25+ Tips to Engage More Visitors through Facebook Cover

Have you wondered how a Facebook cover image contributes significantly to increasing traffic? If you are using the Facebook page for business purposes. Have you been looking for a way to utilize the cover to engage more visitors? 

Well, you might not be aware of the power of a Facebook cover in engaging your target customers. But if you can utilize it well, you are going to be benefitted. 

Ways to utilize your Facebook cover image to bring more traffic to your Facebook page. 

Inspire creativity

You should not always be going for promotional stuff. So, you must show convey your messages more interestingly. Being creative can help you effectively. So, coming up with a creative idea for your Facebook cover can engage your target audience effectively. 

For instance, Adidas comes up with a creative Facebook cover conveying a strong message. So, the audiences do like it the way it is.

Speaking with the niche audience

Product-based businesses can utilize their Facebook cover in introducing new products that might be specially built for a specific audience. The Facebook cover image is a perfect place to show this. To maximize the impact, your business must bring the content more compellingly.

For instance, Nike utilizes its Facebook cover image to promote a new product targeting a niche audience.

Inspiring a purchase

Undoubtedly, videos are way more engaging. However, you can do wonders with pictures too. Choosing the right content for your Facebook cover image can help you choose a product. Hence, showing off your product can inspire your target audience to buy that item.

For instance, Calvin Klien utilizes the Facebook cover page for showing off their new products. 

Sharing of the value proposition

A few words of a phrase can bring most of the target audience. It is one of the most effective ways to bring more traffic to your Facebook page. It is a bit challenging to find more creative ideas that add significantly to your value proposition. 

This is what Studios has done with one of its recent posts on its Facebook cover image. 

Showing your personality

A well-created content can give you an amazing way of marketing. Moreover, it is one of the best opportunities to favor your business by reflecting on your personality.

And to show off your personality, you might not find a better place than the cover photo. Hence, you can showcase such content that does align with your presence in the marketplace. 

For instance, Apple uses its cover photo smartly and effectively flaunts its personality. 

Make it appealing

For such brands that come under the restaurant industry, a cover photo can leave more impact on the audience. An attractive image is capable of appealing to your senses. So, choosing an image that can excite your taste buds is what we recommend. 

KFC does it often to its Facebook cover image. The amazing meal looks so attractive that it excites the taste buds of the people who have a look at it.

Promoting a hashtag

In social media, a hashtag can do a lot to any of your posts. Indeed, hashtags hold great power. Hence, we have noticed a lot of businesses that have accumulated numerous fans through promoting a hashtag. So, you must choose a hashtag for your brand and give it a space on the Facebook cover photo. 

This is how Monster energy has done in achieving more popularity by getting the attention of more target audiences to their business. 

Featuring your fans

Every business has customers who are no less a fan of your products and services. If you include your fans in your Facebook cover photo, your fans will feel more valued. Indeed, it humanizes your company. Hence, incorporating their activities and pictures can make their day. 

Some of the popular companies like Oreo did this on its hundredth anniversary. There was an overwhelming response from the fans to such posts being updated every day. 

Promoting a giveaway

There are a lot of people who love it when they get some extra offers. They just jump over the product even when they get the extra offer. Indeed, e few shopping malls use this technique very frequently.

Generally speaking, they do this type of promotion before great occasions. Here is a classic example: Malls of America has continuously promoted its products through Facebook.

Post the premium:  

When it comes to Facebook marketing, people frequently make some major wrong steps. You may be doing the same wrong step. If you want to make brand speakers louder, you must focus on the quality, not the quantity.

When you post an attractive post, your fans run behind your profile. Rather than posting a bunch of posts that are boring in nature, you may lose your prime customer base, which can ultimately help in the long run. Here’s how puma is doing the same kind of marketing.

Post according to the suitable period:

There are a lot of people who post their valuable posts when they may not get the folks due to the constraint of limitations of time. For that reason, try to post your campaigning at the proper time, or else you may lose your valued customers in a greater sense.

For instance, if you post your promotion campaigning on holidays or weekends. You can see the difference as your folks will be connected to you through this. Many event companies do a similar type of advertising on Facebook.

Build your special genre:

Turning your products is just not a matter of joke. However, if you try this continuously, you can do this very easily.  Most importantly, you can give some special features to your product which may help you to make your product more alluring and lucrative. For example, we can take the example of an apple.

