20+ Real Estate Logo Ideas That You Can Edit And Download

We all know the fact that the first impression is always the last impression. The first impression of a real estate business is achieved by its logo. If you are able to create an impressive logo for your real estate business, you will have no worries about attracting customers. 

A real estate business is a sort of referral-based business. So it needs unique branding to develop into a marketable brand. If your logo is attractive, it will be the most crucial as well as an indivisible component for your business that helps you gain the likes and trust of people. 

The logo plays an important role in your real estate business as it serves as a visual reminder of your business. Your brand will be ignored if you use your broker’s logo instead of creating your own logo. So you must create your own logo. It is vital for long-term referral marketing efforts. 

Why Is A Logo Important For Real Estate Business

When people plan to build a business, creating a logo might not seem like a top priority. They often think that they do not even need a logo at all.

If you have a logo, it will be a core part of making your brand a thriving one. Even if you provide your customers with high-quality services, your logo will do the best job of bringing positive referrals.

Here are some reasons why a logo is important for your real estate business – 

  • The logo is the foundation of your brand identity. It serves the entire narrative on which your company is built. It should be memorable so that it can separate you from the competition.

    Your logo’s color, tones, and fonts are determined by the story you are trying to tell your customers. The logo can foster the loyalty of your business. 
  • A logo can quickly grab everyone’s attention as well as makes a strong impression. It can communicate the core values of your company in an interesting way.

    Your customers can judge your business by the appearance of the logo. If you can create a solid logo for your real estate business, it will speak for your company. 
  • A logo is the first introduction of your company to the customers. If it is well-designed, it can pique the interest of the public. It will invite more and more people to learn more about your business. 

Things to Consider While Designing A Real Estate Logo

When thinking of making a logo for your real estate business, you should think in the simplest way. You must not make your logo a complicated one.

A logo should be straightforward as well as simple. It must contain some basic shapes, figures, or images to convey the motive of your company to the people.

Here are some principles that you must consider while creating a great logo for your real estate business –

  • You must keep the shape of the logo as simple as possible.
  • You should choose colors for your logo that suits the characteristics of your business.
  • You have to add images that are related to your company.
  • The logo must contain initials or the name of your company.
  • It may contain any motto or slogan, or tagline of the company.
  • The choice of font style must be aesthetic.

If you consider these suggestions, you can turn people into potential customers through your logo. It will help you build the credibility of your company with customers. You can also use your logo as an alternative to your company’s name while dealing with customers. 

Importance of Colours to Reinforce Your Real Estate Brand

Color psychology always plays a vital role in marketing and advertising. You must be very careful while using colors on your website, business cards, and many other things. 

Just like that, you have to be careful while choosing colors for the logo of your real estate company.

Because color is a cornerstone of branding, the color your logo contains can help people immediately recognize your company, even if your company’s name is not mentioned there. 

Here are two points to keep in mind while choosing colors for the logo so that you can make your small or budding business a competing one against a bigger one – 

  • Know the Personality of Your Company

There is a psychologist named Jennifer Aaker has discussed a few dimensions that determine the personality of a company or brand. These dimensions are – sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. 

Among them, a brand always has a dominant dimension that overshadows others. If the dominant dimension of your company is excitement, you should use red in the logo. Purple can be used when the dominant dimension is sophistication. 

  • Think the Context of Your Company

If you are looking at marketing or advertising for your real estate business, you must look at the context. That means you should look at the place as well as the culture you are trying to fit into. You can choose purple, brown, and black for the logo if you own luxury real estate. 

The Best Colours for Real Estate Logo

The real estate industry has five top colors that business – owners use to convey their messages to their customers. These five colors are – blue, red, black, green, and orange. These colors have the capability to add uniqueness to your logo. 

But it is not compulsory to choose all these colors for the logo of your real estate business. You can choose any one of them. Here is a discussion on which color represents what sense – 

  • Blue

Blue is considered to be the leading color for the logo of the real estate business. This color represents the cool and calming spectrum.

The color blue is associated with dependability, honesty, and trustworthiness. It will represent the security as well as the strength of your company. 

You can use blue as a background or font color for your logo. You can employ different shades of blue for different connotations. Using blue against white will make your logo readable and attractive. 

  • Red

Red is one of the most eye-catching colors for real estate logos. This color is used to symbolize strength, bravery, and excitement. If you aim to turn risks into returns, you must use red in your logo. It will help your company appear as a strong and confident one. 

You can mix red with blue or black to create a powerful impression on people. The combination of red and grey is also very eye-catching. You just use strong typography with these colors to make your marketing memorable. 

