56+ Famous Red Logos: Created By Popular Brands

The color red has multiple credentials in the fashion world. The color has a predominance or good rule of thumb that people use to look beautiful and alluring. Simply, there are a lot of style-loving persons wear red to enhance their amazing attraction.

However, the red color also has the same essence and power in the branding. The color red has the capability of mesmerizing folks. 

Red Color Logos of Popular Brands

When it comes to a matter of branding with the color red, it is something beyond fashion. The color red has, may impact brand building. Of course, red is superior and portrays power.


Adobe is one of the premier software services available in modern technology. The Brand uses a red color as it is attractive and alluring.

The color magnifies energy and power. The adobe tool’s main reason is that it effectively symbolizes power. Hence, Adobe is powerful, and red is also powerful.

Coca Cola:

The premier tool provides the best service in the segment of beverages and food that no other brand can just comply with. Coca-Cola is in the food industry.

Often the food industry faces the challenge that it requires intense feeling to fill the appetite. It is said that when you feed the food, only after your eye consumes the food. It means that the food should be eye catchy and lips sticking. Then only then will, the people have the food. This is the reason why the brand owners select the red logo.

As red color is beautiful and can attract anyone. To be a lucky owner, you must be a unique and eye-catching logo design.


Art and media are a matter of creation. A predominant artistic organization like CNN provides art and media-related service.

CNN selects the red logo. Consciously or subconsciously, our mind throws the question of why CNN selects red. This is because design-based companies generally choose the color red.

Red is appealing! Red is Gorgeous! Red connects you! Then why escape from the red? That’s the reason companies such as CNN opt for red color.


The shimmering color red has appealed to many brands from all around the world. Most design-focused companies choose red for their logo. We can guess it very easily. Red is amongst the most striking color.

When we apply color to creative designs, it looks astonishing!   Being one of the most suitable colors, red is religiously applied in all countries and all creative designs.

Time is applied to the red color in their organization’s logo because the organization detects the qualities mentioned above.


Childhood is incomplete without folklore, and Disney rejuvenated the dead folklore culture in people’s life. They replaced the culture that we used to hear from our grandparents.

Therefore, Disney required a strong presence and sharp and eye-catching designs to connect with the people. When they made their logo, they determined to select the color red. Only the red color can give the intensity; perhaps others may not be able to provide that.


YouTube is the new media platform that evolved after the emergence of the internet. For that reason, as it is a technological brand, the creator of the unique platform decided to develop the new platform with red, one of the oldest and most basic colors.

Even though we know that many of the colors evolved on the base of the colors, modernization calls for several brands are using the classic red to develop the Brand in large specters. 


Wondering why a brand like a canon is high on red. Actually, that is surprising! Now imagine the usage of cannon. Can you imagine a marriage without the camera of cannon? Or any sort of photography equipment.

Yes, we love to bind our memories for a lifetime. The brands like the cannon that does for us. That means brands like canon helps to preserve the memories. And here, we can find out compatibilities between the cannon and the color red.

Indeed both of them are connected, as both signify memories.


This is another brand that uses which applies red in its logos. They play with the wonky kernings and pictorial elements to boost the product’s brand value by applying the charm of the red color. 

Similarly, by this experience, several other platforms have changed the brand value of the organizations. Brightly designed logos attract customers in an outspread direction.


Are you in the retail industry?  You want to convey your brand spirit. Even for that, you design a wonderful logo. But your confusion is stopping you. Here, we will describe how to showcase your brand spirit with a logo.

There are a lot of companies that prefer red color as their brand color. The retail shoe seller Puma is one of them. Puma has already opted for the red color for its logo color.

And even if they have won the hearts of the customers by this. Puma selects this color because this color has attraction, power, and grace.


Smoking is injurious to health. Everyone knows this fact, and it is a universal truth. However, the cigarette manufacturing companies managed to earn tons of money by doing the business of smoke-selling.

As the number of smokers is growing every day around the whole world. Of course, it is a great business. But you will be surprised! You have the question in your mind about how these companies are promoting their products so easily. The reason behind that is their unique strategy that they follow.

 They are very conscious of the effects and the trends of marketing. For example, the smoking company flake selects the color red in their logo. Flake’s red logo removes the negativity linked with the smoke-enhancing products.

American Red Cross:

You are very frustrated as you have entered the new world. Yes! It is the service industry. And now you are wired, as you feel that your business domain has very tough competition.