In the initial days, the application is just a small company. But over the ages, it emerged as the pioneer company in the tech industry. Therefore if you are also able to brand your organization if you can do absolute marketing. However, nowadays, marketing has become easy as social media comes up.

 Integrate the best people:

Often people ignore to keep the best people at the time in social media marketing. Of course, you need to closely observe whether this social media team has been working or effectively or not. Or else you can suffer a lot.

Therefore never ignore the social media aspects as they are comparatively easy. There are a lot of instances where people have done this task with a huge amount of casualties, and as a result, they have suffered a lot.

 Add some alluring videos:

A platform like Facebook has some alluring option that gives you the exposure to communicate with Facebook. You can add many remarkable good videos for marketing purposes so that you can blossom like anything.

Videos connect people to reality and aliveness. If you are constantly avoiding the tool, then you are avoiding the option of connecting the best videos for your products.

 Upload the live videos:

People often do not know how to use live videos in marketing. But, trust us, this tool helps beyond the imagination. Suppose you have a   clothing brand. You won’t do your clothing promotion through social media.

Of course, then you can upload the live videos when you arrange a new event for some branded customer that is coming to your end to purchase the best products.  Indeed, that affects the customer’s subconscious mind, and you get a lot of profit from this simple technique.

 Share some interesting contracts:

Make coordination relations on Facebook. Such as, you can make a strategic tie-up policy with the Facebook groups. Especially working very fine in the market. As we know, the connection is very important in every type of business.

For example, you are a new come in the market. Many people are in the market they are doing well before. You can directly approach them for bond sharing and a win-win collaboration.

 Seek patronage:  

Despite this fact, people generally do not share other stuff. Still, some people waste a lot of time on the internet. Indeed, you can easily convince them to ask them for small shares and other small favors.

These residents will, of course, help you out. You can also get the extra mileage for your product. Also, you can reach out to many customers places through this.

 Ask for the motivations:

You may say, why motivation? You may want to know how Facebook influences the market. But in reality, it influences our minds a lot.

Those who appraise you and appraise your brand. Only they appraise through their social media; you get many advantages. Most importantly, you get moral support from your supporter’s small support.

 Seek the best opinions from the netizens:

Critical evaluation is very important in every sphere of life. For a longer period, you may be uploading many advertisement campaigns. Due to the lack of critical thinking, people may be able to understand why their brand is clicking the mind of the consumers.

You are also facing a similar type of crisis. Of course, the solution is to seek the opinion of your fans’ and critics’ opinions. Indeed they can give the best solution for your branding on Facebook.

 Dump your old post:   

A Dummy post destroys your creation level. Therefore always try to erase the dummy post from your Facebook account.

Because no one wants to see the old post of the brand, people love to watch the fresh posts which constantly attract them. Keep the limited post. You should keep the best ones in your Facebook profile.

 Regularly post some new content: 

Nothing can replicate the power of content. Try to put the best content every day. Indeed that will empower your brand. Because now, a lot of people love to consume content through Facebook.

They generally do not look at the visual appeal; they live around the world. Therefore when you bring the best content to your promotion, you can promote your content very easily.

 Observe others silently: 

Indeed observing your rival is also a marketing strategy. Even if your competitor is doing more than good for you, when you observe your rivals very closely, you can understand what your partner is doing with the Facebook post to attract folks.

Thus, in this way, you tact your customers, and as a result, you will get a huge amount of profit.

 Break the conventional path:

If you are still in the path of the founders, then you are still far lagging behind the success story if you are yourself. People appreciate the old models and old creations these days. Now the whole world is hunting for uniqueness.

Bring new creations and thrills to your Facebook advertisements; Otherwise, it will not be able to click the attention of the consumers.

 Reward, revert and reply:

Your customers are rewarded, reverting and appreciating the reply. In that scenario, if you do not reply to your customers will feel demoralized. Therefore you must focus on the reply procedure. You can reward your customers in that case.

If you can apply these in your life, you will easily be able to achieve the growth structure for your brand.

How to brand through your Facebook cover page 

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  • Communicate  the main traits of the brand’s Facebook page that increases the brand’s profit
  • Capture the strong  explanation process through social media like Facebook
  • Discuss all the views of the Facebook cover page campaign

 What are the aspects of the Facebook cover page?

  •  We will view the outlook of the Facebook cover page branding strategy
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  • To underline a full  absolute description of how the Facebook cover page influences the customers 

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