List of 19+ Best NYX Brand Slogans

One of the main subsidiaries of the French cosmetics giant L’Oreal, NYX gets its name from Nyx, the Goddess of the night. NYX has a wide gallery of vegan-friendly products.

It is sold in 70 countries globally through retailers, beauty stores, fashion stops and online booking primarily.

NYX Brand Slogans

Be Free Be fierce, Be bold be glamorous, be you be daring.

Life is too short for bad lipsticks

Glitter goals 

Happiness for lips

Worth the hype

Ultra shine finish

Brighten up your lips 

Artistry for all

Your eyebrows speak for you

Bare with me

Pinup punk

Born to glow

More than glow its class

Highlight of the day

Conquer the night

Ultimate edit

Uptown style — down to earth price

Hell has a new queen

Your match is waiting

Cutting edge lip finishes


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