35+ Famous Pink Logos of Popular Brands

It is a fact that what a person sees with his eyes has an enduring impact on a person’s mind compared to what he reads or hears, similarly to colors. Colour has a long-lasting impact on a person’s mind, whether in a logo or an image.

pink logos of popular brands

One can mentally and emotionally associate with the color of the logo and the company’s image or the products and services it renders. Pink is a combination of white and red distinctively associated with feminity and beauty. Pink also denotes unconditional love, serenity,  nurturing, and compassion.

No wonder all the famous and successful women’s brands and services throughout the world have pink as one of their primary elements in the color scheme. Pink is also associated with kids’ items like bubble gums, powders, baby care, tenderness, cuteness, and sweetness. Pink thus denotes love, generosity, emotional care, warmth, and sensitivity. 

Famous Pink Logos of Popular Brands 

Aussie skip bags:

These are garbage and waste disposal bags under the supervision of the Canberra Waste Management Company. The logo in pink is of a kangaroo, the national animal of Australia, about to hop and move with a large waste disposal bag that it is carrying.

The background of the kangaroo motif is white which makes the logo very prominent. The mail ID of the disposal agency is imprinted on the kangaroo theme. 

Barbie Doll:

Launched by the US toy company Mattel Inc. in 1959, the Barbie doll is one of the most fashionable girl dolls on earth. One will hardly get any girl who hasn’t had Barbie as one of her dolls in her childhood.

Pink is the aptest color associated with feminity, and as expected, the Barbie logo is in pink and hand-drawn with italics typeface, having an elegant touch. 

Baskin Robbins:

Based in Massachusetts and founded in 1945, it is a chain of ice cream shops with more than 8000 outlets worldwide. 

In the logo, the short form BR is imprinted. BR is written in two colors, cyan and pink, in such a way that the number 31 in pink color becomes prominent. 31 is for the confidence that the customers will get the opportunity to taste new flavors every day of the month. 


The Illinois-based Claire’s, founded in 1961, is one of the leading brands in jewelry, accessories as women require, and toys. The targeted consumers are ladies and teenage girls.

As pink is the most adored color of women, the logo is bright pink. The typefaces are in lower cases with thick font, and the pink hue adds more refinement and elegance to it. 

Cosmopolitan magazine: 

One of the most niche magazines worldwide, Cosmopolitan is a fashion and entertainment magazine published in New York since 1965. The magazine readership is skewed towards the modern liberal upmarket women of today.

As the target group of readers is women, the logo color in all upper cases is bright pink, and at a glance, only one is convinced that the readers are primarily women. 

Donut King:

Founded in 1981 and owned by Retail Food Group, the Sydney-based Donut King markets doughnuts, soft drinks, coffee, and ice cream milkshakes mainly in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

The logo is primarily in pink as the product is targeted toward children, and the logo font and typestyle amply establish that the product is joyful and fun-filled.  

Johnson and Johnson:

The  140 years old US pharmaceutical, consumer products, and baby products giant is a household name worldwide, and the pink logo globally, the longest written in upper and lower cases, is instantly identifiable.

The company motto has been to improve and protect the lives of citizens, and the logo typestyle is the handwritten signature of the founder endorsing the brand.  Pink ratifies the brand’s identity with children.  


The Seoul-based consumer electronics and appliances giant markets its range of products globally and has thrown a challenge to the Japanese and the Americans.

The LG logo in L and G is placed uniquely as if it is a man’s smiling face or its consumers. L represents the nose, G represents the face up to the left ear, and the dot is the eye. 


The US-based ride-sharing company provides shared rides in cars, scooters, and motorbikes apart from being a food delivery service. The name is an abbreviation for Let You Find Transportation.

The logo, especially the tail of Y and F, T, is based on a fuzzy pink mustache with which the company founder was associated previously. The pink mustache was initially attached to the front of the vehicle but later on to the windshield. 

Pink Panther:

An Anglo-American media franchise owned by the fabled MGM Group, Pink Panther, is a series of comedy film series commissioned in 1963. The logo is the pneumonic / emoji of a cartoon panther looking straight at the screen.

In actuality, it is a large pink diamond, and because of the blemish in the middle, which resembles a diamond, it is universally known as a pink panther. 


Founded in 1984 and based in Australia, Supre is a fast fashion women’s apparel ware chain operating at pocket-friendly rock-bottom prices. The price items are targeted mainly at the young crowd.

The pink color lends a dash of feminity to the product, and the type style in lower cases seems as if it is handwritten with a personalized touch.

Sweet Frog:

Based in Virginia and in operation since 2009, this chain of frozen yogurt restaurants operates in at least 600 stores nationwide. The logo has more color of pink rather than light green.

While sweet is pink, the frog is green in branding. There are two frog-like creatures next to the branding. The descriptor at the bottom also screams about yogurt. 

T Mobile:

The brand is owned by the German telecom giant Deutsche Telecom AG subsidiaries in many parts of Europe and the USA.

In one design, the background is pink with the company branding in upper and lower cases in the center with the font white, while in another design, the T is pink and mobile in 60% grey from the Pantone combination.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation:

Located in New York, the NGO works and supports research projects and scientific works on breast cancer and allied facilities and has donated substantially towards the jobs.

The logo, apart from the NGO branding in 80% grey, also displays a pink ribbon, the symbol of womanhood and women’s emancipation. The pink ribbon is positioned in a half-tilted way aligned with the BCRF branding

Vineyard Vines:

Headquartered in Massachusetts and formed in 1998, Vineyard Vines is a leading US-based apparel and fashion accessories retailer with a global network and marketing area.

The logo of a smiling and friendly pink whale created by the owners themselves drives home the point that they wanted to be more towards the Atlantic as daily commuting to work was tardy. The smiling whale reminds one of the happier moments of life. 

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