51+ Best Pink Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

People of Canada celebrate 10th April as pink day every year. Not only in Canada but it is celebrated every year internationally since 2007. This day is celebrated to raise awareness against the school bullying of girls which is a very serious issue. You can also use your voice to raise awareness. 

Pink Day Captions for Social Media

-Use your voice – raise awareness – celebrate pink day. #pink

-Hurting someone is not funny at all – stop bullying. #hurt

-Stop bullying – start protecting. 

-Bullying should be banned on schools. 

-If you are a good person then you won’t bully anyone. #bully

-Stop bullying – protect victims. #protect

-We are humans – we should not heart anyone – we should protect them instead. 

-Teasing is not friendly or funny at all – take it seriously and raise your voice against it. 

-Stand by the side of victim – give them strength – celebrate international pink day happily. #happy

-Let people realize that bullying is not anything funny – stop it on this international pink day. #realize

-Violence is not only hurting someone physically – bullying is also a form of violence – stop bullying. 

-It is our duty to make our schools free of bullying. 

-Being mean to someone is not good – think before you do. #think

-If you are teasing someone and they are not comfortable with it then it is bullying. #teasing

-Grow up and let people grow – stop bullying – start loving. 

-If you laugh at someone when they fall then it is also a type of bullying – stop it. 

-Schools are for education not for bullying. #educate

-Bullying someone won’t make you smart – save someone from being bullied will. #smart

-On this April 10th take the responsibility and make a bully free society. 

-Before you do that to anyone else – think how you would feel if they do that to you – stop bullying. 

-What do you want to be? – Someone’s nightmare or someone’s dream – choice is yours. #choice

-Bullying someone weak will not make you powerful but it will make you weaker – remember it. 

-We are humans – we should not forget about humanism – stop bullying. 

-Help them to get out of the trauma – help them to recover from bullying on this international pink day. #help

-As a responsible citizen it is your duty to stop bullying – as a responsible human it is our duty to support the victim. #support

-Watch your words – that’s the only way to stop unintentional bullying. 

-Choose your words wisely to heal people not to heart people.

-Make sure that you are not bullying someone and also supporting victims to get out of their trauma. #trauma

-Everyone belongs everywhere – you are no one to bully anyone. #belong

-Would you like to get bullied? – If your answer is no then stop bullying. 

-Bullying someone doesn’t make you look strong – it makes you look bad. 

-Maintain the thin line between teasing and bullying – choose your words with care. #care

-Don’t stay silent if you see something wrong is happening around you – stop bullying on this international pink day. #stop

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