188+ Catchy Raising Toasts captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

You have indeed crossed a year that has taken you through all the ups and downs. It has made you see your most vulnerable self and also made you feel proud of yourself. It is all about the moments which you think are worthwhile. You should celebrate by raising a toast to everything which you have done this year. Here are a few captions you can use on social media! 

Raising Toasts captions for Instagram

Let’s raise a toast to the negativities which you have faced this year. #nomorenegativity

Raise a toast to the memories made. #memoriesmade

Raising toasts to good times and good lives henceforth #goodtimesandlives

Let us raise a toast to the opportunities that are knocking on the door. #opportunitiesknocking

Cheers to 2021, start again. #startingfresh

Let’s celebrate the bygones by welcoming fresh cheers. #cheerstobygones

Raising toasts to new resolutions which will be fulfilled. #newresolutions

Let’s raise a toast to the one I love the most…myself! #selflove

Raising a toast to the beautiful and bitter days of ’21 #beautifuldaysof21

To the magical midnight kiss with a glass of wine in hand, cheers to ’22 #magicalnight

Having had enough of raising toasts, it’s high time to raise a cute dog together. #raisedogs

I do not think it is mandatory to raise toasts when you had a shitty year. #shittyyear

Cheers to more cakes, wine, and pastries. #cakewinelove

Shit, does raising toasts mean throwing toasted bread at each other? LoL #sarcasmandhumor

Let’s celebrate more drunk nights and teary eyes  #drunkme

Do we cheer for more fake friends and fake love, maybe? #fakefriendsandlove

Cheers to more love, laughter, and life. #lovelaughlive

Raising glasses to more positivity, wealth, and health. #positivitywealth

Cheers to all the past times and old days. #pasttimes

Raising toasts to find the love of your life. #findinglove

Let’s celebrate finally getting hitched in ’22 with the one and only. #celebratinggettinghitched

Can we just raise our voices against the wrong done to you? #raisingvoice

Cheers to just surviving another year of the pandemic this year. #crossingpandemic

Cheers to more optimism and to moving away from the negative aura. #moreoptimistic

Celebrating more enjoyment of life and fewer miseries. #enjoylife

Raising the glasses to fewer tears and wrinkles due to smiling. #wrinklingduetosmiling

Let’s celebrate body positivity, awareness about mental health. #bodypositivity

Oh, what a year it was, stumbling across rocks; cheers to it! #stumbledacross

Did we mention cheers to less injustice and racism? #injusticeandracism

Cheers to love and diversity amongst all  #loveanddiversity

Raising my glasses to less of torment and hunger to the poor  #careforthepoor

Can we just raise ourselves from the deep slumber? #wakeup

Tik Tok, tik tok, Cheers to the new year, new opportunities, and new faces. #newdays

Celebrating life is itself a cause to rejoice in yourself. #rejoiceyourself

Cheers to the night we crossed with hopes in our hearts and shone on our eyes. #hopeandshine

Let’s celebrate the days that passed by without any grudges. #nogrudges

Live your life to the fullest while you are alive. #liveyourlife

Cheers to the days when you picked up your own self and took care of yourself. #takecare

Raising toasts to the nights we met and the opportunities we missed. #nightsmet

Cheers to more gossip and more misunderstanding. #gossips

Cheers to the new doors which are gonna open for us and make it a different game. #newdoorsopening

Remember to celebrate the life which has made you and taken you to places. #celebratelife

Raising toasts the stupid decisions we made and the tears we shed. #stupiddecisions

Life is all about celebrating the moments which have made you feel you’re worth and kept you happy. #momentsworth

Celebrate the days that are gone only to welcome the new days with open hands. #welcomingnewdays

Raising toasts to all the failed steps without which it was difficult to become me. #failures

Can we say cheers to every failure that we had in life as they made us live? #failsinlife

Raising toasts to the last night of ’21 with my favorite people and a bottle of rum in hand. #lastnight’21

Cheers to meeting more adorable people from social media and making them a part of life? #friendsfromsocialmedia

Can we just celebrate for just barely managing to exist among all the diseases around us? #existing

Celebrate the last of ’21 with a bang and a promise to never be fake to yourself  #promisetoyourself

Cheers to more rum, heartbreaks, failures, and success. #sucesssandfails

Raising toasts to everything made this year a bit special, from the street dog I pet to the flowers I bought for myself. #selfcareandlove

Celebrating the last moments with your loved ones by your side while watching the sky lanterns fly by is indeed a dream. #lastmoments

Cheers to the unrequited love and all the sacrifices made. #loveandsacrifices

Funny Raising Toasts captions

Raising the glasses to the times you were vulnerable, and no one was there to pick you up. #vulnerableyourself

Celebrating the times when you had the best times of your life without any filter. #withoutanyfilter

Let’s celebrate to the rhythm of life and go with the flow through all the scars and blemishes  #rhythmoflife

Cheers to the people who made surviving the year ’21 a bit bearable. #bearable’21

Raising the glasses to more of living, loving life and less of hating life. #livingandlovinglife

Cheers to the nights which made us question ourselves and made us doubt your decision. #doubtdecision

Celebrate more of spreading happiness and a positive aura all around. #happinessallaround

Cheers to the life that made us strong and capable enough to face any difficulties. #facedifficulties

Raising the toast to take care of the earth and taking charge of climate change. #climatechange

Celebrating every second of life and making every moment worthwhile. #everysecondworth

Living your life according to your expectations and your happiness is what matters the most. #expectationsandhappiness

Raising toasts to the selfless people who made us believe in ourselves throughout. #raisingtoasts

What’s life without some failures, stumbling across rocks, cheers to it? #stumblingandfalling

Cheers to the days which made us prove ourselves and stand a step closer to success. #provingyourself

Raising the glasses to the sly and selfish people who broke you and made you stand up. #thankstoslyandselfish

Celebrating the day, every one of us pledges to be great in our own eyes and try to be a step closer to success. #pledgingtobesuccessfull

Cheers to the parents who made the innumerable sacrifices for leading the life their children wanted. #parentssacrifice

Cheers to making it through another year of the deadly virus, phew! #makingthroughdeadlyvirus

Raising toasts to live through another year of losing your closed ones and still staying strong. #losingclosedones

Loving the way I am dealing with life finally amidst all adversities. #dealingwithlife

Shoulder pats to me for making it through the rough paths of life and still standing strong. #standingstrongstill

Cheers to many more nights of self-doubt, overthinking, and shedding tears. #sheddingtears

Raising toasts to a life that will make you break you but most importantly teach you how to sail through it. #makeandbreak

You have one life; use it to cherish and enjoy it; cheers to that life! #cheerstolife

Raise the toast to the decisions which made your life a bit better. #decisionswhichmadebetter

Celebrating the moments which left you speechless and the moments which cannot be taken back ever. #celebratemoments

Cheers to the growing up, learning, and evolution of yourself you have been able to do this year. #learningandgrowing

Raising toasts to the starry nights and the beautiful sunsets which are pictured in your eyes. #beautifulsunestsandstarrynights

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