List of 20+ Best Nexxus Brand Slogans

Founded in 1979, Nexxus is a part of the Unilever group and is in the hair care and fashion care segment. Nexxis manufacturers and markets hair masks, hair conditioners, shampoos, various types of hair sprays and other hair treatment items apart from top quality protein infusion blends. 

Nexxus Brand Slogans

This holiday give your hair sleek

This holiday give your hair curl

For hair that lives to move

Combat 8 signs of aging hair

Won’t weigh hair down

Youth renewal

Damaged hair is easy to fix

Discover your custom-crafted hair care system

Start visibly healing severe hair damage

Infinitely gorgeous shine

Simply gorgeous

Above and beyond volume – it’s hair heaven

Discover the power of proteins and award-winning smoothness

Where you go for beautiful hair


Bring your hair back to life

Vibrant applause

Enriched with deep-sea minerals

Smooth and sophisticated 

Colour commentary

Cleanse condition treat

Damaged hair is easy to fix

Do you compromise moisture?

It’s time everyone lightened up

Return hair to its optimal state

The winning formulae

Turn chemistry into magic

Pin curl perfection

Setting the stage for beautiful hair

When does hair matter most?

Heat, bleach or chemical styling

Keep the style not the damage

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