use a setting spray today! #goodimpressions

I wear makeup for 5 hours only to take a selfie under the sun and post it on Instagram. #bored

Makeup and setting spray are better lovers than Thelma & Louise. #thelmaandlouise

Who needs a fairy Godmother when you have got MAC? #macforlife

Buy the MAC setting spray today! #buytoday

In my leisure, I wear makeup and spray my whole face! #leisuretime

Setting spray is the real deal. #ideal 

Setting spray makes life, much simpler! #simpler

Setting Spray Captions for Twitter

No need to fear sweats anymore! We have a setting spray! #fearless

Setting spray can save you from embarrassment! #cansaveyou

Setting spray makes me fearless! #fear-less

Setting spray is the invention of the century! #greatestinvention

Say no to messy makeups and buy a setting spray today! #sayno

Consult your dermatologist today and buy your setting spray! #consult

Setting mist for the soul. #settingmist

Hydrate your skin even after you apply makeup! Use a setting spray today! #hydrate

Try it yourself to believe in me! #believe

The setting spray comes for all skin types! #forallskintypes

Setting spray enhances your makeup look! #enhances

Keep your makeup from flaking and put on some setting spray! #puton

Setting spray for the oily skinned! #preserve

Preserve your makeup by putting on some setting spray! #preservethymakeup

Like makeup, when you wear it, it doesn’t add weight! #wearit

Like makeup, wear setting spray at the end of the deal! #makeitadeal

Put on a setting spray and be worry-free! #worryfree

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