List of 22+ Best Red Bull Brand Slogans

Established in 1987, the amber-colored Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Red Bull GmBH.Today it is the highest sold energy drink worldwide.

The main ingredients are caffeine, taurine, and other substances. As of now, there are over 20 variants of the energy drink available.

Red Bull Brand Slogans

Red Bull gives you wings

No red bulls no wings

Power on for strength

The secret to finish early

Wings when you need them

Full of wings free of sugar

Minds like pencils work better when sharp

Vitalizes body and mind

Cherry wings

Yipee it’s Monday morning

No sugar same energy

Wings for all taste 

Charge your energy

Tastes like a coke hits you like a bull

When you run out of Adderall to crush up

Red Bull is freaking awesome

The only shot that gives you wings

Zero calories 100% wings

Which wings suit you?

Desk to dumbbells it takes bottles

Two new ways to get wings

When the skyway is your highway

Stimulate your morning after

Make short work of the longest days

To hit this morning’s target

One can and you can

Charge your energy

Running for the office

The art of the can

Red Bull gives you wings — topical wings

Bigger pack bigger profits

Stay classic

Wings for your summer

Drink it till you wing it

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