  • Black

Black is considered to be the color of elegance and sophistication. You must choose black for the logo if your real estate business deals with exclusive luxury homes. Golden and grey are the two colors that go well with black. 

If you use black for the background of your logo, you must use a light shade for the fonts. Only then will your logo be clearly readable. It will give a sense of power to your branding. 

  • Green

Green is such a color that can bring an effect of calmness. This color denotes fertility, growth, and stability. Green is a great choice for the logos of real estate businesses. If you are dealing with family homes, you can use the color green in your logo. 

If your real estate company is conscious of our environment, you must use green in your logo. It will convey the message that your business is eco-friendly. But this color is not easily readable. So you have to use another color for the background that can differentiate the font from it. 

  • Orange

Orange is another popular color that features beaches or oceans. It symbolizes sunshine and enthusiasm. You can use this color in your real estate logo to convey the message that your business is enthusiastic. 

Though orange is a great color for highlighting your logo or making a logo pop, it does not fit well with many colors. So you have to choose a color combination that can look good. 

Some Other Colours for Designing Real Estate Logos

There are so many other colors that will also look good if you use them in your logo. Only you have to use them with the proper combination. Here are these colors – 

  • Brown

Brown can be used to convey a rugged as well as earthly appeal. If you use this color in your logo, it will create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The color brown is the dominant hue for family celebrations. If you use brown with green, your logo will immediately attract nature – lovers because it is such a combination that is used in the logos of those real estate businesses that deal with rural property. 

  • Pink

Pink is the color of warmth, youth, fun, and edginess. Though this color is problematic for a real estate logo as it looks childish, you can use it as an accent color in some regions, such as Florida, where this color can be seen in nature. 

  • Purple

The color purple suggests royalty. This color is used in the logos of such real estate industries that deal with high-end properties. This color has different shades, and each shade denotes different emotions, such as nostalgia, fearlessness, fun, etc. 

  • Yellow

Yellow denotes warmth, cheerfulness, and youth. It makes people slow down and focus their attention. You can use this color to highlight the text in your logo. You just have to pair the correct color with yellow to make your logo attractive. 

  • Grey

Grey symbolizes coolness and balanced nature. It also symbolizes a formal and conservative nature. So in case you are using this color in your logo, you are going to convey a very strong message about your real estate business to your customers. 

If you choose a great and unique color combination for your logo to differentiate your company, people will definitely be attracted to it. It will help you in so many ways, such as – 

  • The color combination of your logo will help you target the audiences and turn them into your customers. If you know who the audiences are, what they care about, and what their choices are, you can make a logo accordingly to impress them. 
  • Colors are the representatives of cultures. Different colors symbolize different cultures in different parts of the world. While in the US, the color white denotes purity, in Asian countries, it denotes death and mourning. So if you use colors in your logo according to the culture, it will attract more people.
  • The meanings and perceptions of colors change with age, gender, race, social status, and religion. If you choose a color combination for your real estate logo according to the psychographics as well as the demographics of the market, your business will definitely be successful. 

Have A Look at Some Amazing Real Estate Logos

The real estate industry has so many new and established companies that have created their brand value and grabbed the attention of people by creating some amazing logos. So have a quick look at some iconic real estate logos – 

Minnesota Home Pro

minnesota home pro
Source: minnesotahomepro

Minnesota Home Pro is a real estate company with a logo featuring a conventional rooftop and four windows. This logo is easy enough for people to understand that this company deals with the real estate business.

The company uses serif fonts in the logo to convey the message that it has a professional approach to dealing with its customers. 

  1. Cruxel

Cruxel is a company that deals with the development, construction, and management of properties.

The logo of this real estate company is an example of minimalism. It contains just a few lines. The logo is nothing but a square box. It has a message in the text under the name of the company. 

  1. JT Home Team
jt home team
Source: Facebook

The JT Home Team is a real estate company that has a neat and clean logo. This logo contains the company’s name in a circular shape with the company’s initials. This real estate company’s logo emphasizes the company’s motive in a simple yet unique way. 

  1. Riverfront

As the name of this company indicates, the company’s logo also showcases the motif of a river that surrounds the office building. In this logo, you can see a factory with three smokestacks, a river, and a bridge. So you can easily identify the company through the logo. 

  1. AP

In this logo, you will see that the company’s initials are styled in such a beautiful way that it indicates that this is a real estate and mortgage company.

The letter A in this logo is given a shape of a sailboat icon, and the P is a fish hook. This logo looks like a monogram where the letters are enclosed in a circle. 

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