 Also, your industry may be too boring, just something like insurance. Here you can feel the importance of the color red. Red has the unique power to spine up to your product. American Red Cross is also a Service centric brand that uses the unique power of the red.


The Minnesota-based multinational produces at least 60000 goods under private labeling globally, covering almost all kinds of consumer goods. 3 M stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing — Three times M. Instantly hailed as one of the widely known corporate logos, the bright red color communicates stability, confidence, innovation, and fortitude.


The legendary multinational from the USA, founded in 1873 is the pioneer of oral health and hygiene globally. The logo in red is imprinted in the minds of the people internationally. The base is bright post office red with the Colgate branding in white and slightly cursive font with upper and lower cases.  Red signifies the peak of health and activity, while white stands for the purity and sophistication of the Brand.  

Levis Jeans:

It is prudently said that denim jeans have become generic with Levis’s Brand. Up to 1928, the brand logo was with two horses, but unfortunately, the logo was unscrupulously copied, forcing Levis to change the brand color to red. The red color reinforces Levis’s absolute right and exclusivity over its trademark.  

Life Magazine:

One of the finest magazines in the world last century, Life ceased to publish in 2007. Old-timers and scholars would even now recollect the brand logo in stark white, and all upper cases inside a bright red rectangular enclosure with Folio condensed bold font. The red exuberates energy, powerful, and life. 

Mitsubishi Motors:

The Tokyo-based automotive pioneer makes it to the first twenty slots globally in its industry. The famous logo, lovingly called three diamonds, is a combination of two  Japanese words, Mitsu and Hishi, meaning three and water chestnut, respectively. Water chestnut represents a rhombus or a diamond. 

Vimal Suiting:

This Reliance Industries brand is one of the big success stories in the history of corporate India. One of the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani’s finest achievements, Vimal, has been the umbrella brand. The logo Only Vimal in sleek white font comes inside a post office red oval enclosure with center alignment. The caption emphasizes the exclusivity and confidence of the Brand. 

Virgin Atlantic:

The airlines from Britain fly to thirty destinations. The red logo is of two types as and where required. One is the branding Virgin in red letterings with tilting towards left with a white base. Another one is in the red reverse base inside a four-sided area loosely looking like the aircraft tail with Virgin branding in white imprinted thereon.


There will be a very less number of people who might not have tasted McDonald’s. The customer prefers Mcdonald and McDonald’s prefers red. A red color’ is one of the finest creations of the graphic world.

The food industry emphasizes food appearance. The red color helps them to grow their Appearance and visibility. Moreover, red revs up the power to consume food.

By increasing their appetite, the colored may thrash them to take more food.


Red and Red! All-around red! After all, the food industry means red. Finding the answers? Why so! Scientifically, there is no such prominent reason for that.

Although it’s been a culture for years, the food industry selects the red logo. However, there are some psychological factors related to the color red, which essentially combine the plus points of using the color red.

Red is stimulus and lucrative> By Virtue, they force people to have the food. Indeed, KFC is a big player in the food market. It’s a frontline brand that negotiates d with to make a red logo.  KFC made this new trend. Now many other food brands others just following the trend.


Red and Entertainment is a hot cake. Netflix has changed the ear of entertainment. It created a revolution- bringing creativity and newness to the entertainment world, and they are doing fantastic in the market.

Many contents remained untouched by other platforms that were brought by Netflix in front of the customers. Customers eat it like anything.

Maybe this discussion is increasing many confusions. You may ask why we are talking about the contents of Netflix. Yes, there are uprooted connection between the color red and the Netflix content. Red represents the creation, and Netflix also represents the creation.

Swiss Airlines:

Consequently, When you fly high on your dream. Red enhances the capacity for dreaming; Swiss airlines select the color of rend. This is because of many reasons.  The airline’s business solely depends on the showcase of aspiration and dreams.

Additionally, successful people prefer to travel through airlines. The Successful loves the catchy eye exteriors. 

Moreover, Red builds an elusive and dreaming appearance. The rich belief in dreaming. Fights companies are keener to show their power of dreaming. Swiss Airlines is also an Aeroplane Company that deals with that kind of person who admires beauty, passion, and ambiance. Therefore they preferred red color as their brand color.

To make your Brand popular, use the red color. The strong and striking presence that can develop any small company into a greater one,

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